The Day of the Lord's return is approaching - Will you help us sound the warning?

"The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few."

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Hi friends, it's Mark. I have been running this ministry for over 12 years, and as many people know, I have self supported it all the way. The Lord has reached many thousands of people all around the world through this ministry, and I am humbled that God has been able to use myself for this precious work. But as I see the day of our Lord's return approaching, I have reduced my paid working hours, in order to be able to put more time and even more effort into this ministry to reach more people with the precious truths of God's Word. So I am looking for any support that you are willing to give to this ministry.

I have laboured hard over the past 12 years, sacrificing time and money, using every spare moment for the Lord's work and I will continue to labour hard for the Lord until He returns. Will you join me in making a sacrifice for the kingdom?

You can use my GoFundMe or my PayPal support options to give. (NOTE: I'm only using Paypal as another option because many people have been unable to donate via GoFundMe).

I have an excel spreadsheet with all recorded finances for anyone to see. Please email if you would like a copy.

THIS MINISTRY: - If you support this ministry, you will be helping me to do more work through my websites, which are now reaching thousands of people every single day. Also, I am helping to set up a city outreach ministry here in the UK, through literature evangelism. So if you donate to this ministry, you will be helping to further the work through my websites and also help the city outreach ministry.

Update on Kenya Mission - It is with great sadness that I report the death of brother James who ran the Kenya mission, due to a traffic accident. He has left behind a wife and two young children. Please pray for them. James was my only contact in this mission, so no more money will be sent to this mission. But we will still be supporting the Jamaica mission below.

KENYA MISSION: - I also have a mission in Kenya where I have produced, printed and distributed, through a brother in the Lord there, thousands of 3 angels messages booklets and tracts around Kenya in both the English and Swahili languages during the past 4 years. These booklets and tracts are reaching both the churched and unchurched people.

I have also financed (with help from brothers and sisters) the building of a small sanitarium, which our brother in Kenya uses to help people with health problems, giving them the gospel message at the same time. The building is also being used every Sabbath as a church for the local and surrounding communities. Currently, there are around 15-20 people attending each Sabbath, with more people coming to this church to hear the truth of the three angels messages.

For those who have followed the progress of this building, you can see from the latest picture on this page that we have come a long way. But there is still more to do to get the sanitarium/church fully completed and we also want to be able to increase the printing of the booklets and tracts so that Kenya will be covered with the truth of God's Word.

UPDATE: I visited this mission myself in 2018 to see the work being done, and I can assure you that the Lord's work is going forward through this mission! Praise God!

JAMAICA MISSION: - I am now also supporting a mission in Jamaica through brother Garry and his wife. They are full-time Medical Missionaries, working full-time in this work since 2014. They have helped many people all over the world with various health complaints, ranging from mild to very serious cases like cancer.

They have shared the Gospel of Health around the World and by the Lord's providence are now in Jamaica. Here the Lord has helped them to establish a Herbal Health Store & Health Restaurant, right in the heart of Port Antonio Town centre, in the lovely parish of Portland. Just to state, that they run the Herbal Health Store & Restaurant as a MINISTRY and NOT A BUSINESS and the Lord has blessed them for this accordingly.

Because of word-of-mouth testimonies of how they have helped people with their various health problems in Jamaica and around the World, there is a desperate need now to finish the sanitarium which they started to build in 2018, as there are many people who would like Garry and his wife to help them with their health issues.

Just to state that Garry and his wife DO NOT charge for their services, because the majority of people in Jamaica have not really the means to pay for all their health care needs. All that Garry and his wife ask them to do is to pay for the expenses associated for their treatments.

Garry and his wife are currently trying to build and finish off a much needed sanitarium in Jamaica and would really like you to partner with them to get this done. Jamaica and the World needs a home-like sanitarium, where God's love and the gospel message can really be exemplified.

Please, if you are able, consider supporting this ministry and/or our Kenya and Jamaica missions and help us to further spread the everlasting gospel throughout the world to reach many more people for God's kingdom. And let me assure you that I make no money from this ministry whatsoever. All money donated goes towards the ministry and missions. Thank you and may God bless you.


You can use our GoFundMe or our PayPal support options to give to either choice.