The "Anonymous" Jesuit Deception

I'm sure you will be aware of this new movement that is gaining ground today. A movement that Occupy Protestis rising up against "tyranny", with more and more people (including Christians) joining the ranks all the time. We've seen the "occupy protests" and the mysterious group known as "anonymous" who seem to be able to hack into just about any website around the world and take it down. Something that got our attention though is the mask that these occupy protesters and the anonymous group uses. They use the mask from the film "V for Vendetta".

The V for Vendetta film is based upon the Guy Fawkes gunpowder plot and in a way is a CELEBRATION of Guy Fawkes, making him out to be a hero. A "new Guy Fawkes" rises up against the government in V for Vendetta, in a bid to bring "power to the people".

So the mask is a Guy Fawkes mask!

Now something that the vast majority of people are unaware of is the TRUE reason behind the gunpowder plot. The gunpowder plot of 1605 led by Guy Fawkes was a Jesuit plan to not only destroy the Protestant government of England, but to kill King James I. Why? Well, the Jesuits are hell bent on bringing global supremacy for the Roman Catholic Church, and wherever Protestants stand in the way, the Jesuits have no problem with destroying any Protestants in order to further the Roman Catholic (Babylon's) cause. But why specifically King James I? Well, what great thing did God do through King James? He inspired the King James Bible, which was first published in 1611.

So the gunpowder plot was used by Satan to not only destroy the Protestant government and overthrow it with Roman Catholics. The aim also was to try and stop the King James Bible which was to be put together a few years later. By doing this, Satan could stop the masses from getting hold of an inspired English translation of the Word of God, which would enable the Catholic Church to keep the people locked under her false doctrines and traditions.

But they were fighting against God, and therefore the plot was doomed from the start! Praise God!

We are now seeing this V for Vendetta (Guy Fawkes) mask appear all over the place. Not only are we seeing protesters wearing the mask at occupy rallies, we are seeing the mask appear on websites that are supposedly standing up against and exposing the New World Order. So it is a sign of "revolution", and there are revolutions rising up all over the world today. But these revolutions have been instigated by the Jesuits in order to deceive the masses into bringing in a "new world order" - the VERY THING that many of them are supposed to be fighting against! Talk about master deception!

The world is nearly ripe for Satan's final deception!.

There are different groups of people around the world basically aiming for the same goal. Whether it be Christians who are getting involved in politics to cause a change, or those who protest against "the new world order", or those who protest against the banks. They are all heading for the same deception! And will end up being deceived into accepting the very thing they are protesting against - a "world authority" that dictates the laws. Satan will dress this world authority with a cloak of "righteousness" in order to deceive the people into supporting it. But behind the "righteous garb" will be a power controlled by Satan himself. In a nutshell, as Bible prophecy confirms, the world nations will give their power to the Roman Catholic Church (Babylon), with the pope (the man of sin) as the leader.

Even the "new age movement" is jumping in on this 'Global Awakening' bandwagon. There are so V for Vendettamany different groups now around the world who are looking for the same thing - To bring "peace and harmony" to the world through a "new order". The Roman Catholic Jesuits have used revolutions and wars in the past to push their own agendas. And they will continue to use wars and revolutions to bring about their end time goal - unity and the enforcement of the mark of the beast!

So what is the basic message behind all of this?

It doesn't matter what route these different groups take. As long as they are all ultimately seeking the same goal (world peace, harmony and prosperity), Satan will be able to deceive them and bring them together in unity. And with all the troubles in the world today, the people will be ready to accept THE SOLUTION to all the world's problems. Sprinkle a few "signs and wonders" into the pot and anyone who is not rooted in the truth and upon the Rock Christ Jesus, will be easy pickings for Satan.

There will be many truths proclaimed in these movements: the corruption, the materialism, the decay of community and family, and even many Bible truths mixed in. This is how Satan works now. He mixes truth with his lies in order to lull the unsuspecting mind into joining with him. And this is what we are seeing with the various global movements today. But as we know, a glass with 95% pure water and just 5% poison is still DEADLY!

Anyone who unites with or supports any of these movements will in fact be supporting the enemy!

The Roman Catholic Church seeks to unify the world and Bible prophecy confirms that the world John Paul for Unitywill give their power and authority over to the Roman Catholic beast. And for that to happen, Satan needs the world to be a place of chaos, which we see today. So that he can deceive the masses into coming together in unity. Then the "SOLUTION" can be given to bring peace to the world. Problem is, that "solution" will end up being the mark of the beast!

2 Thessalonians 2:11 ...'And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.'

Mark 13:22 ...'For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.'

Friend, are you rooted on the Bible truth? Are you living your life according to the truth? Is Christ Jesus the Master in your life? The deceptions are getting greater and the time of the end is here. Please continue to seek the truth and live according to it and place your feet firmly upon the Rock, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, so that you will be safe through the coming storm.

John 18:36 ...'Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world.'