'Other' End Times News

Other news for 2018 which we believe relate to the end times and Bible prophecy. Revelation is fast fulfilling and we are nearing the final conflict. Our news pages are not here to excite people, but rather to show you the time we are living in. To help you see that we need to be ready for the last days, the time of touble and the second coming of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

REMEMBER: The world will 'wonder' after it's own and 'love' it's own. But the world will hate the true people of God, because the world hates Jesus Christ ... John 15:19 ...'If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.'

WARNING: Satan is soon to manifest signs and wonders through the fallen churches and false religions. And all who do not have a love for the TRUTH will be deceived by the 'STRONG DELUSION' that is to come (2 Thess. 2:9-12). Are you ready? Will you be sealed? Please seek the truth and turn to Jesus Christ now, as the time of probation is soon to close!

December 2018

Israel killed 253 Palestinians during Great March of Return - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - The President Must Mobilize the Evangelical Right in 2019 - link

'State of War' as Sweden Hits Peak Deadly Shootings - link

SUNDAY LAW - No Sunday shopping at the American Dream mega-mall, whenever it opens - link

No more paperwork: Estonia edges toward digital government - link

UNITY - Queen of England to call for unity in Christmas message - link

UNITY - UK faith leaders warn against division in Christmas messages - link

As the Old Faiths Collapse, the Greens, Social Justice Warriors, and Techno-Futurists Aim to Fill the Void - link

COMING BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON - Russia warns of global conflict over nuclear pact collapse - link

WORLD ORDER - Call for the establishment of a democratic world parliament - link

Climate Change Campaigners say they will FORCE governments to act after lack of progress at UN summit - link

ECUMENISM AND FIGHTING AGAINST THE 4th ANGEL's MESSAGE OF REV.18:4 - 'Respect for the other' lies at the heart of peace education, panelists say at UN interreligious debate - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Trump's Attorney General Pick William Barr Rejects Separation Of Church And State - link

COMING SUNDAY LAW - William Barr Wants To Bring 'God's Law' To America - link

ECUMENSIM IN SDA CHURCH - Adventist Church in UK Promoting Catholic MASS this Christmas! - link

KING OF THE NORTH - Erdogan says Israel will never erase the Muslim world from Jerusalem - To defend Jerusalem is to defend humanity! - link

BABYLON - Church of England brings in transgender celebration services - link

ECUMENISM - Leaders of Catholic Church, Islam and Judaism sign declaration for 'dialogue and coexistence' in Argentina - link

EU's 28 member states adopt anti-Semitism declaration to 'fight extremism' [THIS "RELIGIOUS LIBERTY" WILL STOP US SPEAKING THE TRUTH SOON] - link

CLIMATE AGENDA - Christians in UK join 'Extinction Rebellion' - link

ECUMENISM - Pope Francis to become first pope to visit Arabian peninsula - link

CLIMATE AGENDA - Sir David Attenborough: Climate change 'our greatest threat' - link

CLIMATE AGENDA - World Bank to invest $200bn to combat climate change - link

7.0 Magnitute earthquake and over 1,400 aftershocks rock Alaska - link


November 2018

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Capitol Ministries to Local Government Leaders Getting a Big Boost! - link

CLIMATE AGENDA - Act now to avoid climate catastrophe, faith groups urge - link

Syria Is Granting Citizenship to Millions of Iranians - link

Ted Wilson treated like a king [a pope] in India visit! - link

UNION WITH THE HARLOT - Pope Francis unites in one single body all Catholic Charismatic Renewal organizations - link

SUNDAY LAW AGENDA - EU bishops urge policy-makers to shape labour policies according to common good - link

Sexually transmitted infections on the rise in the U.S - link

CLIMATE AGENDA - Democrats Plan to Revive House Climate Committee - link

ECUMENISM FOR 'PEACE' - Prayer Breakfast Unites Christians and Jews for the Peace of Jerusalem [AND WHEN THEY SHALL SAY 'PEACE AND SAFETY' .. THEN!!!] - link

WAR AGAINST THE TRUTH - Hate speech, fake news, privacy violations - time to rein in social media - link

Ukraine president warns Russia tensions could lead to 'full-scale war' - link

THIS IS THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Evangelicals behind Trump to start 'Pressure campaign' around criminal justice reform - link

From Political Campaign to Theocracy? - link

Washington Republican under fire for setting out 'Biblical Basis for War' - link

Scientific study shows we all descended from ONE PAIR of humans [THEY JUST LIE ABOUT THE REST OF IT TO REJECT THE BIBLE] - link

It's a Crisis of Civilization in Mexico. 250,000 Dead. 37,400 Missing [AND WHAT IS THE RELIGION OF MEXICO? ROMAN CATHOLIC] - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - U.S. Offensive Aerospace Capabilities Directed against the Whole Planet - link

