NEWS UPDATE - July 2019

7,000 Universities, Colleges and Schools around World Declare 'Climate Emergency'

This climate agenda is now unstoppable - only Jesus will bring it to an end when He returns!

"More than 7,000 colleges, universities, technical schools and community colleges from around the Climate Schools Emergencyworld declared a climate emergency in a joint letter which was set to be delivered to the United Nations on Wednesday. Declaring a climate emergency changes the nature of the urgency in higher education, Sam Barratt, chief of education and youth for U.N. Environment told the Thomson Reuters Foundation ... This isn't a nice to-do, it's a must do, Barratt said." (source)

This climate agenda isn't going away friends! It is building into something bigger than we have ever seen before. The whole world is getting on board with it. But what is the focus? This world and the future of this world. There is nothing about heavenly things. There is no focus on our eternal life with JESUS on the NEW earth. It is all about this life and this world. And yet the churches are all getting on board with it too! And don't be fooled about Trump's position. Yes, he speaks against the Paris accord, but who are the people behind Trump? Roman Catholics and Evangelicals. So what law do you think Trump would go along with to 'help the climate'? Sunday law! Just look at all the headlines we are seeing now regarding this so called climate change 'emergency':

Paris declares 'climate emergency'

US Legislators Introduce Climate Emergency Resolution

700 cities around the world recognize the urgency of the climate crisis

UK Government declares climate change emergency

World's major cities to face 'unknown' climate conditions by 2050

High likelihood of human civilisation coming to end by 2050, report finds

One Climate Crisis Disaster Occurs Every Week, U.N. Official Warns

This train is moving fast. The whole world is getting on board and I don't think anyone will stop it now, apart from JESUS when He returns. This movement is swelling and more and more people are rising up, demanding action, and not only action, but 'RADICAL' action. Look at what David Attenborough said just the other day:

"We cannot be radical enough in dealing with climate change." (source)

And what 'RADICAL' action are some people calling for? The Salvation Army has suggested the 'most radical idea' to help the climate is 'to keep the Sabbath [Sunday]' (source). Author, Economist and Religious Scholar, Dr.David Smadja called for an INTERNATIONAL WEEKLY DAY OF REST to Combat 'climate change' (source). And European Catholic Bishops have committed to securing Sunday as a day of rest in European law (source) - Which means other Catholic leaders around the world will be seeking the same!

So where is this climate change movement all heading? It should be clear. Who is the one person that seems to be quoted all the time regarding 'morals' and 'climate change'? The Pope! Since his climate encyclical back in 2015, the whole world has moved in accordance with his promptings. And what 'radical solution' to this climate 'crisis' does the Vatican want the world to adopt? UNITY and SUNDAY REST LAW!

Think about what happened back in the days of the tower of Babel. What was the 'threat' to humanity then? Well, the great flood had not long happened, wiping out the world's population, apart from Noah and his family. So the 'climate' was the 'great threat' to the world. And what did the people seek to do? Please carefully read the following:

"The unbelieving consulted among themselves, and agreed to separate from the faithful, whose righteous lives were a continual restraint upon their wicked course. They journeyed a distance from them, and selected a large plain wherein to dwell. They built them a city, and then conceived the idea of building a large tower to reach unto the clouds, that they might dwell together in the city and tower, and be no more scattered. They reasoned that they would secure themselves in case of another flood, for they would build their tower to a much greater height than the waters prevailed in the time of the flood, and all the world would honor them, and they would be as gods, and rule over the people. This tower was calculated to exalt its builders, and was designed to turn the attention of others who should live upon the earth from God to join with them in their idolatry." (E.White, The Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 1, p.91)

Please re-read the above quote from Spirit of Prophecy concerning the Tower of Babel, and compare it to what we have going on in the world today! They conceived an idea to 'dwell together' (Ecumenism). They wanted to 'secure themselves in case of another flood' (Climate Change Agenda). They would be 'as gods and rule over the people' (Babylon riding the Beast). The tower was 'designed to turn the attention of the people from God to idol worship' (Sunday Law).

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We are seeing a repeat of the tower of Babel all over again! Instead of looking to God and His truth, man is seeking to 'confederate' together in opposition to God. And just as God put an end to the tower of Babel, He will put an end to this new 'tower' when JESUS CHRIST returns. Please don't be deceived by this agenda. Look to JESUS for salvation, not man.

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