Mass Animal Deaths - Worldwide Deaths for 2011


Below is a list of mass animal deaths for 2011, and also the tail end of 2010. Is this a sign of the end times? Yes, but it is only one of the many last day signs. The other signs you will find throughout this website.

Mass Animal Deaths

Hosea 4:3 ...'Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.'

List of Mass Animal Deaths 2011

NOTE: During 2011 - Record number (160) of Whales beached in Ireland. LinkWhales Beach Ireland

27th December 2011 - "Red Tide" killing fish in Florida. Link

27th December 2011 - Huge amounts of fish dying in Bavla Pond in India. Link

25th December 2011 - 50 Birds found dead on Road and more falling out of sky in Montgomery County USA. Link

20th December 2011 - 400 Birds found dead in Davis County in USA. Link

20th December 2011 - 17,000 Chickens killed due to H5N1 virus in Hong Kong. Link

20th December 2011 - Mass death of Herring on the beaches in West Iceland. Link

20th December 2011 - Dozens (Possibly Hundreds) of Crows found dead in New Mexico USA. Link

19th December 2011 - 25 Ponies Found dead New South Wales in Australia. Link

18th December 2011 - Massive Fish Death in Australia. Link

17th December 2011 - 4,000 Crows have died during past 3 months in India. Link

NOTE: During 2011 - 600,000 Cows have died in Texas. Link

15th December 2011 - Thousands of Birds die from "crash landing" in Utah. Link

15th December 2011 - 1000 Chickens die in Nepal. Link

12th December 2011 - 300 Crows dead in India. Link

10th December 2011 - 10 Whales wash up dead on beaches in Corfu, Greece. Link

9th December 2011 - 300 Seals found dead on beach in Cape Town in South Africa. Link

6th December 2011 - 75 Seal Pups dead in England. Link

5th December 2011 - 30 TONNES of Fish found dead in India. Link

3rd December 2011 - Thousands of Fish found dead in a lake in Germany. Link

NOTE: During 2011 - 1.7 MILLION Cattle have died in Mexico. Link

NOTE: During November 2011 - Over 125 Whales Died in various countries ... USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Guyana, China, Chile, India, Germany, Ghana.

30th November 2011 - 100 birds (starlings) found dead on a highway in North Carolina. Link

30th November 2011 - Up to 1000 Crows dead in India. Link

28th November 2011 - Large number of fish, frogs and snakes found dead in India. Link

27th November 2011 - Five Dolphins wash up dead in Mississippi. Link

27th November 2011 - 1000 Fish found dead at Beachmere in Australia. Link

26th November 2011 - Massive Fish Kill at Estero Bay in Florida. Link

23rd November 2011 - 77 Elephants found dead during past 3 months in Zimbabwe. Link

17th November 2011 - Fish Kill affecting two miles of a creek in Western Iowa in America. Link

17th November 2011 - **UPDATE** A total of 91 Whales dead during the past week in Australia and New Zealand. Link

16th November 2011 - 65 Pilot Whales die in New Zealand. Link

14th November 2011 - Thousands of Fish dead in River in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park in China. Link

13th November 2011 - 22 Sperm Whales Died on Beach in Australia. Link

12th November 2011 - Large number of dead fish wash ashore along Hamriya Port in Dubai. Link

11th November 2011 - Massive Fish Kill in Lake Poway in California. Link

8th November 2011 - Hundreds of Fish found dead in Changbanggang River in China. Link

5th November 2011 - Unusual number of Birds and Fish found dead in Guyana. Link

4th November 2011 - Thousands of tiny sea creatures litter a beach at Lyall Bay in New Zealand. Link

2nd November 2011 - MILLIONS of fish killed by "Red Tide" along Texas coast in America. Link

NOTE: During October 2011 - Over 30 Whales Died in various countries ... USA, Australia, England, Alaska, South Africa, New Zealand.