One million Chinese people 'move into Muslim homes to report on Islamic or unpatriotic beliefs' - link

Beijing to Judge Every Resident Based on Behavior by End of 2020 - link

CLIMATE AGENDA - US climate change report warns of severe damage to health, economy - link

Protestant churches in Zeeland, Netherlands, protest about rainbow flag and Sunday shopping - link

Trump to host singing nuns at White House Christmas tree ceremony - link

WAR AGAINST THE TRUTH - European Jewish group says New Testament needs anti-semitism warnings - link

ECUMENISM - Pope has audience with Delegation of Grand Rabbinate of Israel - link

Study: 'New Age' beliefs common among both religious and nonreligious Americans - link

UK consumers warm to biometric payment cards - link

BABYLON IS FALLEN IS FALLEN - Despite being overwhelmingly Lutheran, Finland has opened its heart to Catholicism - link

Venezuela is rolling out a new ID card manufactured in China that can track, reward, and punish citizens - link

CLIMATE AGENDA - 200 climate activists crowd into the Capitol Building offices of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi - link

Merkel joins Macron in calling for a 'real, true European army' - link

Plenary speech at 2018 Parliament of World Religions - "We the people of the world need to unite and demand a world government and a world parliament based on an Earth constitution" - link

56 dead in California's deadliest wildfire; 130 remain missing - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Are evangelicals the American Taliban? - link

Pope: let's pledge to ban anti-Semitism from humanity [AND WHAT WILL FOLLOW? BAN ANY FORM OF 'EXTREMISM' FROM HUMANITY - INCLUDING THE THREE ANGELS MESSAGE!!] - link

France's Macron pushes for 'true European army' - link

WAR AGAINST TRUTH - Mark Zuckerberg Promises Facebook Will Crack Down on 'Hate Speech' Ahead of Midterm Elections - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - PayPal, Walmart Partner To Usher In A Cashless Future - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - How South Africa is moving towards a cashless economy - link

Biometric ID For Travel Goes Global With New CBP Tourism Partnership - link


October 2018

KING OF THE NORTH - Ottoman Empire rising again? - link

CLIMATE AGENDA - Church worldwide calls for ambitious and urgent climate action - link

General Gomart: "the invasion of Europe by migrants is programmed, controlled and accepted" - source - TRANSLATED

Migrant Caravan Continues for U.S. Border After Rejecting Mexico's Offer to Stay - link

COMING BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON - Yes, Russia is getting ready for war - in case US attacks, diplomat tells UN - link

COMING BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON - NATO Begins Biggest Military Exercise Since Cold War - link

NAB and Microsoft collaborate on biometric ATM concept - link

ECUMENISM - The First International Buddhist-Christian Dialogue for Nuns [AND WHAT IS THE LINK BETWEEN THEM? CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER!] - link

PEOPLE RISING - Hundreds of thousands marched for life in Mexico - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - Eating organic food lowers risk of certain cancers, study suggests - link

Switzerland votes overwhelmingly to jail citizens for 'homophobia,' 'transphobia' - link

18 volcanoes now pose 'very high threat,' U.S. government warns - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Will the Trump presidency lead to renewed dialogue between Catholics and Evangelicals? - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - President Trump and the evangelical lust for power - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - Environmental 'messiah' wanted - looking to the Pope! - link

DYING PLANET - 'Hyperalarming' study shows massive insect loss - link

29 dead and hundreds missing after hurricane slams into Florida - link

Muslim World League head urges faith leaders to travel to Jerusalem seeking peace - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Evangelicals wield voting power across Latin America, including Brazil - link

DECLINE INTO APOSTASY - SDA North American Division's plan to Establish an Order of Priestesses - link

COMING BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON - In the biggest war games for 17 years troops have one enemy in mind: Russia - link

COMING SUNDAY LAW - Why we need 'blue laws,' the religious tradition that sanctifies life outside of work - link

Trump to test 'President Alert' on mobile phones across America this week - link

ECUMENISM - Pope calls for strengthening relations with charismatics and Pentecostals - link

Indonesia tsunami: Death toll rises to nearly 1,350 - link

ECUMENISM - Pope Addresses G20 Interfaith Forum, calls for unity to help the world's problems - link

NATIONS STIRRING FOR ARMAGEDDON - Iran launches missiles with 'death to America and Israel' written on them - link


September 2018

COMING THIRD WOE - Iran's President Rouhani says the U.S. embassy's move to Jerusalem emotionally devastated all Muslims in the world - link

THE CONFUSION IN BABYLON - Female Church of England Bishop says we should STOP referring to God as a 'He' - link

THE CONFUSION IN BABYLON - Sunday keepers angry over megachurch pastor saying 'Christians Are Not Required to Obey Any of the Commandments' from the OT [AND YET SUNDAY KEEPERS DO AWAY WITH THE 4th COMMANDMENT] - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - America moves closer to being a cashless society - link

