'Other' End Times News

Other news for 2015 which we believe relate to the end times and Bible prophecy. Revelation is fast fulfilling and we are nearing the final conflict. Our news pages are not here to excite people, but rather to show you the time we are living in. To help you see that we need to be ready for the last days, the time of touble and the second coming of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

REMEMBER: The world will 'wonder' after it's own and 'love' it's own. But the world will hate the true people of God, because the world hates Jesus Christ ... John 15:19 ...'If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.'

WARNING: Satan is soon to manifest signs and wonders through the fallen churches and false religions. And all who do not have a love for the TRUTH will be deceived by the 'STRONG DELUSION' that is to come (2 Thess. 2:9-12). Are you ready? Will you be sealed? Please seek the truth and turn to Jesus Christ now, as the time of probation is soon to close!

December 2015

DYING WORLD - Hundreds of thousands of trees killed by mysterious disease in Hawaii - link

A Crisis Worse than ISIS? Bank Bail-Ins Begin - link

14 killed in record flooding in Missouri - link

Massive flooding in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Kenya to set world record $27bn mobile money transfers in 2015 - link

SUNDAY LAW - Pittsburgh Post Gazette pushing for the restoration of Sunday rest - link

Massive methane gas leak in California - link

Storms have killed at least 34 people in America - link

A brawl involving 2,000 teenagers shuts down a mall in Kentucky - link

ROMAN DECEPTION - How the Virgin Mary Became the World's Most Powerful Woman - link

HEALTH MESSAGE/GO VEGETARIAN - 6 Horrifying Facts About Chickens: A Wake-Up Call For The Meat Industry - link

KINGS GIVE THEIR POWER TO THE BEAST - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to visit pope at Vatican in January - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - Pope wins German Charlemagne prize for 'promoting European values' - link

At least 9 killed as storms and tornadoes hit south and midwest America - link

Americans are drinking themselves to death at record rates - link

CHURCH AND STATE - France to increase security forces around churches during Christmas - link

AS IN THE DAYS OF LOT - Most U.S. Christian groups are becoming more accepting of homosexuality - link

Privacy advocates blast 'surveillance bill in disguise' after CISA tucked into spending deal - link

Landslide destroys buildings, 91 missing in China - link

7 evangelicals jailed for refusing to convert to Catholicism in Mexico - link

ECUMENISM/WORLD UNITY - Joe Biden makes surprise appearance at Georgetown interfaith forum on peace - link

HEALTH MESSAGE NEEDED - Coca-Cola lavishes £8.9mn on scientists who advise health policy - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - China gives ApplePay access to 5 billion potential customers - link

2015 worst year for number of refugees, over 60million forced out of homes globally - link

Saudi Arabia forms 34-nation anti-'terrorist' military coalition - link

HAVING A FORM OF GODLINESS BUT DENYING THE POWER - California church members train to carry concealed guns - link

Google, Facebook, Twitter will delete online 'hate speech' at pressure from Germany - link

FEAR - 'Hoax' email bomb threat shuts down all public schools in Los Angeles - link

30 dead in attack in Nigeria - link

87 dead as violence rocks Burundi - link

22 dead in market blast in Pakistan - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Tens of thousands protest government in Poland - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Thousands protest in Montenegro against NATO membership - link

Thousands of Iraqis protest turkey's troop deployment in north - link

KINGS OF THE EARTH - 'Historic' day as nearly 200 countries sign climate deal - link

BABYLON - Growing number of sex abuse cases against Catholic Church in El Salvador - link

EARTH BEAST - US Air Force reveals $3 billion plan to expand drone force - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - MasterCard survey suggests growing adoption of biometric authentication among shoppers - link

100,000 NATO troops to be deployed in Iraq - link

HEALTH MESSAGE/GO VEGETARIAN - Drugs being overused at meat producing farms - link

Car bomb attack kills 16 people in Homs, Syria - link

Fukushima report declassified: Worse than we were told - link

A family being torn apart in Norway - because they are Christian - link

Adventist World says ... Jesus is NOT the literal Son of God - link also see our page HERE

'Monster' El Nino could usher in decade of more and stronger events - link

Over 30 dead in Congo flooding - link

Donald Trump says the internet should be 'closed' to stop terrorists - link

Cardinal hints at 'intervention' by the pope if climate talks stall in Paris - link

ECUMENISM/IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Global Christians pray and prod for action at Paris COP21 climate conference - link

Bacteria containing mcr-1 gene resistant to all known antibiotics found in Denmark - link

Pope Francis: 'anyone who says they have the truth is a fundamentalist and must be combated!' - link

New Research: GMO Food Far Worse Than We Think - link

First ever red alert in effect in Beijing due to pollution levels - link

CATHOLIC MARY DECEPTION - In Chile, massive Marian pilgrimage to open 'Year of Mercy' - link

JESUIT CONTROL - North Korea agrees to regular visits from Roman Catholic Priests - link

WORLD ORDER - Scientists enlist the big gun to get climate action: 'Faith' - link

7.2m earthquake rocks Tajikstan - also felt in New Delhi - link

Obama says 'extremist ideology' in 'every faith' needs to be rejected and dealt with - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Tens of thousands protest against government in South Korea - link

WORLD ORDER - Nations agree climate-change blueprint at Paris COP21 - link

British young people who question government policies or the media are now labelled as 'extremists' - link

Thousands of migrants in Europe are Vanishing! - link

CHURCH-STATE UNION/WORLD ORDER - 1.8 Million signatures on an interfaith petition for climate justice causes archbishop and UN climate secretary to dance at Paris! - link

ECUMENISM - Pope tells Bartholomew I that the necessary conditions for the restoration of unity between Catholics and Orthodox exist - link

ANTICHRIST - Pope says the way of the cross is 'God's FAILURE' - link

269 people dead after massive flooding hits Chennai, India - link

'Catastrophic': World has lost 33 percent of arable land in 40yrs, study says - link

Britain begins bombing Syria - link

14 dead at mass shooting in California - link


November 2015

ATTACK AGAINST TRUE CHRISTIANS - Pope says fundamentalism is 'disease of all religions' - link

Chinese scientist ready to clone people at his 'replication factory' - link

PUSHING FOR NEW LAWS - Pope says Paris climate conference humanity's last chance - link

NEW WORLD ORDER - Germany calls for new 'global alliance' to defeat terrorism - link

Britain leads 7-state 'Joint Expeditionary Force' mobilizing 10,000 troops in Europe - link

