Russia's New 'Religious Law'


As many Christians have learned this past week, Russia introduced a new law stating that Christians were not allowed to 'evangelize' outside of the church buildings. But who exactly is this law intended for? Well, according to the following news article, the Catholic Church will not be affected by this new law.

"The laws fall under the umbrella of new anti-terrorism legislation, and prohibit sharing faith in private homes, online, or anywhere but recognized church buildings. A missionary Catholic priest serving in Russia, who asked to be kept anonymous to protect his identity and his parish, told CNA that he expects the laws will have a much bigger impact on small groups of Evangelicals than they will on the Catholic Church in Russia ... These new laws seem to be intended to target these newer, less established groups who are unregistered and may meet in private residences, he added ... The restrictions will also restrict groups considered 'extremist'" (source)

So clearly, this new law in Russia is to specifically target God's 'little flock' of saints who stand upon the Word of God, rather than bow to the dictates of the Papal beast and world governments. And notice how this law is tied to terrorism? Satan has purposely stirred up terrorism around the world in the 'name of religion' for this specific purpose - to force everyone who professes any religion, to register with the government and adhere to their rules concering faith, and to stop us from sharing the true Jesus Christ, the three angels messages and the truth about the antichrist beast - the Papal Church of Rome, and Satan's end time plans.

Both Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill have met with Pope Francis recently. So the three of them know exactly what is going on!

Terrorists are not the threat to the Papacy or Satan, neither is Islam a threat to the Papacy or Satan. The real threat to the Papal Church and Satan's kingdom is that little flock of true believers who share the three angel's messages to the world. Those of us who submit to the dictates of God, rather than the dictates of the world leaders.

Expect to see this kind of law rolled out around the world one day soon, forcing the world to worship the Papal beast of Rome in fulfillment of Revelation 13!

The majority of churches in the world are already registered with the governments, so that they can get their 'tax exempt' status. But this will come at a cost, of which they will learn very soon. They will learn that they will have to submit to the rules of government in order to continue, and how many churches will risk losing the extra money and benefits? Not many! As the majority of churches are both fast asleep spiritually and already in bed with the Roman Catholic Church (Babylon). Therefore, those who will be persecuted by this law will be God's true people who refuse to unite with the government and Rome.

So be it! As God's remnant, we know what is coming, so this kind of thing is to be expected. Yes, Satan is tightening the screw down on God's little flock. But fear not brothers and sisters, as we serve a mighty God! ... Deuteronomy 31:6 ...'Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.'

But please, make sure you are ready, by surrendering daily to Jesus Christ, and have the faith of Jesus in your life!