An Ebola 'perfect storm' is brewing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST IN AMERICA - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Reminds Evangelical voters that He's Changing the Courts for a Generation - link

MAN OF SIN - Pope Francis Says 'Accused Pastors' [Pedophile priests] Are Like Jesus on 'Good Friday' - link

MOTHER OF HARLOTS - More than half of the Netherlands' Catholic cardinals and bishops were involved in covering up sexual assault of children between 1945 and 2010 - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Amazon Will Consider Opening Up to 3,000 Cashierless Stores by 2021 - link

SIGNS OF THE TIMES - UK Investigating Why Referrals for Gender Dysphoria in Children Have Increased Over 4,000 Percent in 10 Years - link

Pope Francis says 'I am the devil' next to Pope John Paul II - link

CLIMATE AGENDA - Star-studded global climate summit mobilizes action plans to combat climate change - link

CLIMATE AGENDA AND SUNDAY LAW - It is time for Iowans to implement faith-based solutions to climate change - link

PEOPLE RISING, CALLING FOR ACTION ON CLIMATE - Global marches seek urgent action on climate change - link

US House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says 'I am a Catholic' and 'we are the Eucharist, the body of Christ' - link

SINS OF BABYLON - New Jersey Hotline For Clergy Sex Abuse Claims Flooded With Calls, Officials Say - link

TENSIONS RISING IN MIDDLE EAST - 13,000 Palestinians riot at the Gaza border with Israel - link

EU approves controversial Copyright Directive, including internet 'link tax' and 'upload filter' - link

CHURCH AND STATE - World Evangelical Alliance head meets UN chief Antonio Guterres in New York - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - The Unholy Alliance Among Trump, Kavanaugh and the Evangelicals - link

Head of Church of England, addresses UN in New York asking to engage faith-based organisations in reconciliation - link

AMERICA, THE EARTH BEAST OF REVELATION 13 - Corporate Power and Expansive U.S. Military Policy - link


Why Putin is an ally for American evangelicals - link

CHURCH AND STATE - Trump defends Pope Francis's handling of the abuse crisis [DOING THEIR BEST TO COVER OVER THE SINS OF BABYLON!] - link

WAR AGAINST THE TRUTH - Nepal brings in law criminalizing religious conversions and the 'hurting of religious feelings' - link

KING OF THE NORTH - Turkish President Erdogan visits Sultan Mehmed II tomb, the Turkish conqueror of Constantinople - link

BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON - Russia And China Are Developing Impressive New Weapons Systems As They Prepare For War Against The United States - link

END TIME DECEPTIONS - The AI that could bring the dead back to life - link

Facebook's definition of terrorism helps governments silence dissent - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST AROUND THE WORLD - Australia's new prime minister Scott Morrison is an evangelical Christian - link

ECONOMIC CRISIS - Argentina imposes austerity measures in bid to stabilise peso - link

WATCH YOUR CHILDREN - 80,000 sex offenders pose threat to children in UK alone - link


August 2018

SINS OF BABYLON - We Saw Nuns Kill Children: The Ghosts of St. Joseph's Catholic Orphanage - link


IMAGE OF THE BEAST - White House Hosts 100 Evangelical Leaders for State-Like Dinner: 'This Is Spiritual Warfare' - link

Conservatives call for constitutional intervention last seen 230 years ago - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST AROUND THE WORLD - New Evangelical President of Paraguay sworn in, two Evangelical ministers in new government - link

World is drowning in debt and it spells disaster for everyone - link

SUNDAY LAW - Strict Protestants go to court to have Sunday dance party banned in a Netherlands town - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST IN AMERICA - Christian leader Dutch Sheets says "It's time to shift the courts!" - link

CHURCH AND STATE - Trump meets with inner city pastors - link

SIGNS OF WHAT IS TO COME - Bank of America freezes account of Kansas man who did not confirm citizenship - link

MOTHER OF HARLOTS - The Vatican's response to 1000 children abused by priests in Pennsylvania? 'NO COMMENT'! - link

CATHOLIC CRIMES - Growing Up in Harrisburg, Us Kids Knew Some Priests Were Monsters. So Did the Bishops Who Are Still Pretending Otherwise - link

WAR AGAINST FREE SPEECH AND TRUTH - 43 percent of Republicans say Trump should be able to shut down news outlets - link

ECUMENISM - Young people and Indonesian religious leaders for dialogue: the Rome Declaration is born - link

KING OF THE NORTH - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Path to Islamic Dictatorship - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - The Growing Political Clout of Brazil's Evangelicals - link

U.S. Relations With Turkey Are Not Good at this Time - link

Floods, landslides kill 569 across India during July - link

Over 300 people killed by earthquake in Indonesia - link

PEOPLE RISING - More than half million people march against abortion in Buenos Aires - link

