NEWS UPDATE - September 2019


"A secretive group has been grooming young, Christian men for leadership positions in American politics for decades, all the while ingratiating itself with presidents and congressmembers of both parties - and sidling up to some dictators around the world. Dartmouth associate professor Jeff Sharlet has been studying and writing about this group, known as 'The Family,' for years. 'The Family is the oldest and arguably most influential, and strangely most secretive, Christian conservative organization in Washington,' Sharlet told VPR last week." (source)

We have shared numerous news articles over the years, showing the plan by influential Christian leaders to bring about Christian rule in America. And although this group "the Family" are a secretive group, working behind the scenes, their plans are no secret to God's remnant church, because we have eyes to see what God has prophesied to happen in the end times. The rule that they are working for will be Roman Catholic in nature, causing America and the world to submit to the dogmas of the Roman Church, especially the Sunday rest law. That great whore of Revelation 17 - the "mother of harlots", will use her 'harlot daughter' churches - the apostate Protestant leaders and churches of America to accomplish this, just as prophecy said!

God's remnant people have been proclaiming for many years that a church-state union was coming in America, with the apostate Christian leaders directing the affairs of the state. God's remnant have been sounding the warning of Revelation 13 for many years, whereby America, the second beast would form an 'image' to the first beast - the Papal Church of Rome. And what is the Papacy? A Church-state union, with apostate Christian leaders directing the state.

See our page - THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST - for a study on this.

Now did you notice what it said in the news article above? It said this powerful Christian 'family' has been influencing BOTH sides of congress. IT'S A BIG GAME being played out, with Satan leading the way, and the majority of people are sucked right into this big game being played, voting and supporting one side or the other, thinking they are voting for the 'right team' or the 'right man', when BOTH parties are being 'played' and CONTROLLED by the powerful people behind the scenes.

Just look at the 'Al Smith' dinner that takes place during each Presidential campaign as an example. Here you have both candidates for both parties, Republican and Democratic, making their speeches, being wined and dined, and who is the major controlling influence in this? The Roman Catholic Church!

"When the United States rules the world, the Catholic church will rule the world." (Archbishop E. Quigley, Chicago Daily Tribune, May 5th, 1903)

Just a couple of months ago, Rick Wiles, an American 'End Time' broadcaster, said .. "We Are Going to Impose Christian Rule in this Country." (source). And this is the plan, just as God told us through Revelation 13, with the image of the beast. But the 'Christian rule' they are going to impose and the 'Jesus' they are going to proclaim, will NOT be true Christianity of the Bible and NOT the true Jesus Christ. Instead, it will be another form of Catholicism pushed onto the masses through the apostate Protestant churches and leaders.

Over the past couple of years, with Trump being President, we have seen a great surge in Evangelical leaders gaining control over government, and that separating line between church and state has been been broken down more and more. But what will it mean if Trump loses the next election? Nothing! Because as you can see in the news article above, this powerful 'family' of Christians are working both sides! Not only that, God has spoken and told us that this image of the beast WILL be set up in America and WILL force the world to take the mark of the beast. The signs show us that this is going to happen soon. So are you ready? Is your life surrendered to Jesus, so that He can change you, give you victory over sin and make you ready for the time of trouble coming and for heaven? Let us no longer delay in giving our lives to the Lord. Time is running out!