A Warning Message

Please carefully read the following short message and heed the warning. Read it a few times, and compare this message with your own life. Time is short friends. We must get ready!

1 Samuel 2:3 ...'The Lord is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed.'

I have seen an angel standing with scales in his hands weighing the thoughts and interest of the [professed] people of God. In one scale were the thoughts and interest focused heavenward; in the other were the thoughts and interest focused on earth. And in this scale were thrown all the watching of television and going to movies. Playing computer games and reading of novels. Thoughts of dress, vanity and pride, etc. Oh, what a solemn moment! The angels of God standing with scales, weighing the thoughts of His professed children - those who claim to be dead to the world and alive to Jesus Christ. The scale filled with thoughts of earth, entertainment, vanity, and pride quickly and heavily went down. The one with the thoughts and interest tending to heaven went quickly up and oh, how light it was! I can relate to what I saw; but never can I give the solemn and vivid impression stamped upon my mind, as I saw the angel with the scales weighing the thoughts and interest of the people of God.

... Said the angel: 'Can such enter heaven? No, no, never! Tell them the hope they now possess is vain, and unless they speedily repent, and obtain salvation, they must perish!'

I saw that many compare their lives with the lives of others. This should not be done. No one but Christ is given as an example for us to compare with and follow. He is our true pattern, and each should strive to excel in imitating Him.

I saw that some hardly know as yet what self denial or sacrifice is, or what it is to suffer for the truth's sake. But none will enter heaven without making a sacrifice. A spirit of self denial and sacrifice should be cherished (Matthew 16:24). Some have not sacrificed themselves, their own bodies, on the altar of God. They indulge in hasty, fitful temper, gratify their appetites, and attend to their own self-interest, regardless of the cause of God. Those who are willing to make any sacrifice for eternal life, will have it; and it will be worth suffering for, worth crucifying self for, and sacrificing every idol for.

The far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory swallows up everything and eclipses every earthly pleasure.

Friend, please take a look at your life and be honest with yourself and your God. Are you truly living the faith you proclaim? Time is running out. The preparation for heaven must be made now before the door of mercy is forever closed!

This message was adapted from 'Weighing Time' (Maranatha, p.42) by E.White.