WHEN THEY SAY 'PEACE AND SAFETY' - Trump staffs up Mideast team for peace plan rollout - link

Altering Human Genetics Through Vaccinations - link


July 2018

ADVENTIST LEADERS SOUNDING JUST LIKE THE POPE - Future peace can only be built on respect for human dignity, says Adventist religious freedom advocate - link

PEACE AND SAFETY - Peace agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea hailed by World Council of Churches, UN - link

TRUMP GIVING POWER TO THE CHURCH - Trump picks Jesuit trained Catholic for Supreme judge seat - link

Christian doctor in UK sacked by government for refusing to renounce his Christian belief that gender is determined at birth - link

Japan floods: 141 killed after torrential rain and landslides - link

FALSE REVIVAL COMING - Contemporary Christian artists see 'Third Great Awakening' coming - link

KING OF THE NORTH PROPHECY FULFILLING - Turkey is drifting away from Europe - link

UNITING OF CHURCH AND STATE - Evangelicals stengthen dialogue with the authorities in France - link

KINGS OF THE EARTH AND THE BEAST - Pope Receives President Morales of Bolivia in Vatican - link


June 2018

Police use of biometric technologies in UK 'running ahead of the law' - link

ECUMENISM - Lutheran World Federation and Islamic Relief Worldwide to publish manual on faith-sensitive humanitarian action - link

ECUMENISM - Pope meets with African church leaders, Urges Fostering of Coexistence - link

President Xi says China must lead way in reform of global governance - link

WHEN THEY SHALL SAY PEACE - Trump adviser Kushner says U.S. peace plan near - link

Farmers in America are killing themselves in staggering numbers - link

ECUMENISM - Pope Francis calls for concrete action to promote Christian unity - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - Franklin Graham Praises Pope Francis for his remarks on abortion [WHAT ABOUT THE POPE'S COVERUP OF CATHOLIC CHILD ABUSE MR GRAHAM?] - link

Massive New Database in America to Include Facial Recognition, DNA, Relationships - link

America withdraws from UN human rights council - link

ECUMENISM/BABYLON - World Church leaders gather to celebrate 70 years of World Council of Churches - link

US CHURCH AND STATE - US Attorney General announces the 'Place to Worship Initiative' - link

Escalating trade war between US and China sends shock waves through markets - link

Octopus and Starfish fall from sky during 'crazy' storm in China - link

CLIMATE AGENDA - Berkeley declares 'climate emergency' worse than World War II, demands 'humane' population control - link

ECUMENISM - Papal trip to Geneva marks 'new spring' in ecumenism - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST IN THE US - Religious Right Cheers: 'We Are Transforming The Court System Of This Country' - link

SECOND BEAST OF REVELATION 13 - America's Drive for World Domination - link

CHURCH AND STATE - Mike Pence gives a campaign style address to delegates at Southern Baptist Convention - link

DANIEL 11:45 AND ARMAGEDDON - Hezbollah leader threatens Israel: The day of the great war is coming - link

Cardinal Parolin, Vatican secretary of state, at the elite Bilderberg meeting - link

PEACE AND SAFETY - Jews, Christians Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem Together at Breakfast - link

TURKEY ON THE MOVE? - Turkish PM: Troops 30 km inside Iraq, could move on Kurdish stronghold - link

MOTHER OF HARLOTS - Eight New York Catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children - link

CONDITIONING OF THE MASSES - Council on Foreign Relations Tells Government They "Have To" Use Propaganda on Americans - link

ECUMENISM FOR THE CLIMATE AGENDA - Ecumenical Patriarch opens international ecological symposium in Greece - link

TURNING GOD INTO "NOTHING" - Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church removes 'Father' from their creed concerning God [THE FALSE TRINITY GOD PAVES THE WAY FOR THIS] - link

Italian Catholic Abbot confirms that homosexuality is a 'huge problem' in the church with 'very strong homosexualization' among the leadership - link

Dozens dead as Volcano erupts in Guatemala - link

CHURCH AND STATE LAWS - Vatican 'supports' compulsory crosses in Bavarian public buildings, state's prime minister says - link

MARSHALLING OF THE NATIONS - Israel to join largest international maritime exercise for first time - link

IS THE PROTEST OVER? REALLY? - Pope Francis grants indulgences for Dublin participants - link

CLIMATE/SUNDAY AGENDA - Pope to address world's top oil company executives during Vatican conference - link

CLIMATE/SUNDAY AGENDA - Boston hosting mayors' summit on climate change - link

AMERICA THE EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - Jim Mattis Warns of Consequences If Beijing Keeps Militarizing the South China Sea - link

BIG BROTHER - German court rules that citizens can be spied on 'for security' reasons - link