At least 14 killed as storms and ice hammer Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas - link

PEOPLE RISING - Thousands rally for action on climate change across America - link

PEOPLE RISING - Thousands rally for action on climate change in New Zealand - link

PUSHING NEW WORLD ORDER - Pope's adviser urges Catholics to join climate marches - link

World's largest animal cloning center to be built in Tianjin, China - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - The 'Pope of Hope' lands in Africa with a message of 'reconciliation' - link

PUSHING NEW WORLD ORDER - Pope, in Africa, says failure of climate summit would be 'catastrophic' - link

HEALTH MESSAGE / GO VEGETARIAN - Turkeys suffer from cruelty at 'top-rated' whole foods farm - link

WORLD UNITY - Gorbachev calls for Global Convention against terrorism - link

Freemason membership records spanning 1733 to 1923 go online, Winston Churchill one of them - link

BATTLE AGAINST TRUTH - 'Experts' pushing the idea that believing in end times prophecy leads to violence! - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - Kenya declares national public holiday for Pope's mass - link

BEAST MENTALITY - Russian Orthodox church says intervention in Syria is a 'holy war' - link

SPREAD OF FEAR - US Issues Travel Warning in Wake of Terror Attacks - link

SPREAD OF FEAR - US using 9/11 trauma to terrorize people - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Subsidized Food Shops in Delhi to Have Biometric Authentication - link

Half of all tree species in Amazon 'face extinction' - link

ECUMENISM - How The UK Is Strengthening Interfaith Bonds After Paris Attacks - link

90 dead in landslide at a mine in Myanmar - link

SIGNS AND WONDERS TO DECEIVE - Philadelphia Baby's Brain Tumor Shrinks After Kiss From Pope - link

Is the Catholic Church Facilitating the 'invasion' of immigrants into America and being paid for it? - link

UN calls on world to fight ISIS as Security Council unanimously adopts French-drafted resolution - link

ECUMENISM - Five religions march together 'for peace' in Thailand - link

Dozens dead after hostages taken in Mali hotel - link

49 Killed in suicide bombings in Nigeria - link

In wake of Paris attacks, Donald Trump says 'we're going to have to do certain things that were frankly unthinkable a year ago' - link

Intelligence agencies pounce on Paris attacks to pursue spy agenda - link

Russian Foreign Minister says NATO is 'inventing enemies' - link

SURPRISE SURPRISE - British PM now gets public backing for bombing Syria - link

HEALTH MESSAGE NEEDED - Last line breached? Deadly gene resisting all forms of antibiotics found in China - link

WORLD UNITY - King of Jordon says 'We are facing a third world war against humanity and this is what brings us all together' - link

WORLD UNITY - Russian Prime Minister urges World powers to unite against terrorism - link

ECUMENISM - The pope is 'Impatient for unity', saying we musn't accept separation - link

Anonymous wages 'cyber war' on ISIS; takes down 6,000 Twitter accounts (WILL THEY WAGE 'CYBER WAR' ON GOD'S PEOPLE SOON?) - link

32 killed by blast in Nigeria market - link

French President says there needs to be a world coalition to 'annihilate' ISIS - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Apple pay launches in Canada - link

Paris concert crowd about to listen to 'Kiss the Devil' rock song before attack - link

WORLD UNITY - Russia's Parliament calls for foreign parliaments to launch worldwide anti-terror coalition - link

WORLD UNITY - All for one: 28 EU states agree on first-ever military support to France - link

Bangladesh Begins Biometric Registration of Mobile Users - link

ECUMENISM - Pope to visit Jewish 'Great Synagogue' in Rome after invite from Chief Rabbi - link

ATTACK AGAINST THE TRUTH - UK Politician calls to bring back 'blasphemy laws' and apply them to all religions - link

In response to Paris attacks, UK prime minister pledges £2bn military boost, more drones and 2,000 new spies - link

USA approves $1.3bn sale of 'smart bombs' to Saudi Arabia - link

71 dead in Tamil Ndau, India, due to heavy rains - link

TWO BEASTS OF REVELATION 13 - Catholic bishops meet with US President to discuss 'religious liberty' - link

Paris attacks have prompted calls for 'global intervention' - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Visa trial to link Credit Card to Finger Vein Biometrics - link

BABYLON - Some "Christian" Gay Couples Are Saving Sex for Marriage - link

EARTH BEAST - Obama launches Facebook page with video on climate change, saying: 'America will lead on this, time to act now' - link

ECUMENISM - Christians and Hindus together for a culture that promotes human ecology - link

NEW WORLD ORDER - Parliament of World Religions says: 'members of the world's most powerful nations will gather in Paris to make decisions that will determine the fate of our planet and all living beings' - link

Over 37 people killed and hundreds injured by 2 suicide bombs in Beirut - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - Uganda to deploy 10,000 police, plus soldiers for Pope's visit - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - Central African Catholics look to Papal visit for salvation - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Mastercard pushing cashless society through government projects in Africa - link

GO ORGANIC - Monsanto Crops Decimated by Pests - Meanwhile, Nearby Non-GMO Crops Thriving - link

'MILLIONS' of rats invade Donbass 'never seen before' in Ukraine - link

EARTH BEAST - US defense secretary says Russia and China threaten the (American-led) New World Order - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Tens of thousands protest in Madrid - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Thousands protest in Berlin, calling for Merkel to resign - link

PUSH FOR SUNDAY LAW - Pope pushes the need for a day of rest with emplyees of Italian National Social Security Institute - link

SCIENTISTS PLAYING GOD - Genetic modification: We're on the cusp of a revolution that will change the world - link

ECUMENISM - What 50 years of talks between Catholics and Lutherans looks like - link

US Government prepares For Catastrophic Solar Flares and other Space Weather Events - link

Huge, unprecedented ice flood sweeps across Saudi Arabia - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Anonymous million mask march in London turns violent - link

ECUMENISM - Islam, Catholic and Jewish leaders to appear together on stamp in Belgium - link

Citing Nazis, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Says Religious Civil Magistrates Must Obey Law or Resign - link

At least 17 killed after mudslide destroys Brazilian village - link

CALL FOR PEACE AND UNITY - Australia experiencing an 'alarming emergence' of religious intolerance, calls for greater efforts to counter discrimination, particularly against Muslims and Christians - link

CALL FOR PEACE AND UNITY - Writers, artists, scientists and historians voice alarm over religious intolerance in india - link

