Whenever we challenge the mainstream teaching on some doctrine, we always tend to get a number of people staying .. "Well, this has been the belief of the majority for centuries, so it must be right. I'm not going to go along with just a few who believe differently. It's the majority that have the truth".

So I thought I would take a look in the Bible and see if this statement is correct or not, and what did I find? The Bible shows us the complete opposite! Take a look:

MAJORITY OR FEW? In the days of Noah, who had the truth? The majority or the few? It was the few, as only 8 people were saved from the flood.

Now think about this carefully. The days of Noah were not that far from creation, so there must have been MANY people who 'believed' in God. There are various thoughts on how many people were living in the time of Noah. Some say millions, some say even billions. And yet ONLY 8 people had the truth and were saved!

MAJORITY OR FEW? When Elijah was on the mount with 450 'prophets' of Baal, who had the truth? The majority? No, only ONE PERSON had the truth amongst 450!

Again, we have ONE prophet of God amongst 450 so called prophets of Baal on the mount. Now what do you think the prophets of Baal were thinking at that time? Could it be suggested that they maybe thought .. "There are 450 of us and only one of you! We must be right!"?? But as we know, Elijah proved them to be wrong, as the Lord was AGAIN, on the side of the 'few'.

MAJORITY OR FEW? When the king of Babylon issued a decree for all to bow to the golden image, and Daniel's three friends refused. Who was in the right? The majority who did bow down and conform to the state, or the few who didn't? The few were right!

MAJORITY OR FEW? When the command was given during the reign of king Darius to not pray to God for thirty days, were the majority who went along with that decree in the right, or the few? Yet again, the few, when one man Daniel continued to do what was right and prayed to God.

MAJORITY OR FEW? During the days of Jeremiah the prophet of God. Did the majority have the truth or the few? The few!

God was giving a very important warning message to His professed people during the days of Jeremiah, and yet NO ONE listened! The few (Jeremiah ALONE) had the truth, and yet the majority went about their ways thinking that because they were the majority, they were right and had the truth. I mean, who would listen to just one man right? How could just one man have the truth!? And yet, this is how it was.

MAJORITY OR FEW? During the time of Jesus Christ, who had the truth? The majority or the few? Yes, you guessed it, the few!

We all know how the majority of people in Jesus' time rejected the truth, THINKING THAT THEY HAD THE TRUTH. And a 'little company' of God's people went around the then world declaring the truths of God and Christ Jesus.

MAJORITY OR FEW? During the dark ages, when the Roman Catholic Church reigned the world. Who had the truth? The majority within the 'visible church', or the few scattered around the world, reading and following the scriptures? Yes, the few!

During this awful time of Papal supremacy between 538AD and 1798, the 'few' had the truth of God's Word. But Satan, through the Roman Catholic beast persecuted and killed millions of true Bible believers in a bid to stamp out the truth and the light that God was shining through His 'little group' of scattered people.

So let me ask you. Who do you think has the truth? The majority or the few? And before you answer, take a look at what Jesus said Himself ... Matthew 7:13-14 ...'Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and MANY there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and FEW there be that find it.'

Friends, the truth has always been with the few right throughout history, because the majority ALWAYS take the 'broad way that leads to destruction.' And the same applies today. God has a few people with the truth, and WE are giving the warning message to the world just like Elijah and Jeremiah and the followers of Jesus Christ. So with this in mind, please have another look at the following:

The majority believe that the 4th commandment has either been abolished or changed. But we few believe the truth that the 4th commandment of God still stands AS IS today. See THE TRUTH ABOUT THE SABBATH.

The majority believe that when we die, we have an immortal soul that lives on. But we few believe the Bible truth that when we die we return to the dust UNTIL the resurrection. See WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE.

The majority believe that the lost will burn in hell fire for all eternity. But we few believe the Bible truth that the lost will 'burn up' in the lake of fire and cease to exist. See THE TRUTH ABOUT HELL.

Please seek the truth and live by it, whether the majority follow it or not. God wants us to have a love for the truth, as the truth will 'set us free', and will guard us against the deceptions of Satan (2 Thessalonians 2:11).