3 John 2 ...'Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.'

We know that good health is part of the 'everlasting gospel' given in the three angels message in Revelation 14. God is seeking to 'seal' His remnant people in their minds and we know that poor health affects the way our minds function. So good health is an important step to have healthy, clear minds, enabling us to discern between truth and error, righteousness and unrighteousness. Unfortunately, many people go straight to drugs to help with an illness, and while drugs 'can' deal with symptoms of an illness, in most cases the drugs do not deal with the root cause of the illness and have many side effects. But praise God that He has given us true medicine to heal all sorts of illnesses, with no side effects - herbs! Below we share many herbal tea recipes to help with various health issues.

Psalm 104:14 ...'He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth.'

INSTRUCTIONS - On each page you will see a list of herb ingredients for the tea and a small description of what each herb does. Most herbs (dried) are available online. Whichever page you choose, try and get hold of as many of the herbs on that page as you can. Even if you can only get 3 or 4 of the herbs, it will still help. Then make a mixture of the herbs in equal parts and store in a jar. Add one teaspoon of the mixture into a cup. Add hot water and let it sit for 15-20 minutes (for herbs with hard roots or barks, let sit for 30-40 minutes). Strain and then drink the water. Do this 2 times a day. NOTE: Taking this on an empty stomach is best. Please make note of the answered questions at bottom of page.

ANEMIA Herbal Tea Ingredients

ARTHRITIS Herbal Tea Ingredients

ASTHMA Herbal Tea Ingredients

BLOOD AND LYMPH DETOX Herbal Tea Ingredients

BLOOD PRESSURE Herbal Tea Ingredients

CIRCULATION SUPPORT Herbal Tea Ingredients

COLD AND FLU Herbal Tea Ingredients

CONCEPTION Herbal Tea Ingredients

CONSTIPATION Herbal Tea Ingredients

DIABETES Herbal Tea Ingredients


ENERGY BOOST Herbal Tea Ingredients

EYE SIGHT RESTORER Herbal Tea Ingredients

FIBROID Herbal Tea Ingredients

HEART STRENGTHEN Herbal Tea Ingredients

HORMONE BALANCING Herbal Tea Ingredients

IMMUNE BOOST Herbal Tea Ingredients


MENOPAUSAL Herbal Tea Ingredients

PAIN RELIEF Herbal Tea Ingredients

PARASITE AND WORM Herbal Tea Ingredients

PERIOD PAIN Herbal Tea Ingredients

PROSTATE Herbal Tea Ingredients

SINUS CONGESTION Herbal Tea Ingredients

SLEEP AID Herbal Tea Ingredients

SLIMMING AID Herbal Tea Ingredients

STRESS RELIEF Herbal Tea Ingredients

THYROID Herbal Tea Ingredients


How long do I need to take the herbal tea for? - It's up to you. You can either take them until your illness is gone, or continue to take them at a smaller dose. Herbs must be taken over a period of weeks or even months, depending on the condition being treated in order to produce a lasting effect. In general, the longer the disease has been present in the body, the longer it will take the herbs to have a noticeable effect. There have been many, many people who have become better by taking these herbal remedies, which the Creator has made for the service of man.

Do I need to do anything else while taking the herbs, to help ease my health problems? - Yes you do. Although herbs are strong and good, unless you start eating good nutritious foods, stop doing the things which harm your body, start to exercise, drink lots of water, breath in fresh air, get some sunshine, take plenty of rest and trust in the loving Creator, taking herbs alone will not cure every ailment. You MUST start to change your lifestyle habits.

Can I take your herbs while on medication? - Yes you can. However, it would be wise to first consult with your Doctor or Pharmacist to see if the herbs that you will be taking will interact with the medications which you are currently using. In general herbs are safe to take, even while on medications.

Can children take these herbs? - Yes they can. However the dosage must be adjusted downward to half a teaspoon.

For further study regarding the health message, please see our page - HEALTH MESSAGE REFORM