Unregistered Biometrics See 100,000 Filipinos Lose Voting Rights in Davao City - link

UN expecting 5,000 refugees a day to flood into Greece alone over winter - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Thousands of students protest in London - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Tens of thousands protest against government in Romania - link

BABYLON - Explosive new book reveals fraud and deception at the Vatican - Sainthood costs $550K - link

Hillary Clinton says 'Religious beliefs have to be changed' at Women in the World Summit - link

John Boehner persuades fellow Roman Catholic, Paul Ryan to take the hot seat as House Speaker - link

Powerful cyclone batters war-torn Yemen - link

World Bank, Accenture Call for Universal ID - link


October 2015

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Biometric banking is booming - link

State of emergency declared in California due to massive tree die off - link

6 dead from flooding in Texas - link

Pope Francis urges world religions to fight extremism, fundamentalism - link

BABYLON - Catholic priest says the clergy is 'full of homosexuals' - link

6 killed in Egypt as severe weather sweeps mid east - link

11 killed in widespread storms across Pakistan - link

28 killed by thunderstorms and lightning in Maharashtra, India - link

ECUMENISM - Pope Francis calls for greater interfaith collaboration in the face of religious extremism - link

BABYLON - Catholic priest in Peru gets 35 years for repeatedly raping boy - link

Over 400 earthquakes rock San Ramon in California in just 2 weeks - link

Crisis in Northern Brazil as Amazon drought causing rivers to dry up - link

Homeless population in New York City nears 60,000 - link

Saudi Arabia to run out of cash in 5 years? - link

Biometrics in banking, fingerprint and iris authentication in this week's most popular news - link

ECUMENISM - United Church of Canada and USA's United Church of Christ agree on full communion - link

BABYLON AND KINGS OF THE WORLD - Roman Catholic leaders around the world make unprecedented joint appeal to a forthcoming U.N. conference on climate change - link

BABYLON - Teen killed in 'Word of Life' beating possibly due to him wanting to leave the church - link

Over 300 dead after powerful earthquake hits Afghanistan and Pakistan - link

Green Party in New Zealand says horrific genetic engineering of animals taking place - link

BABYLON - First female bishop in UK house of lords says God is not a he or she - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Thousands rally against police brutality in New York City - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Violent protests in Montenegro, dozens injured - link

Hurricane Patricia, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere - link

BABYLON - Roman Catholic 'exorcisms': 50,000 children brutally exorcised and cast out into the streets in Congo! - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Big Banks to America's Firms: We Don't Want Your Cash - link

DESTRUCTION OF THE MIDDLE CLASS? - Nearly half of all Americans on less than $25,000 per year - link

Half of the world's wealth owned by 1 PERCENT! - link

CHURCH and STATE - Adventist military general becomes president of Fiji - link

EARTH BEAST - Did America purposely bomb hospital in Afghanistan? - link

PEOPLE RISING - Mass protests in 50 cities across Spain - link

ECUMENISM - A celebration of 'Many Faiths, One Family' in Salt Lake Tabernacle - link

Thousands flee their homes as typhoon batters the Philippines - link

PURSUING THE SUNDAY LAW - Trade Unions to lobby MPs over Sunday trading changes in the UK - link

BIBLE TRUTH REJECTED: Ben Carson says earth could be billions of years old! And doesn't answer question as to whether he believes Adam and Eve existed! - link

ECUMENISM - Churches UNITE as one in Washington DC and call for a 'great awakening' - link

Oprah pushing for religious unity in her new series 'Belief' - link

BABYLON - Catholics flocking to a Mary statue DECEPTION in Malaysia - link

PREPARING FOR THE MARK - Financial institutions warning of a global economic crisis - link

BABYLON - Pope Francis says we should stick to what the scientists tell us! - link

Sao Paulo is facing a water crisis - link

America air drops 50 TONS of ammo for rebel fighters in Syria - link

Another warehouse explosion rocks Tianjin, China - link

Facebook (UK) only paid £4,327 in tax last year, even though it raked in £100 MILLION - link

BABYLON: Sabbath School.net says we should not call the pope 'the man of sin' - link

PEOPLE RISING: Thousands gather at 'Justice or else' gathering in Washington - link

At least 86 killed in explosions during 'peace protest' in Ankara, Turkey - link

PEOPLE RISING: Hundreds of thousands protest TPP deal in Germany - link

Mastercard rolling out payment system using facial and fingerprint recognition - link

Roman Catholic Italian priest defends paedophiles and blames 'love seeking children' - link

'Adventist-Review' continues to reject the 3 angels messages and push the false trinity and unity! - link also here

BABYLON: The Pope's Growing Evangelical Flock - Under Pope Francis' leadership, the Catholic Church is looking more, well, Protestant - link

ECUMENISM: Christian and Muslim leaders forge plan to work together in Nigeria - link

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreed between US and 11 other nations, 'could transform the global economy' - link

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden Speak at 'Gay Gala,' Push for Federal Law to Protect Homosexuality - link

Bushfires rage in Australia as 'godzilla el nino' takes affect - link

Bodies of 95 migrants found washed ashore in Libya - link

SEX ABUSE - Roman Catholic priests accused of sex abuse in United States, allowed to relocate in South America! - link

PEOPLE RISING - 60,000 protest in Manchester, England against austerity - link

Landslide in Guatemala kills 86; Hundreds more buried and feared dead - link

16 dead, 3 missing after flash flooding ravage Southeast France - link

Historic flooding in South Carolina; State of emergency declared - link

NATO launches massive war games - link

Over 500 children killed in west-led airstrikes in Yemen - link

THE GOAL - Oregon shooting: Vigil's silence is broken by a CALL FOR UNITY - link

BUILD-UP OF WAR ON BIBLE TRUTH - Archbishop of Canterbury says 'Religious hatred' could wreck Britain - link

Gorbachev calls for Russia-Germany alliance 'for common European good' - link

Google exec. says with robots in our brains, we'll be godlike - link

CHURCH AND STATE - Kenneth Copeland lays hands on a prays over Donald Trump - link


September 2015

7 dead after 17 explosions in Chinese town - link

Visa previews biometric payment options and wearables at summit - link

Orthodox Church says Russia is fighting a 'holy war' in Syria - link

HEALING OF THE WOUND - Relationship between the Vatican and China soon to be restored? - link

