NEWS UPDATE - 11th February 2020

There are many ideas out there as to who the beasts of Revelation 13 are. But there is one particular evidence concering the second beast of Revelation, the 'beast out of the earth,' which shows it can only be the United States of America. Revelation 13 tells us that the second beast 'causes the world to worship the first beast' and to take the mark of the first beast. We know from Daniel 7:23 that a beast in prophecy represents a nation on earth. And what does a nation need in order to cause the whole world to do a certain thing? Military power! Now take a look at some recent news articles:

"Under Trump, there has been an ongoing rise too in military expenditure ... with many hundreds of billions of dollars forked out each year, dwarfing China's arms expenses in second place, with Russia barely featuring. It is quite a defensive operation that the Pentagon has been pursuing with three of its main adversaries, China, Iran and North Korea, almost surrounded by about 500 US military bases. On its own, China is ringed by at least 400 of these bases stretching from northern Australia, up through the Pacific, across eastern and central Asia. This encirclement of China - the largest military build up since the mid-1940s, involving warships, submarines and bombers, etc. - was implemented by president Barack Obama following his announcement in late 2011 of a 'pivot' towards Asia." (source)

"Despite recently closing hundreds of bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States still maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad - from giant 'Little Americas' to small radar facilities. Britain, France and Russia, by contrast, have about 30 foreign bases combined." (source)

"World Conquest: The United States' Global Military Crusade - The United States has attacked, directly or indirectly, some 44 countries throughout the world since August 1945, a number of them many times. The avowed objective of these military interventions has been to effect 'regime change' ... The aim of the United States is to protect and reinforce national interests rather than to create a better world for all humankind ... The U.S. Empire knows no limits. Its aim is political and military domination of the world." (source)

Just take that in for a moment! China, Iran and North Korea surrounded by 500 US military bases, with America having around 800 all over the world! Wow!

Zbigniew Brzezinski, the former United States National Security Advisor, a man heavily involved in the political world scene, stated in his book 'The Grand Chessboard' ... "America is not only the first, as well as the only, truly global superpower, but it is also likely to be the very last." I agree with his statement, and when you think about what that second beast of Revelation 13 is going to do - cause the whole world to worship the first beast (the Papacy) and cause the whole world to take the mark of the beast, then you realize that only a 'global superpower' with military might all over the world, could achieve such a task! And America is the only global superpower today, not only capable, but also actively seeking global control.

But who is America seeking global control for? ... Revelation 13:12 ...'And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.' - The first beast, which is PAPAL ROME! Look at what Henry Kissinger said in his book, 'World Order'..

"Religious unity had fractured with the survival and spread of Protestantism ... The Protestant reformation destroyed the concept of a world order sustained by the 'two swords' of Papacy and empire." (Henry Kissinger, World Order, p.3,20)

So what was it that destroyed the 'world order' of 'Papacy and empire'? The Protestant reformation. And it was America who initially helped the Protestant reformation, by opening up it's land of 'freedom' for Protestants to escape the persecution and sword of the Papacy hundreds of years ago. So who is Satan using now to END the Protestant reformation and bring back the 'good ol' days' of Papacy and empire? AMERICA! Just as Revelation 13 prophesied. Look at what is happening now:

"U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took part in a symposium with high-ranking Vatican officials on Wednesday (Oct. 2) to celebrate diplomatic relations between the superpower and the Holy See and their joint efforts to promote religious freedom ... When the state rules absolutely, Pompeo repeated several times during his opening remarks, human dignity is trampled, moral norms are crushed completely and the state demands its citizens worship government, not God ... The symposium, titled 'Pathways to Achieving Human Dignity: Partnering with Faith-Based Organizations,' celebrates 35 years since President Ronald Reagan and St. John Paul II agreed to establish formal diplomatic relations in 1984 ... Today we must gird ourselves for another battle in defense of human dignity and religious freedom ... Echoing Reagan's speech at the Berlin Wall in 1987, aimed at a crumbling Soviet Union, Brownback said, 'It is time to tear down the wall of religious oppression." (source)

Do you know what this so called 'religious freedom' push is all about? RELIGIOUS UNITY - ECUMENISM! That is the main goal of this push by America and the Vatican. To unite all churches under the banner of Rome and it's image in America and ultimately force - 'cause' the world to bow to the dictates of Rome and take her 'mark.' It is to REVERSE what the Protestant reformation did, as Henry Kissinger so rightly stated, and bring back that 'world order, sustained by the two swords of Papacy and empire.'

THAT is the 'new world order.' Or should I say the 'old world order.' - PAPACY AND EMPIRE! Which equals persecution for God's true people!

Great deceptions are all around and persecution is soon to be upon us! While the churches and the world are uniting, calling people to 'COME IN.' God is calling His people to 'COME OUT OF HER' (Rev.18:4). Will you heed His call?

Yes, there is 'another battle' coming, as the article above states. A battle against the TRUTH and against God's true people who live according to the truth. Satan is gathering his forces (the world and fallen churches of Babylon) for the final conflict, and friends, we MUST be ready for what is coming! It is time to surrender ALL to Jesus, so that He can make us ready. We must 'abide in Christ' every single day and allow Christ to abide in us, because as John 15:5 says, without Jesus we can do 'NOTHING.' To be able to stand through the final conflict coming, we must have on the WHOLE armor of God. Let us BE READY friends, time is running out!