31st October 2011 - 500 Songbirds dead in West Virginia in America. Link

31st October 2011 - 3000 Fish found dead in River Crane in London, England. Link

31st October 2011 - Oyster Die-off in Pensacola in America. Link

29th October 2011 - Thousands of Fish found dead at sea in India. Link

28th October 2011 - 3 more Dolphins found dead in Mississippi. (14 Dead this month). Link

25th October 2011 - 300 Fish dead in Port of Portland in Canada. Link

NOTE: Since March last year, 580 bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales have died and washed ashore in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. Link

24th October 2011 - Thousands of dead fish in Little Wabash River in Illinois. Link Animal Deaths

22nd October 2011 - Thousands of Dead Birds wash ashore on Georgian Bay in Canada. Link

NOTE: So far this year, nearly 1000 Sea Turtles have died in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Link

21st October 2011 - Hundreds (Maybe Thousands) of dead fish along Briar Creek in Georgia. Link

13th October 2011 - 15 Horses died at Kooralbyn in Queensland in Australia. Link

8th October 2011 - Thousands of dead fish in West Lake in Vietnam. Link

4th October 2011 - Over 100 Harbor Seals found dead on beaches in New England. Link

3rd October 2011 - 17 Dead Dolphins found in Ujung Kulon in Java. Link

NOTE: During September 2011 - Over 18 Whales Died in various countries ... USA, Australia, Philappines, England, S.Africa, Canary Islands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Greece and Indonesia.

30th September 2011 - Millions of Bees mysteriously dying in Florida. Link

27th September 2011 - 10 TONS of Fish dead in Butre Lagoon in Ghana. Link

22nd September 2011 - Hundreds of Giant Squid Washing Ashore Dead on Orange County Beaches in America. Link

20th September 2011 - Thousands of white bass turn up dead in Arkansas River in America. Link

17th September 2011 - Up to 400 Squid wash up dead on Blacks Beach in San Diego.

6th September 2011 - About 10 MILLION fish dead in fish farms along the Minjiang River in China. Link

3rd September 2011 - Black Dolphins washing up dead in Bulgaria. Link

NOTE: During August 2011 - Over 25 Whales Died in various countries ... USA, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Philappines, England, Sri Lanka, S.Africa, Brazil, Vietnam, Spain and Holland.

24th August 2011 - Farmland Bird Numbers Drop by up to 90 Percent, in Europe. Link

22nd August 2011 - Hundreds of Salmon and Trout found dead in Bandon River, in Ireland. Link

19th August 2011 - Dead Dolphins and Seals found on Oxnard Beach, in California. Link

19th August 2011 - Massive Fish Death in Fuhe River, in East China. Link

14th August 2011 - Hundreds of Fish and Turtles dead in Pearl River, Louisiana. Link

1st August 2011 - Hundreds of Fish dead in Rio Grande River, New Mexico. Link

1st August 2011 - Thousands of Fish die in Lake that turned blood red, in Texas. Link

26th July 2011 - Mass Die-off of Chickens and Ducks, in Marshall Islands. Link

23rd July 2011 - 15 Whales Die in Scotland. Link

22nd July 2011 - Mass of dead fish found in Haihe River in North China. LinkDead Fish End Times

22nd July 2011 - Fish washing up dead on shores of North Falmouth, USA. Link

22nd July 2011 - Sea Turtles keep turning up sick and dying off Queensland coast in Australia.

21st July 2011 - Lake full of dead fish in Louisiana. Link

19th July 2011 - 1000 fish found dead in Cape York River, Australia. Link

15th July 2011 - Hundreds of Thousands of Prions (Birds) found dead in New Zealand. Link

14th July 2011 - Large Quantities of large and small fish continue to wash up dead in Oklahoma. Link

9th July 2011 - Two 1000-pound Whales found dead on beaches in Indian River County, US.

1st July 2011 - Dozens of Turtles wash up on beaches in Northern Queensland, Australia. Link

29th June 2011 - Hundreds of fish turn up dead in South Georgia.

28th June 2011 - 30 Dolphins wash up dead in the LowCountry, USA.

17th June 2011 - About 750 fish found dead in River Des Peres in Missouri.

5th June 2011 - Thousands of Earthworms dead on sidewalks in Ohio.

4th June 2011 - 800 Tons of fish dead in a lake near the Taal Volcano in the Philippines.

13th May 2011 - Dozens of Sharks washing up dead in California.

13th May 2011 - Thousands of fish wash up dead on shores of Lake Erie in Ohio.

6th May 2011 - Record number of wildlife die-offs in The Rockies during the winter.

1st May 2011 - Two giant Whales wash ashore and die on Waiinu Beach in New Zealand.

22nd April 2011 - Leopard Sharks dying in San Francisco Bay.

20th April 2011 - 6 Tons of dead Sardines found in Ventura Harbour in Southern California.

20th April 2011 - Hundreds of Dead Abalone and a Marlin wash up dead on Melkbos Beach near Cape Town.