Obama warns Christians; Gay rights more important than religious freedom - link

THE WORLD IS ENTERTAINED BY SIN - Oscar Nominee Subjects Are Going to Be a Heavy Dose of Lesbians, Transgenders, Pedophile Priests - link

NEW WORLD ORDER - World leaders commit to 'Global Goals'; Celebrities being used to push it on the masses - link

United Nations to strengthen 120,000 strong 'peacekeeping force' - link

2,300+ civilians killed in 6 months by coalition attacks in Yemen - link

Hundreds injured as 'Super-Typhoon' slams into Taiwan - link

Moscow to launch 'anti-sect' program - link

EARTH BEAST - Obama tells UN that he leads the Strongest military the world has even known, and will never hesitate to use force to 'protect his country and their allies' - link

ECUMENSIM and IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Catholic Cardinal and 'Protestant' Rick Warren speak at World Meeting of Families saying 'We need to minimize our differences' - link

The UN Releases Plan to Push for Worldwide Internet Censorship - link

PEOPLE RISING - Thousands protest in Poland against immigration - link

PEOPLE RISING - Thousands rally in streets of Mexico City - link

ANTICHRIST - Pope says that Jesus' life on earth 'ENDED IN FAILURE - THE FAILURE OF THE CROSS'! - link

GCHQ operation to track every visible user on the internet - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - Congressman swipes Pope's glass of water thinking it is now 'holy' - link

PEOPLE RISING - Mass protest in Barcelona - link

APOSTASY - Adventist Review praises SDA organist for playing at Pope's US Papal Mass! - Article now removed! link

REVELATION 13 - Pope Francis calls on America to use it's power to heal the 'open wounds' - link

WHEN THEY SHALL SAY 'PEACE' - Pope calls for peace during address to United Nations - link

WHEN THEY SHALL SAY 'PEACE' - UN Chief takes part in Tashlich ceremony in New York - Call made for World body to be a 'temple of peace' - link

ECUMENSIM - Pope calls Muslims 'brothers and sisters' during message in New York - link

KINGS GIVE THIER POWER TO THE BEAST - Vatican flag to be raised for first time at United Nations HQ - link

FBI dramatically expanding biometrics programs - link

Continued American led genocide in Yemen - link

ECUMENISM - Leaders of Buddhist, Protestant, Greek Orthodox, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh to join Pope in New York - link

$700 Million fruit industry in Florida shut down due to new invasive fly - link

Over 700 people killed in stampede at Mecca - link

Pope Francis Canonizes a Catholic 'missionary' who reportedly enslaved native Americans and forced conversions to Catholicism! - link

8 people murdered during weekend of violence in Chicago - link

THE SEA BEAST - Pope Francis and the new Roman Empire - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - Papal Mass draws hundreds of thousands in Cuba - link

EARTH BEAST - America behind Europe's migrant crisis - link

Faith leaders in the UK will have to join a 'national register' and undergo security checks - link

EARTH BEAST - America warns North Korea of 'severe consequences' over missile test - link

Elon Musk Wants to Launch 4000 low orbit Satellites to Provide Global Internet - link

WORLD UNITY - Pope urges US and Cuba to set an example of reconciliation for the entire world - link

WORLD UNITY - World Council of Churches and UNICEF sign global partnership - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST (Rev.13 and John 15:19) - 'He's a pope for the world' - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Bank of England chief economist says 'cash could need to be abolished' to help economy - link

Disaster zone declared in central Tahiland after storm hits - link

According to 'Adventist Review' we 'DON'T have a beef with pope Francis on climate change' - link

TWO BEASTS OF REVELATION 13 - White House looks to find 'lasting value' in pope's visit - link

At least 5 killed in flash floods in Yunnan, China - link

325 demonstrations, marches, vigils and other public events will be held all across the U.S for 'peace and justice' - link

ROMAN CATHOLIC village in Mexico tells Protestant man to convert or go to prison! - link

Animal Agriculture is the most destructive industry to the earth - Being Vegetarian Massively cuts your 'emission footprint' - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Arizona council proposing bill that allows only Christian prayers at meetings - link

Large 8.3M earthquake hits Chile, killing 5 and causing millions to flee - link

ECUMENISM - Muslims and Christians unite for peace in Niger - link

Violence at Jerusalem Mosque for three days running - link

Flash flooding in Utah, 8 killed and 5 missing - link

KINGS OF THE EARTH GIVE THEIR POWER TO THE BEAST - United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon gives strong praise to Pope Francis - link

PEOPLE RISING - 1.4 million people rally in Barcelona - link

Hungary prepares army due to 'migrant crisis' - link

Germany puts troops on standby due to 'migrant crisis' - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - Pope to get a kingly welcome in America - link

California wildfires raging, causing thousands to flee - link

THE TWO BEAST KINGDOMS - For GOP candidates, better to be with pope than against him - link

ECUMENISM - UK Chief Rabbi meets with Pope to highlight interfaith relations - link

Unprecedented rain in Japan - over 90,000 forced to flee - link

Another explosion in China - fourth in a month! - link

ECUMENISM AND 'PEACE' - Cyprus' Christian and Muslim leaders come together for peace talks - link

New Yorkers will need 'Enhanced' driver's licenses for travel - link

Cuba - Communism out, Catholicism in - link

Massive sandstorm of 'Biblical proportions' blankets Middle East - link

SURPRISE SURPRISE - Catholic Churches Bolstered By Immigrants - link

Obama pushing Labor Unions - link

REV.11 THE NATIONS WERE ANGRY - Massive protests in Moldova demanding a new government - link

REV.11 THE NATIONS WERE ANGRY - Thousands of angry farmers protest in Brussels - link

THE PUSH FOR CONTROL - Paris climate talks our last chance, Pacific leaders say - link

Study finds that 90 percent of sea birds have plastic in their gut - link

Massive hailstorm pounds Naples in Italy - link

8 people killed by lightning in Odisha, India - link

HEALING OF THE WOUND - As Rome honors Martin Luther, Catholics and Protestants enjoy thaw - link

PEOPLE RISING - Hundreds of Christians rally outside Carter County Detention Center in support of Kim Davis - link

Immigration Tsunami Threatens To Sweep Europe - link

ECUMENISM - Pentecostal Church in Chile celebrates Christian unity at ecumenical service - link

FALSE PEACE AND UNITY - Pope meets with Israeli President to discuss peace and unity - link

UNICEF pushing 'Alien' agenda with children - link

County Clerk in Kentucky arrested for standing on Christian beliefs and not marrying gays - link

