NEWS UPDATE - 8th February 2020

The final movements will be rapid ones, and we can see all around us signs of the soon return of Christ. One of those signs is the call for a weekly day of rest to be implemented by law to help combat so called climate change and destruction of this earth. A Jewish scholar has recently got in on the act:

"WHY THE CLIMATE CHANGE MOVEMENT NEEDS THE SABBATH - We humans face a set of dire ecological crises ... Given their continued widespread influence, biblical religion and its offshoots offer one particularly compelling and promising solution: Shabbat, the Sabbath day of rest. A weekly ritual, both symbolic and with real-world impacts, widespread observance of Shabbat done right could reduce environmental harm by about one-seventh in much of the world and provide a platform for ongoing meditating on our environmental sins and their consequences ... Imagine if most of the world's monotheists, those who come from traditions that profess to observe a weekly Sabbath, along with anyone else who cared to, chose for one day out of seven to essentially eliminate their own harm to the environment on a consistent basis ... Observing a truly full weekly Shabbat, 'doing nothing,' as it were, offers an effective action that one can take now to help heal our environment ... I have initiated a campaign to inspire a mass movement of more maximal Sabbath-keeping among monotheists-and all others who are interested: the Green Sabbath Project ... I am calling for flexible but maximal observance of a weekly day of rest, whether it is Saturday, Sunday, or Friday for different people or in different places." (source)

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Back in 2015 when the Pope released his climate encyclical, we said straight away that this was going to be linked to the Sunday rest law. As we said at the time, what better way to help the planet, than to shut down one day a week? This climate change movement is a perfect way to bring about the Sunday law and dupe the world into thinking they are doing a good thing. Let's remind ourselves of others who have been calling for the same thing over the years:

2020 - Malaysian minister says Sunday should be made a 'family rest day' (source)

2018 - Author, Economist and Religious Scholar calls for an INTERNATIONAL WEEKLY DAY OF REST to Combat 'climate change' (source)

2018 - European Catholic Bishops are committed to securing Sunday as a day of rest in European law (source)

2018 - Forget Earth Hour! What Earth Needs Is A Planetary Holiday (source)

2017 - Salvation Army suggests the 'most radical idea' to help the climate is 'to keep the Sabbath [Sunday]' (source)

These are just a selection of the calls from around the world to bring about some kind of 'weekly sabbath rest' law. But with the Roman Catholic Church involved and infiltrated into just about every institution, church or religion of the world, what day do you think they will be pushing for? SUNDAY! The culture and thinking of people is being changed to support the Vatican's plans for the world. We reported a while ago how the club of Rome came up with the idea of using climate change to be a 'common enemy' that the world could unite against. And now people and leaders all over the world are embracing this climate agenda, fearing the world is going to end if they don't act now. Well, for starters, the world IS going to end soon, but not due to 'climate change.' It is going to end because God is going to bring an end to it in His final judgment upon this sin filled world.

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But what about those, like the Jews or Seventh-day Adventists, who keep the 7th day (Saturday) as the Sabbath? Well, maybe they will be allowed to keep the 7th day Sabbath, as long as they also honour Sunday as a 'rest day.' And that will be like honouring God AND Satan at the same time! The final test is coming friends, and we must have on the WHOLE armor of God to be ready. Let us stand firm upon the truth that is in Jesus Christ, no matter what!

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