NEWS UPDATE - 9th July 2020

The news coming out of India is very interesting. Three states in India, that we know of, have enforced a lockdown every Sunday for a month, due to the COVID-19 virus. And this is a very strict lockdown on Sundays, with penalties for those breaking the Sunday curfew.

"Karnataka imposes complete lockdown every Sunday till August - Amid a surge of Covid-19 cases, Karnataka Government has decided to impose complete lockdown every Sunday in the state till August 2." (source)

SEE ALSO: "Karnataka Police want Sunday lockdown to be people's initiative." (source) - INTERESTING!

"Madhya Pradesh to enforce Sunday lockdown as COVID-19 cases surge - With COVID-19 cases showing a considerable spike in the first eight days of July, the Madhya Pradesh government has decided to impose total lockdown every Sunday across the state with immediate effect." (source)

"Intense Lockdown In Tamil Nadu On Sunday To Curb Spread Of COVID-19 - The state government had earlier announced that on all the four Sundays in July, intense lockdown will be in force across Tamil Nadu and only health care services, including pharmacies and hospitals, will be functional." (source)

Now remember that this is a place where the vast majority of people are Hindu. And yet do you see how the Vatican is still able to bring Sunday to the forefront as a day of rest and lockdown? Yes, it is only for a month, but it is preparing the people to accept a permanent Sunday rest law. And with a possible 'second wave' or more coming and with the push regarding climate change, the call for a permanent weekly lockdown will grow more and more. Look at what a French archbishop called for recently:

"French archbishop calls for monthly 'lockdown Sunday' - French bishops conference head Archbishop Eric de Moulins-Beaufort has said the recent pandemic shutdown had shown both the planet and its people needed 'a real day of Sunday rest' and suggested France designate one Sunday a month as a locked-down day." (source)

Do you think it will stop with a 'monthly Sunday lockdown'? No. It will only keep growing as more problems arise in the world, until we have an enforced WEEKLY Sunday rest lockdown, just as God's remnant church have been preaching for hundreds of years, in fulfillment of Bible prophecy!

Friends, if you know the truth about the mark of the beast and the comming Sunday rest law, then I urge you to BE READY in Christ, by surrendering your all to Jesus today and every day. Time is getting VERY short. Please see our page SEEK THE LORD TODAY - PROBATION IS ABOUT TO CLOSE. If you don't know the truth about the mark of the beast and Sunday, then I urge you to seek the truth regarding this important end time prophecy. You can start by reading our page THE MARK OF THE BEAST IS ALL TO DO WITH WORSHIP.