Massive hailstorm in Mexico, 4 people killed - link

What are these weapons being used in Yemen? Pray for the people there caught in this evil - link

THIS IS WHAT AMERICA AND NATO COUNTRIES HAVE CAUSED! Migrant Crisis - Photo of drowned little boy on beach sparks international outcry - 2,600+ migrants have drowned this year! link

ECUMENISM - Adventist church in Italy UNITES with other churches, including Catholic church to get a square named after Luther! - IS THIS THE LORD's WORK? NO - link

ANTICHRIST, TAKING THE PLACE OF GOD - Pope to 'allow' priests to forgive abortion during 'holy year' - link

Why did French Foreign Minister in May 2014 say we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos? Something planned for Sept 2015? - link

MASSIVE FINANCIAL MOVEMENTS - China sells off $100 BILLION of US bonds in just two weeks - link

Murder rates rising sharply in many US cities - link

Obama pushing a FALSE doomsday scenario with climate change - link

Another massive explosion in China - link

Food crisis in Somalia - 850,000 in dire need - link


August 2015

THE NATIONS WERE ANGRY - 80,000 people protest in Ireland due to austerity measures - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Financial Times pushing to get rid of cash, 'to help ecomony' - link

Secret plan to deploy 5,000 soldiers on UK streets - link

Hundreds of Church leaders found on exposed list from Adultery website - link

American Catholic Bishops are ready to be 'Surprised' during pope's visit - link

TO SILENCE BIBLE TRUTH - Canadian 'Hate Speech' proposal threatens free speech - link

200 migrants dead after boat sinks off Libya - link

40 people killed by flooding in North Korea, thousands stranded - link

8 police officers killed during violent protests in Nepal - link

THE NATIONS WERE ANGRY - 500,000 members of Indian clan clash with police in Gujarat - link

Catholics show Support for Planned Parenthood by sending cakes and 'goodwill messages' to clinics - link

WORLD WONDERS AFTER THE BEAST - Will the Catholic Church have a growing role in Korean reconciliation? - link

Eight people dead after severe flooding in Turkey - link

SUNDAY LAW - Italian Bishop urges CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to shut down on Sundays - link

THE LAND MOURNS (Hosea 4:1-3) - South Africa drought, Maize production drops by a third - link

THE LAND MOURNS (Hosea 4:1-3) - Floods destroy $850 MILLION worth of crops in Karachi, Pakistan - link

THE LAND MOURNS (Hosea 4:1-3) - State of emergency in Russia as locusts destroy masses of crops - link

THE LAND MOURNS (Hosea 4:1-3) - Frost and drought wipes out crops in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands - link

FALSE MAINSTREAM MEDIA - BBC's 'Saving Syria's Children' Documentary: Staged Events, Fake Video Footage - link

15 killed by typhoon in Philippines - link

The barbarism of Planned Parenthood in America - link

EARTH BEAST - America puts it's forces on enhanced status in South Korea - link

THE NATIONS WERE ANGRY - Thousands protest around Planned Parenthood clinics across the US - link

PEOPLE RISING - Thousands rally in Kentucky in support of Christians who refuse to marry same-sex couples - link

WAR RUMOURS - 50 North Korea submarines have left their bases, we don't know where they are - link

Masses of bugs invade California - link

Nigerian government recommends unified biometric data collection and usage - link

Mynmar government passes bill to restrict religious conversion - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST: Catholic Congressman looking forward to Pope visit and trying to 'move our nation forward in a direction that will be more pleasing to the Lord' - link

China's currency devalued and manufacturing hits 6 year low - link

Air pollution killing 4,000 people a day in China? - link

Henry Kissinger: Breaking Russia has become objective for America - link

Macedonia declares state of emergency over migrants and refugees - link

Adventist Review editor pushing to 'marginalize' certain people in the church! (ie, those preaching TRUTH) - link

Scientists trying to figure out the current high volcanic activity - link

Adventist Florida Conference stopping Doug Batchelor from speaking in Florida Churches? - link

PLEASE REMOVE YOURSELF AND YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF THIS CHURCH - Catholic Priest in Louisville caught with 'Inappropriate Pictures of Children' - link

ANTICHRIST - Pope confirms teaching of Transubstantiation, says Eucharist IS JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF! - link

Myanmar floods - 100 people dead, 1 Million affected - link

Troops now deployed in America to help fight raging wildfires in the West - link

GREED - We have Exhausted Earth's Resources for 2015 in Less Than 8 Months - link

46 Million Americans now relying on food banks - link

Hundreds of thousands on streets in Brazil calling for President's impeachment - link

Explosion in Bangkok kills over 20 people - link

Worst Crisis since World War II - Another 40 migrants dead off Italy coast - link

British SAS soldiers are dressed as ISIS fighters in Syria - link

Video from 1987 showing Bush Senior visiting Monsanto and saying ..'call me, I'm in the 'dereg' business' - link

KINGS OF THE EARTH GIVE THEIR POWER TO THE BEAST - Catholic Churches in France get police protection - link

Another plane gone missing - Indonesian plane with 54 people - link

Roman Catholic JED BUSH says torture is acceptable in certain circumstances! - link

New Polish President calls for more NATO troops - link

76 people dead from heatwave in Egypt - link

50 people killed by bombing in Nigeria - link

American 'Nation of Islam' leader Louis Farrakhan calls for '10,000 men to rise up and kill those who kill us' - link

2nd giant sinkhole in 2 days swallows entire building in China - link

Police have killed over 1,000 people in the US since August 2014 - link

BABYLON - Salma Hayek's New Film brings together all religions - link

THE BEAST REACHING THE WORLD - Oprah, Matt Damon and Ari Emanuel invited to the Vatican 'to talk about influence of media' - link

Massive explosion kills 44 and injures hundreds in China port - link

Explosion kills over 60 and injures hundreds in Baghdad - link

Pope Francis sets up 'yearly day of care for environment' - THE WEEKLY DAY (SUNDAY) WILL BE PUSHED SOON - link

Baptist Church in Greenville, USA to offer gay marriages and positions to gays and transgenders - link

Huge image of 'goddess Kali' projected onto Empire State Building - link

Russia and NATO preparing for war? - link

Russia and NATO preparing for war? - link

Is California going to jail adults who refuse mandated vaccines? - link

TWO BEASTS OF REVELATION 13 - Pope Francis is certain to challenge lawmakers in America - link