May 2018

'CO-EXIST' ECUMENISM - The Most Jewish City in New Jersey Has a Muslim Mayor and a Ban on Sunday Shopping - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - PayPal CEO: A Cashless Society Is Possible as Mobile Payments Take Over - link

DAUGHTER OF BABYLON - Transgender people encouraged to become priests in Church of England diversity drive - link

Pope Francis' Documentary is a disturbing film, not solely for its exaltation of Francis and his politics but more so for having been planned from the beginning of his ascent to office. - link

50 people dead in India thunderstorms and lightning strikes - link

River turns 'blood red' in Argentina, reason unknown - link

LET THE KILLING COMMENCE! - Irish abortion referendum: Ireland overturns abortion ban - link

Carla Ortiz Shocking Video From Syria Contradicts Corp. News Coverage - link

Bishop Michael Curry Joins Christian March To White House To 'Reclaim Jesus' - link

DANIEL 11:45 - Muslim Clerics say it's the Muslim world's responsibility to foil all attacks and conspiracies against Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem - link

China's Social Credit System Blocks 11 Million Flights, 4 Million Train Trips - link

AMERICA THE EARTH BEAST AND PREPARATIONS FOR ARMAGEDDON - US Deploying Troops, Military Equipment to Eastern Europe - link

Raging floods devastate Ellicott City, state of ermegency for parts of Maryland - link

ECUMENISM - Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople called on Christians to work together - link

ECUMENISM - Christians and Muslims walking 'shoulder to shoulder,' imam tells Church of Scotland Assembly - link

For the First Time Ever, a Jewish-Christian Party Will Participate in Israel's Election - link

Somalia's strongest cyclone on record has left dozens dead and thousands displaced - link

LYING WONDERS - Visitors travel to Catholic Church in New Mexico to witness 'weeping Mary statue' - link

TROUBLE OF NATIONS - In Brazil, a truckers' strike brings Latin America's largest economy to a halt - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - No amount of alcohol, sausage or bacon is safe according to cancer experts - link

New York Cardinal: Pope's Affirming Comments to Gay Man Were 'Conservative, Traditional, Catholic' - link

ECUMENISM AND WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - Pope to visit World Council of Churches in 'historical milestone' - link

ECUMENISM - Kauai people of various faiths join hands for unity in America - link

MOTHER OF HARLOTS - All 34 Chilean bishops offer their resignation over sexual abuse cover-up - link

EARTH BEAST 'SPEAKING AS A DRAGON' (REV.13) - Donald Trump's threat to Kim Jong-un: make a deal or suffer same fate as Gaddafi - link

23 people dead as Ebola spreads to city in DR Congo - link

KING OF THE NORTH - DANIEL 11:45 - Tensions rising as Turkey and Israel expel each other's envoys - link

EARTH BEAST OF REVELATION 13 - America signs agreement to boost military co-operation with Sweden and Finland [America gaining control of the world ready to enforce the mark] - link

41 Palestinians killed during violence as America opens Embassy in Jerusalem - link

8 killed in church bombings in Indonesia - link

7 killed in mass shooting in Australia - link

REJECTING GOD's PROPHECY - DANIEL 2 - The EU's Backdoor Path to a Unified Superstate - link

ECUMENISM - Ecumenical delegation of world church leaders visits North Korea - link

A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME - Danish citizen is first person convicted under Malaysian 'anti-fake news' law, jailed 1 week, fined RM10,000 - link

COMING BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON - Israel fears 'explosion of violence' as US prepares to open embassy in Jerusalem - link

ECUMENISM - New organization called 'Congress of Christian Leaders' to help bring about 'Christian unity' - link

29 more people killed by lightning in Bangladesh - 112 killed in May alone! - link

PEOPLE RISING - Hundreds of thousands march for life across Latin America - link

At least 32 people killed and thousands of homes destroyed after dam bursts in Kenya - link

KING OF THE NORTH - DANIEL 11 - Turkey says it will retaliate if U.S. halts weapons sales - link

Dust storms kill over 100 in India - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Unprecedented evangelical fraction in Costa Rica parliament - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Islamic World Warms To The Coming Cashless Society - link

SECOND BEAST OF REVELATION 13 - US Demands All Other Nations Bow to Its Will - link

ECUMENISM - Pentecostal leader Billy Wilson hails 'Global Christian Forum' as a platform to come together [ADVENTIST CHURCH IS ALSO A MEMBER] - link

Discovery of Ancient Israelite City Supports Biblical Account of King David - link

SIGNS OF THE END - HUMAN-ANIMAL HYBRIDS - Miniature Human Brains Grown in Mice Skulls - link

Here's One Global Warming Study Nobody Wants You To See - link


April 2018

VACCINE AGENDA - Bill Gates calls on U.S. to lead fight against a pandemic that could kill 33 million - link

BUILDING UP TO BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON - Israel: Iran has Recruited 80,000 Shi'ite Fighters in Syria - link