18th April 2011 - Hundreds of dead fish found in Ventura Harbour in Southern California.

29th March 2011 - Over 1300 ducks die in Houston Minnesota.Animal Deaths End Time

28th March 2011 - Sei Whale washes up dead on beach in Virginia.

26th March 2011 - Hundreds of fish dead in Gulf Shores.

8th March 2011 - Millions of dead fish in King Harbor Marina in California.

3rd March 2011 - 80 baby Dolphins now dead in Gulf Region.

25th February 2011 - Avian Flu - Hundreds of Chickens die suddenly in North Sumatra Indonesia.

23rd February 2011 - 28 baby Dolphins wash up dead in Alabama and Mississippi.

21st February 2011 - Big Freeze kills hundreds of thousands of fish along coast in Texas.

21st February 2011 - Bird Flu? 16 Swans die over 6 weeks in Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK.

20th February 2011 - Over 100 whales dead in Mason Bay, New Zealand.

20th February 2011 - 120 Cows found dead in Banting, Malaysia.

19th February 2011 - Many Blackbirds found dead in Ukraine.

16th February 2011 - 5 Million dead fish in Mara River, Kenya.

16th February 2011 - Thousands of fish and several dozen ducks dead in Ontario, Canada.

16th February 2011 - Mass fish death in Black Sea Region in Turkey.

11th February 2011 - 20,000 Bees died suddenly in a biodiversity exhibit in Ontario, Canada.

11th February 2011 - Hundreds of dead birds found in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

9th February 2011 - Thousands of dead fish wash ashore in Florida.

8th February 2011 - Hundreds of Sparrows fall dead in Rotorua, New Zealand.

5th February 2011 - 14 Whales die after being beached in New Zealand.

4th February 2011 - Thousands of various fish float dead in Amazon River and in Florida.

2nd February 2011 - Hundreds of Pigeons dying in Geneva, Switzerland.

31st January 2011 - Hundreds of thousands of Horse Mussell Shells wash up dead on beaches in Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

27th January 2011 - 200 Pelicans wash up dead on Topsail Beach in North Carolina.

27th January 2011 - 2000 Fish dead in Bogota, Columbia.Dead Fish End Times

23rd January 2011 - Hundreds of dead fish in Dublin, Ireland.

22nd January 2011 - Thousands of dead Herring wash ashore in Vancouver Island, Canada.

21st January 2011 - Thousands of fish dead in Detroit River, Michigan.

20th January 2011 - 55 dead Buffalo in Cayuga County, New York.

18th January 2011 - Thousands of Octopus was up in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.

17th January 2011 - 10,000 Buffalos and Cows died in Vietnam.

17th January 2011 - Hundreds of dead seals washing up on shore in Labrador, Canada.

15th January 2011 - 200 dead Cows found in Portage County, Wisconsin.

14th January 2011 - Massive fish death in Baku, Azerbaijan.

14th January 2011 - 300 Blackbirds found dead on highway I-65 south of Athens in Alabama.

7th January 2011 - 8,000 Turtle Doves reign down dead in Faenza, Italy.

6th January 2011 - Hundreds of dead Grackles, Sparrows & Pigeons were found dead in Upshur County, Texas.

5th January 2011 - Hundreds of Dead Snapper with no eyes washed up on Coromandel beaches in New Zealand.

5th January 2011 - 40,000+ crabs wash up dead in Kent, England.

4th January 2011 - 100 Tons of Sardines, Croaker & Catfish wash up dead on the Parana region shores in Brazil.

4th January 2011 - 3,000+ dead Blackbirds found in Louisville, Kentucky.

4th January 2011 - 500 Dead Red-winged blackbirds & Starlings in Louisiana.

4th January 2011 - Thousands of dead fish consisting of Mullet, Ladyfish, Catfish & Snook in Volusia County, Florida.

3rd January 2011 - 2,000,000 (2 Million) Dead fish consisting of Menhayden, spots & Croakers wash up in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland & Virginia.

1st January 2011 - 200,000+ Dead fish wash up on the shores of Arkansas River, Arkansas.

1st January 2011 - 5,000+ Red-winged blackbirds & Starlings fall out of the sky dead in Beebe, Arkansas.

20th December 2010 (est. date) - Thousands of Crows, Pigeons, Wattles & Honeyeaters fell out of the sky in Esperance, Western Australia.

2nd November 2010 - Thousands of sea birds found dead in Tasmania, Australia.

These mass animal deaths are a sure sign of the end times.

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