Typhoon slams into Taiwan, 6 dead, hundreds injured and millions without power - link

Unprecedented Human Suffering In Yemen - Thanks to America, THE EARTH BEAST of Rev.13 - link

BABYLON - Pope Francis to take mass in Cuba next to statue of Marxist Che Guevara and an obelisk - link

Massive, 'incredibly thick' toxic algae bloom in Pacific now stretches from California to Alaska - link

Floods in India derail 2 trains killing 27 people - link

BABYLON's DRUGS (REV. 18:23) - Massive increase in cost of cancer drugs over past 10 years - link

ALIEN DECEPTION - Vatican Scientist pushing belief that 'aliens' may exist - link

Iris recognition coming to payment systems - link

Obama Follows Lead Of Pope Francis On Climate Change - link

Will the UK follow Obama's lead on climage change? - link

Heatwave in Japan kills 25, 11,000 in hospital - link

Wildfires rage across California - link

State of emergency declared in Myanmar due to flooding - link

Expanse of warm water dubbed the blob consumes North Pacific - link


July 2015

Mississippi school district fined $7500 for opening assembly with prayer - link

3 Year old among hundreds of children in London identified as 'future extremists' by UK government - link

Plagues of locusts darken skies in Southern Russia - link

Hundreds of "Evangelicals" to join gay parade in Brazil - link

In effort to expand biometric scheme, India says privacy not fundamental right - link

Flash floods kill over 26 people in Gujarat, India - link

Flooding in Myanmar kills 20 people - link

Dead Sea is disappearing - Massive sink holes appearing in it's place - link

GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT - It's official - Boy Scouts of America allow gay leaders - link

Migrant crisis deepens at French port - link

1800 migrants rescued off Italy coast - 13 dead - link

United Nations Chief says US gay marriage ruling is a 'great step for human rights' - link

Israel calls up hundreds of thousands of reserve soldiers for drills - link

ECUMENISM - Dozens of pastors in York County publicly call on members to embrace Muslims as their brothers and sisters - link

Shooter kills 3, injures 9 in Movie theater in Lafayette, America - link

Turkey starts bombing targets in Syria - link

French President calls for a 'Eurozone Government' - link

5 volcanoes erupt in Indonesia - link

Mayors at Vatican meeting demand BOLD CHANGES from world leaders at this year's UN climate talks - link

WORLDLY UNITY AND ECUMENISM - 1,700 Churches come together for New York City event - link

Indigenous Protestant converts being persecuted by Roman Catholics in Mexico - link

BIBLE TRUTH ILLEGAL? - UK Prime Minister unveils strategy to tackle 'extremist ideology' - link

MILITARY BUILDUP - Finland Prepares New Military Buildup at Russian Border - link

THE TWO BEAST KINGDOMS - It was no accident that Obama's first office was located in a Catholic church - A return to Catholic Action - link

IDOL WORSHIP - Pope entrusts South America visit to Mary - link

Alipay executive says biometrics will replace passwords within three years - link

Beyond Greece, the world is filled with debt crises - link

A federal judge in Mississippi has ordered a school district to stop promoting Christianity during school events - link

What is this hideous statue in London? - link

Over 1 BILLION Euros in missing cash found in Vatican accounts - link

US company gives glimpse into future of government surveillance - link

Kuwait forcing all residents to give DNA samples for database - link

UNITING WITH THE BEAST - 50 world mayors to attend Papal conference - Boston Mayor says - 'I'll get awed by the Pope' - link

Jade Helm military exercise start in Texas - link

Is Turkey preparing to invade Syria? - link

Greeks furious over new bailout deal - mass walkout planned - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Apple pay launches in the UK - link

GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT - Boy scouts of America approves resolution to allow gay leaders - link

Adventist Church in Netherlands will CONTINUE TO ORDAIN WOMEN even after General Conference vote - link

Canadian Court Rules Christian Law School Must Embrace Homosexuality to Keep Accreditation - link

BABYLON AND HER DAUGHTERS - Pope Francis' deep ties to evangelicals - link

PREPARING FOR A 'WAR' - Jade Helm 15: America under siege? - link

PREPARING FOR A 'WAR' - Germany announces new multi-billion Euro armament projects - link

SHARING TRUTH GETTING HARDER - New Zealand criminalizes online intolerance - link

WORLD UNITY - Large digital company 'Obscura' who works for world's biggest corporations calling for 'Global Action and Leadership' - link

PLANS TO BLOCK TRUTH - UK Government's surveillance plans could put citizens, economy and entire internet at risk - link

WAR AND DESTRUCTION - Saudi Airstrikes hit markets in Yemen, 128 killed - link

DECEPTION - Leading Israeli Rabbi says the arrival [FIRST COMING] of 'Messiah' is Imminent - Calls Jews to return to Israel - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - Pope draws over 1 million people on first day of South America visit - link

TACTIC OF THE ROMAN CHURCH - Huffington Post pushing the idea that the Bible is not the Word of God - link

ECOSYSTEM COLLAPSING - Thousands of birds 'mysteriously' abandoning Florida Gulf Coast - link

OUT OF THE CITIES! - Gun violence in Chicago, as 10 are killed and 50 injured in one weekend - link

'CHRISTIAN' UNITY - Mark Driscoll Publicly Repents, For Criticizing Joel Osteen - Brian Houston says 'we are all on the same side' - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - US State senator declares 'it's time for the church to rise up' - link

Homosexual advocates call for churches to lose tax exempt status - link

'Police State' forms in Tunisia after beach attack which killed 38 - link

Episcopal Church gives green light to what they call 'gender-neutral marriage' - link

'Strange' spike in shark attacks puzzles experts - link

DEEP APOSTASY: Tattoo covered Justin Beiber wears Marilyn Manson's "ANTI-CHRIST" T-shirt to Hillsong Church conference - link

Sunday-Keeping Ecumenicist To Teach Adventist Pastors How To Talk About Jesus at North America Conference? - link

Christian couple fined $135,000 for not baking cake for homosexuals in Oregon - link

MasterCard wants you to pay for stuff using your face - link

Earthquake kills 6 and injures 48 in Turkistan, China - link


June 2015

SATAN's SNARE: Study reveals a COMMON BEAT in global music - link

California enforces mandatory vaccination for students - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY: IDEX partners with global payments firm to develop biometric payment card - link

Obama signs bill giving himself fast track powers - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY: Barclaycard introducing new wristband payment fob - link