ANOTHER ADVENTIST HEALTH SYSTEM GONE TO BABYLON! - Adventist Health, St. Joseph Health sign definitive agreement for Northern California joint venture - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY AND DIGITAL ID - The ID2020 Alliance Announces New Partners in Digital Identity Initiative - link

ECUMENISM FOR PEACE! - Pope invites Mideast religious leaders to Italy for peace summit - link

DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Iran's supreme leader called on Muslim nations to unite against the United States - link

FEAR OF WHAT IS TO COME - 18 people shot dead in a church service in Nigeria - link

THE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM TRAP TO UNITE THE CHURCHES - New report paints worrying picture of global religious freedom - link

OH HOW SATAN HAS CAPTURED THE CHURCHES! - San Francisco's Grace Cathedral to host a 'Beyoncé Mass' - link

TOTAL SURVEILLANCE - EarthNow promises real-time views of the whole planet from a new satellite constellation - link

WAR AGAINST BIBLE TRUTH - Global Islam Body Demands Europe Ban Religious Hate Speech [THE POPE WILL BE HAPPY WITH THAT!] - link

Facebook now sending employees into churches to teach how to 'build community' - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Fingerprint And Eye Scans Required For Food And Medicine - link

Humans will be genetically modified for the first time in Europe as scientists get the go-ahead - link

BABYLON - Controversy as German Catholic Church opens Communion to Protestants - link

COMING BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON - Russia sends warships laden with tanks towards Syria as Putin threatens 'chaos' if another attack is launched - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - More restaurants go cashless, accept only cards and other forms of payment - link

AS IN THE DAYS OF LOT - We won in Trinidad. Now it's time to end all homophobic laws in the Commonwealth - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Dozens of Megachurch Pastors Meet With Mike Pence, White House Staff During Retreat - link

Russia's State TV Instructing Russian Citizens To Start Prepping For The Armageddon! - link

Stock markets 'right on the brink' of a crash, financial expert warns [ADVENTIST LEADERS WILL SOON REGRET INVESTING 100's of MILLIONS IN STOCKS RATHER THAN GOD's KINGDOM!] - link

ECUMENISM AND CHURCH-STATE - Adventist Leaders take part in INTER-FAITH roundtable talks with Russian government and other faiths - link

CHURCH AND STATE - French President seeks to 'repair relations' with the Catholic Church - link

Trump signs 'FOSTA' bill targeting online sex trafficking, enables states and victims to pursue websites [WHAT WILL THIS LEAD TO? SHUTTING DOWN TRUTH WEBSITES] - link

Zuckerberg Hearings Could Lead To Government Regulation Of The Internet - link

US, Britain, France launch missiles against Syria - link

DYING PLANET - Major reservoirs are shrinking around the world - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - Ginger May Be Stronger Than Chemo For Fighting Cancer - link

COULD THIS ENABLE TURKEY TO GAIN CONTROL? - Trump instructs military to begin planning for withdrawal from Syria - link


ECUMENISM - Catholic and Muslim leaders UNITE in prayer for 'peace' in Pakistan - link

ECUMENISM - 'HISTORIC', Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants come together on doctrine in Turkey - link

LOVE OF MANY WAX COLD - GET OUT OF CITIES - London Murder Rate Overtakes New York Amid Spike In Stabbings, Shootings - link

LOVE OF MANY WAX COLD - GET OUT OF CITIES - 80 men brawl with machetes on streets of Germany - link

APOSTATE CHRISTIANITY - Chuck Baldwin Says It's A 'Biblical Requirement' For Everyone To Own An Assault Rifle - link

Christians join movement for a decent Slovakia, tens of thousands take to streets in protest - link

THE MARSHALING OF NATIONS AND COMING ARMAGEDDON - Five scenarios if America exits from Syria - link

THE MARSHALING OF NATIONS AND COMING ARMAGEDDON - NATO Braces for Putin's Next Military Move in Eastern Europe - link

Russia to expel 60 US diplomats, close US consulate in St. Petersburg - link


March 2018

PUSH FOR IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Dallas Pastor Jeffress Blames Church-State Separation for School Gun Violence - link

THE PLAN TO PACK PEOPLE INTO CITIES - Empty half the Earth of its humans. It's the only way to save the planet - link

50 Roman Catholics destroy the homes of 3 Seventh-day Adventist families in Mexico for not 'celebrating holy week' - link

ECUMENISM FOR 'PEACE' - A politically diverse group of over 80 prominent evangelical leaders UNITE to pray for 'peace' - link

Malaysia proposes jail for up to 10 years, fines for 'fake news' - [AND WHAT WILL THEY DEEM 'FAKE NEWS'? - THE THREE ANGELS MESSAGES??] - link

DESTROYING THE EARTH - 'Catastrophe' as France's bird population collapses due to pesticides - link

