NEWS UPDATE - 27th July 2022

Russia has gained control of most of Ukraine's Black Sea coast, and as of today is now bombing Odesa and Mykolaiv, to gain control of Ukraine's last coastal areas of the Black Sea:

"Russia has targeted Ukraine's Black Sea regions of Odesa and Mykolaiv with air strikes, hitting private buildings and port infrastructure along the country's southern coast, the Ukrainian military said." (source)

You can see from THIS IMAGE that Russia has already gained most of the Ukrainian Black Sea coast and will gain complete control of the coastal region if successful in Odesa and Mykolaiv. What many people don't know about is an age old ambition of the Russian Empire regarding the Black Sea and Constantinople in Turkey. Take a look at the following quotes from 1916 and 1917:

"Bay Herald, January 9, 1917 - Why Russia wants Constantinople - Not for trading purposes, not for territorial expansion, not to command the road from East to the West, but principally to realise a national ambition that is centuries old. The first reason is that it is the key of the Black Sea ... Secondly, we want Constantinople as a compensation for our territorial loses ... The third and the last and chief reason .. is that Constantinople is the cradle of our religion ... when she was still Byzantium ... The liberation of Constantinople will crown the secular efforts of Russia, and it will bring them to the cradle of their faith." (source)

"House of Commons, UK, May 30, 1916 - Mr OUTHWAITE asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether his attention has been called to an interview in England with Professor Paul Miliukoff, leader of the Constitutional Democrats in the Russian Duma, in which he stated our supreme aim in this War is to get possession of Constantinople, which must belong to Russia entirely and without reserve; and can he say whether this statement represents the views of the Russian Government as regards its supreme aim in the War?" (source)

The will of Peter the Great, the Russian emperor until 1725 also reportedly contains the request for future Russian leaders to gain control over the Black Sea and Constantinople. So we can see deeper into the current war in Ukraine and why Nato continues to expand it's borders towards Russia. This all involves that 'Eastern Question' which will ultimately end in the expulsion of Turkey (king of the north) from Nato and European support, where he will then go for Jerusalem and 'plant the tabernacle of his palace in between the seas and the glorious holy mountain' (Daniel 11:45).

Turkey has had a very troubled relationship with Nato in recent times, threating to block any entrance into Nato for Sweden and Finland (see here), with calls growing about a possible divorce between Turkey and Nato (see here). This would mean Turkey would lose it's protection from Nato and open up the way for Russia to realise her long desired goal regarding Constantinople and force Turkey to set up her capitol in Jerusalem, which is also a long desired goal for Turkey. But as we know from Daniel 11:45, none will come to the aid of Turkey and the king of the north will come to his end after going for Jerusalem.

Friends, the expulsion of Turkey from Nato and Europe and her march towards Jerusalem is a signpost that God has given us in Daniel 11:45 so that we may know that the close of probation and end of all things is at hand. The Eastern Question is still very much alive and nearing it's pinnacle, whereby the nations will gather for that final showdown called Armageddon. All signs are tending towards that event. The question is, are we ready? Have we the righteous clothing of Jesus Christ? Daniel 12:1 tells us that at the time Turkey goes for Jerusalem, probation will be about to close. Let us keep watch and be ready!

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