US Cities to host historic gay pride parades - link

FORNICATION WITH THE KINGS OF THE EARTH (Rev.17): Vatican signs treaty with state of Palestine - link

ECUMENSIM: The 'Spiritual movement' to fight climate change unites the world religions with the pope - link

Greece crisis - Banks to shut for a week! Limits withdrawals - link

Hundreds of thousands celebrate US ruling on gay-marriage IN BERLIN - link

Flash floods and landslides kill 23 in southeastern Bangladesh - link

Terror across the world: Tunisia, France and Kuwait hit by deadly attacks - link

Whitehouse lights rainbow colours after same-sex marriage ruling - link

Greek bank freezes electronic funds - Greeks lining up at ATM's - link

Fukushima: They don't know where the melted radioactive fuel is! - link

70 Killed due to flooding in India - link

Ocala in Florida being occupied by Hundreds of military - link

Congress approves major trade legislation for Obama - link

SOMETHING BIG BEING PREPARED FOR AMERICA?: House Intel Committee Chair says US Is At The Highest Threat Level We Have Ever Faced In This Country - link

UK bank customers set to share DNA data with banks for biometric authentication - link

Wildfires burn across Alaska - link

World Religious and Political leaders support Pope's climate encyclical - THE WORLD IS GETTING BEHIND THE MAN OF SIN (REV. 17:13) - link

Lord's Day Alliance: 'Let's keep the sabbath [SUNDAY] and see what happens' - IS SATAN READYING SOME FALSE BLESSINGS FOR SUNDAY KEEPING? - link

ECUMENISM: Pope Francis visits Waldensian temple in Turin, asks for forgiveness for the brutal murder of the Waldensian Christians - THE EARLY WALDENSIANS REJECTED THE TEACHINGS OF ROME AND WOULD NEVER JOIN IN ECUMENISM WITH THE POPE. WHICH IS WHY THEY WERE KILLED - link

Is something big Coming To America This Year? - Military Movements Across America Directly Tied To Wal Marts Nationwide - link

Polish bank developing multi-modal biometric authentication solution - link

18 killed by heavy storms in Southern China - link

Pope urges 'Revolution' to save earth and fix 'perverse system' - SO WHAT ABOUT THE FILTH, WEALTH AND PERVERSENESS AT YOUR OWN DOOR MR POPE? - link

600,000 Brits don't get paid due to 'technical glitch' - THIS IS HOW EASY IT WILL BE FOR THEM TO STOP US GETTING MONEY WHEN THE MARK IS ENFORCED - link

9 people shot dead in South Carolina church - link

North Korea faces worst drought in 100 years - link

Number of people in the world displaced by war and conflict reaches record high - link

Greece says it will run out of money by month end if it doesn't get 7 BILLION Euro bailout! - link

2016 US Presidential race includes record number of Roman Catholics! - link

Internet freedom dealt a blow: European Court blames website for 'hosting offensive comments' - link

Largest ever toxic algae bloom stretching from California to Alaska: 'This is unprecedented!' - link

Tony Campolo calls for full acceptance of 'Christian' gay couples into the Church - link

STOP EATING MEAT! 13,000 sheep die during long boat journey WITHOUT FOOD OR WATER from Romania to Jordan - link

Pope Francis hailed as a 'world climate hero' in short film - THE MAN OF SIN IS BEING GLORIFIED BY THE WORLD - link

14 people dead, hundreds of zoo animals dead in Georgia flooding - link

Volcano erupts in Indonesia, thousands forced to flee - link

THE EARTH BEAST - American military buildup in Europe - link

Ecumenism: Pope meets Czech Church delegates on Jan Hus anniversary - JAN HUS, A REFORMER WHO EXPOSED THE PAPACY! - link

Vatican envoy faces trial for child sex abuse - HOW MANY LITTLE CHILDREN HAS THIS CHURCH ABUSED?! - link

Archbishop resigns after sex abuse coverup in Minnesota, USA - link

Gay Pride Parade draws 180,000 to Tel Aviv - link

Protest by 200,000 people turns violent in Chile - link

Speech against any religion to become punishable in Montana, USA - link

Thousands of people quarantined and 1,800 schools closed due to MERS outbreak in South Korea - link

Migrant crisis - over 50,000 migrants arrive in Italy in 2015 - link

Retired NASA Scientists Challenge the Pope on 'Climate Change' - link

3000+ Bee colonies dead due to chemicals on farm fields in Cherkasy, Ukraine - link

Nancy Pelosi says Gay marriage is consistent with Catholic teaching - link

Kansas Moves to Limit ATM Withdrawals for Residents on Welfare - link

Public being cut off from buying precious metals? New Monetary system soon to arrive? - link

Biometrics will be main banking identity authorization method by 2020? - link

Flash floods in southwest Pakistan killed at least 16 people - link

Illinois governor warns of possible cash crisis, and major restructuring of government - link

What did Red Cross do with 500 MILLION Dollars of donations for Haiti? - link

Catholic group exposes link between the Vatican and 'World Social Forum' which promotes communism, abortion and homosexuality - link

Pope asked to visit Canada to apologize for the Catholic Church's role in abuse in Canadian schools - link

The World follows and 'wonders after the beast': Putin to visit pope at Vatican - link

Ecumenism: Protestants and Rome drawing closer - link

GET OUT OF THE CITIES: Violence increasing! - link

Vatican Finance Chief accused of covering up child sex abuse - link

Over 2,600 Killed in Egypt Since Morsi Overthrow, Prisons Overfilled - link

MASSIVE amount of US military equipment falling into hands of ISIS - link

OUTCOME OF UNBIBLICAL WOMEN'S ORDINATION? - Women Priests in Church of England want God to be called 'SHE' - link

SDA North American Division blocking anti-women's ordination ministries from General conference Session 2015 - link


May 2015

California Drought just got worse: Snowpacks gone! - link

Ecumenism: 48 organisations endorse a joint statement for the World Humanitarian Summit - link

7.8M Earthquake rocks Japan - link

Australia's big businesses support same-sex marriage with full page advert - link

UK to introduce wider than expected surveillance powers - link

Boy scouts chief to allow gay leaders soon? - link

Storms in Texas and Oklahoma kill 19 - link

Heat Wave in India kills over 1100 people - link

Top Vatican Adviser says Pope Francis will Challenge the 'American Idea' of God given rights! - link