ANOTHER INQUISITION COMING - Vatican Cracks Down on Critics of Pope Francis - link

World sees rapid upsurge in extreme weather: report - link

PLAYING WITH DEMONS - Samsung creates a hypnosis website called 'Unspoil Me' to 'erase a program from your mind' - link

ATTACK AGAINST REAL CHRISTIANS - Scientists Now Resort To Calling Christians Crazy - 'New Study' Attempts to establish a link between religious fundamentalism and brain damage - link

UN's radical agenda pushes sex, LGBT education starting in kindergarten - link

END TIME DECEPTIONS - Virgin Mary 'apparition' attracts hundreds to German town - link

PUSHING FOR SUNDAY LAW - European Sunday Alliance calls on all its supporters to take action against Sunday Work - link

Turkish Newspaper Close To President Erdogan Calls To Form Joint Islamic Army To Fight Israel - link

MARK OF BEAST - PUSHING FOR SUNDAY REST - COMECE holds meeting at the Parliament on the role of common free time for social, religious and civic engagement - link

DYING PLANET - Winter Monarch Butterfly Count Decline an Alarming Sign - link

ECUMENSIM - Saudi Crown Prince 'commits to interfaith tolerance' in meeting with Anglican leader - link

CHURCH AND STATE - Electoral court in Costa Rica condemns evangelicals and Catholics for influencing elections - link

MOTHER OF HARLOTS - Male escort exposes 36 gay priests in file sent to vatican containing explicit whatsapp chats and erotic photos - link

16 Seventh-Day Adventist churchgoers killed by lightning in Rwanda - link

FEAR OF WHAT IS TO COME - A KILLER flu pandemic could be poised to sweep the globe, killing millions - link

SIGNS OF THE TIMES - Giant cracks perforate the region of Cuzco in Peru - link

FALSE REVIVAL COMING - Could Billy Graham's Death Spark the Next Great Revival? - link

ECUMENISM - Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders in Vienna affirm social cohesion - link

FALSE BLESSINGS FROM SATAN - More Than 100 Pastors Boldly Stand With Israel, See "Tangible Blessings" Afterward - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - Cancer survivors treated with chemotherapy age prematurely and die sooner - link

ECUMENISM - Geneva visit a sign of Pope's emphasis on ecumenism - link

WORLD WONDERS AFTER THE BEAST - Versace and Vogue team up with the Vatican to display Papal clothing at New York exhibition - link


February 2018

FALSE REVIVAL COMING TO AMERICA - Dutch Sheets: "A Turnaround Is Coming That Will Save Billions of Souls" - link

APOSTASY - Adventist pastor praying for Christian unity with Roman Catholic and Orthodox leaders in Italy [NOTE: SO, ADVENTISTS WHO EMBRACE THE ONE TRUE GOD OF THE BIBLE GET DISFELLOWSHIPPED, AND YET PASTORS LIKE THIS CAN CONTINUE!] - link

APOSTASY - Adventists and Catholics praying for UNITY in Italy church - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - CHURCH/STATE UNION - In Donald Trump, Evangelicals Have Found Their President - link


WAR AGAINST HEALTH FOOD - Ranchers set to fight back against vegetarian 'fake meat' - link

China is the best implementer of Catholic social doctrine, says Vatican bishop - link

COMING SUNDAY LAW - Keep car sales closed on Sundays - link

DYING PLANET - Some of the World's Biggest Lakes Are Drying Up - link

A CRUMBLING "EMPIRE"? - SDA Atlantic Union College announces it is closing after 140 years of operation - link

SOCIAL GOSPEL? - Ted Wilson meets with Ugandan President and tells church members that 'FAMILY is the cornerstone of society' [I THOUGHT JESUS WAS THE CORNERSTONE??] - link

AMERICA THE EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - The U.S. Military Will Have More Robots Than Humans by 2025 - link

Christians being slaughtered in Nigeria - does nobody care? - link

Sustainable Development: Code For Reorganizing Human Society - link


17 killed in school shooting in Florida - link

SIGNS OF THE TIMES - 18 school shootings in 45 days in America - link

PLAN OF ROME - What's the Fastest-Growing Segment of Christianity in America? IMMIGRATION! - link

ECUMENISM - Pope and Greek Melkite Patriarch celebrate joint Mass in Rome - link

THE CONFUSION IN BABYLON - Episcopal Gender-Neutral References to God Gains Support - link

Huge sinkhole opens up in Rome swallowing cars - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Apple's Tim Cook: I'm hoping that I'm still going to be alive to see the elimination of money - link

Trump administration enforces new identification cards to combat terrorism after 13 year delay - link

Vatican conference UNITES POLICE AND CHURCH in fight against human trafficking - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - Vitamin C deficiency discovered in critically ill patients, researchers reveal - link

CHURCH AND STATE - United Nations and faith groups to execute action plan for religious leaders to prevent incitement to violence - link

THE COMING FALSE REVIVAL - Trump at National Prayer Breakfast: America Needs Faith in God to Be a Great Nation [NOTE: America is the second beast of Revelation 13 and WILL enforce the mark of the beast] - link

8 dead and 3 missing after massive sinkhole opens up on major road in China - link

REMOVE YOUR CHILDREN AND YOURSELF OUT OF THIS CHURCH - Catholic Archbishop says 'I would rather go to prison than report child sex abuse' - link

REMOVE YOUR CHILDREN AND YOURSELF OUT OF THIS CHURCH - Pope Francis also COVERING UP sex abuse in the church - link

A SHIFT TAKING PLACE? - Christian magistrate wins $300,000 for being wrongfully dismissed for not marrying gay couple - link

Millennials ready for biometrics, lax on passwords: IBM study - link

ECUMENISM WITH BABYLON - World Council of Churches encourages churches to work for Interfaith Harmony - link

ANOTHER Amtrak train crash, 2 dead, 116 injured - link

RUMORS OF WAR - Israeli UN Ambassador: There Are 82,000 Iranian-Controlled Fighters in Syria - link


January 2018

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Amazon's automated grocery store of the future opens Monday - link

Ring of fire fury strikes Alaska, Philippines, Japan - link

THE PUSH FOR UNITY - Trump says it will be hard to unify country without a 'major event' - link

'Biblical bombshell' River in Urals turns blood red - link

SUNDAY LAW MARK OF BEAST - New Jersey Mayor says Protecting Sunday Blue Laws "has always been and will continue to be my number one priority" - link

SUNDAY LAW MARK OF BEAST - Poland President SIGNS INTO LAW a Gradual BAN on Sunday Trading - link

Three European Alliances Warn Evangelical-Catholic Unity Is Going Too Far [NOTE: ANY Unity with Babylon is going to far!] - link

GET YOURSELF AND YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF THERE! - ANOTHER Roman Catholic Priest suspected of 'inappropriate' contact with multiple women and girls - link

Amended religion law to ban home group meetings in Kazakhstan - link

GEO-ENGINEERING - USA Today: Creating Clouds To Stop Global Warming Could Wreak Havoc - link

ECUMENISM - Week of Prayer united evangelicals in hundreds of European cities - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - American Airlines is going cash-free at airports - link

ECUMENISM - Pope in Chile: unity is not about being the same, but about reconciling diversity - link

Flu outbreak: 100 people a week dying in US as virus continues to spread - link

ECUMENISM - Methodists and Church of England May End 200-Year Split to 'Sustain Christian Presence' - link

ATTACK ON TRUTH - Germany starts enforcing hate speech law - link

WE NEED THE HEALTH MESSAGE - Think this Flu Season is Bad? It could get a whole lot worse! - link

CHURCH STATE UNION - Evangelicals are transforming politics 'like no other force' - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - China Has Killed Cash With Ubiquitous e-Payment Systems - link

Evangelism could be banned in Bolivia - link

CONTROL OVER OUR LIVES: UN Building Geospatial Data Ecosystem To Achieve 'Sustainable Development' Goals - link

DISEASE SPREADING - Flu is Widespread in 49 US states - link

ROMAN CATHOLIC DECEPTIONS - 1 Dead, 800 Injured as 3.5 Million Catholics Follow Blackened Jesus Statue With "Miraculous Powers" - link

17 people dead and 17 missing after flooding in Santa Barbara, California - link

BY PEACE HE SHALL DESTROY MANY (Dan. 8:25) - Pope says he will bring message of peace and hope to Chile, Peru - link

Russia Plans National Biometric Database Starting Next Year - link

APOSTASY and ECUMENISM - Adventist University Walla Walla, Invites JESUIT PRIEST to Speak at 'CommUnity worship' - link

APOSTASY and ECUMENISM - UK Adventist Church PROMOTING 'True Worship Summit' with worldly gospel singers of Babylon - link

IMAGE OF BEAST IN AMERICA - A Catholic moment in US politics? - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - After Chemo failed, Woman heals blood cancer through health and daily does of Curcumin - link

REJECTING JESUS CHRIST - Pope says devotion to Mary is a must for every Christian - link

Syria 2011 All Over Again? Watch as Kurdish, Islamist Groups Call for a Violent Uprising in Iran - link


Keep Watching and Waiting

'Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. (Matthew 24:42)

'Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.' (1 Thessalonians 5:6)

'But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.' (1 Peter 4:7)

'Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.' (Revelation 3:3)



There are so many things happening in this world today of which we have never seen before. Major events that are taking place more and more frequently and with more intensity. Bible prophecy is fast fulfilling and the final events are right upon us. Our end times news pages show clearly what is taking place and what is soon to come. Jesus is soon to return friends, 'even at the door' - and we need to heed the warning signs and be ready.