EARTH BEAST: America bullied EU into dropping Pesticide banlink

40 Volcanoes erupting right now - link

Ireland votes in favor of same-sex marriage - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST: 'America, Listen to Pope Francis this Summer' - link

United Nations Seeking Biometric Identity for Refugees - link

America flexes its muscles by leading war games in Germany - link

US Vice President Champions gay rights and speaks AGAINST 'Religious Condemnation' - link

Obama says Climate Change poses serious security threat and criticizes 'deniers' - link

300,000 Buddhists pray for peace and unification in South Korea - link

GOD's LOVE shown through a little 5 year old boy! - link

Is support for same-sex marriage rising? - link

John Kerry says 'Internet needs rules' - link

Interfaith, the 'new religion' - link

Major Military drills happening all over the globe - link

France's main Protestant church gives OK to gay marriage - link

Canadians Mark A Milestone On Road To Cashless Society - link

In 2012, 42,000 People were shot dead in 'Roman Catholic' Brazil - link

Thousands Protest in Macedonia - link

Thousands Protest in Stuttgart - link

Mass Protests in Japan - link

9 dead in Texas after argument between biker gangs erupts into violence - link

Psychiactric drugs kill 500,000 Western Adults a Year! HOW IS THIS ALLOWED?!! - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST: Obama says Christians need to be like the pope!! - link

Obama, plus 120 political, religious and civic leaders gather at Georgetown University for Catholic-Evangelical leadership summit - link

Dozens killed in second Nepal Earthquake - link

Vatican to position Pope as Catalyst on Climate Change - link

UK Government to Abolish Human Rights Act? - link

MAN OF SIN: Pope 'offers absolution of sin' for women who abort - link

Snow, Flooding and Tornadoes cause chaos in Central US - link

Denmark moves closer to being a cashless society - link

VISA looking for partners in biometric payments - link

For first time, Pope welcomes woman Archbishop at the Vatican - link

French government approves new surveillance rules - link

ANOTHER WAY TO GET RID OF CASH: Greece puts a tax on Cash Withdrawals - link

Pope Francis to have private meeting with Cuban President Castro - link

Pope Francis says the cause of unity is not optional - link

Germany pushes again for European Army - link

Church of England aligns itself with Vatican on Climate Change - link

Finnish military preparing 900,000 reservists for 'crisis situation' - link

Volcano in Chile Erupts 3 times in 8 days - link

6 Killed in 'Catastrophic' Queensland storm - link


April 2015

Over 2,000 psychics, wizards, healers and witches Gather in Kiev to bring 'peace' - link

Mass Protests in Brazil - 170 protestors and 20 police injured - link

Protests over Baltimore spread to New York, Boston and Minneapolis - link

25 Killed, Hundreds injured in Pakistan Storm - link

Volcanoes erupting all over the world - link

Fox News' Greta calls for ONE LEADER to lead the nations - link

ECUMENISM: Vatican Calls on Buddhists and Christians to Unite Against Modern-Day Slavery - link

CATHOLIC DECEPTION: Nigerian bishop says rosary will bring down Boko Haram, after 'seeing vision of Christ' - link

Paypal says ingestible devices are the future for payment - link

Over 3200 Dead after Massive 7.8 Earthquake in Nepal - link

A Cruise Ship Pollutes as Much as 13 Million Cars - in One Day!! - link

Greek Government orders Public sector money to be transferred to central bank - link

EARTH BEAST: Jade Helm Military drills in US - link

California advances mandatory vaccine bill for school children - link

10 U.S. states now considering mandatory vaccination - link

ECUMENISM: Pope urges Christians and Jews to UNITE - link

THE WORLD WONDERED: Unicef now Supporting the Pope - link

Obama and Turkey PM to open new 'Mega-Mosque' in Maryland, USA - link

REV. 13 EARTH BEAST: American 'elite' are preparing for something big to happen! - link

REV. 13 EARTH BEAST: More American warships arrive off coast of Yemen - link

Dutch to collect fingerprints and biometric data for ID documents - link

ECUMENISM: Pope has meeting with Conference of Rabbis at Vatican - First time ever! - link

Citi Economist Says It's Time to Abolish Cash - Citi Economist Says It's Time to Abolish Cash

EARTH BEAST: The US Wants To Destroy Privacy Around The World - link

Why have 5 Walmart stores across the US suddenly closed? - link

MAN OF SIN SPEAKS: Pope Francis says religion should not be confined to 'personal conscience' - link

ECUMENISM: UN to hold high-level interfaith meeting to promote tolerance, fight violent extremism - link

700 feared dead after a boat packed with people trying to reach Europe capsized off Libya - link

ECUMENISM: 'We will defeat radicalism only if we stay united' says EU parliament - link

IMF Lays Groundwork for Global Wealth Confiscation - link

The Interfaith Movement is Growing around the Globe - link

ECUMENISM: Pope Francis first pope to visit Waldensian Temple - link

'SORCERIES' OF BABYLON: 1,000 British Soldiers given Psychiatric help after taking anti-malaria drug - link

In the last 50 years, the Oceans have literally collapsed! - link

UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon to open Vatican Conference on Pope's 'Climate Change' encyclical - link

Israel Interior Minister pushing legislation for mandatory national biometric ID system - link

Boat Capsizes off Libya, 400 Feared dead - link

THE TWO BEASTS: America sees the Vatican as a 'Partner' in limiting Nukes - link

Massive Hailstorm in India, 3 Killed, 150 Injured - link

Bangladesh Storm Kills 41, Hundreds Injured - link

Adventist Church President has first meeting with United Nations Chief Ban Ki-moon - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST: Will American Pastors help with martial law in the US? - link

Chile enacts law to ensure Sunday rest for workers - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST: 'Why Evangelicals Should Love the Pope' - link

147 dead after attack on university in Kenya - link

Mass exorcism of Polish schoolkids by Catholic priest leaves many in hysterics - link

America caused the chaos in Yemen - link

Storm kills 20 in eastern India; Kashmir floods toll rises to 16 - link


Keep Watching and Waiting

'Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. (Matthew 24:42)

'Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.' (1 Thessalonians 5:6)

'But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.' (1 Peter 4:7)

'Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.' (Revelation 3:3)



There are so many things happening in this world today of which we have never seen before. Major events that are taking place more and more frequently and with more intensity. Bible prophecy is fast fulfilling and the final events are right upon us. Our end times news pages show clearly what is taking place and what is soon to come. Jesus is soon to return friends, 'even at the door' - and we need to heed the warning signs and be ready.