NEWS UPDATE - 17th August 2021

While the Covid [engineered] "crisis" brought about unparalleled control over the world and rapidly moved us towards a digital, cashless society, the climate change agenda is going to finish the job in bringing about the prophesied mark of the beast. Look at what the UK government chief scientific adviser said just the other day:

"Nothing short of transforming society will avert catastrophe - The climate crisis is as much a rural problem as an urban one. It is both economic and human, domestic and international. This means transformation is required at every level of society: individuals, employers, institutions and international partners will need to work together to understand the trade-offs, agree compromises and seize opportunities." (source)

How many people does the above include? Everyone!

The climate agenda is all part of the 2030 agenda to gain control of every aspect of our lives and "leave no one behind." The goal? To 'cause all to worship the beast' and to 'cause all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.' (Revelation 13). The Pope and Papal Church of Rome, that very 'beast' whom the world is going to be caused to worship is behind all of this. The Papal Church tried during the dark ages to 'transform society' and in more recent times through the likes of Hitler, by simply using brute force. But the time wasn't right and God stepped in. Now the Vatican is using a different tactic. She is using 'science', 'media' and 'sorcery' to manipulate the world into bowing to her dictates.

This 'transforming society' quoted by the UK chief scientific adviser is none other than the call from Pope Francis being echoed by the world. Just the other day the Vatican reported how trade unions and Christian businesspeople are uniting to embrace Pope Francis' call for a "revolutionary transformation" of society for the 'common good' of all (source). So the world is doing the bidding of the Pope and the Vatican, just as Bible prophecy said it would - "and all the world wondered after the beast." (Revelation 13:3).

If we thought the Covid [engineered] "crisis" was bad, wait till they really ramp up the climate "crisis." I came across a news article today which gave an interesting 'insight' into how we are going to see a pivot from Covid to climate change over the next year, with the enforcements used during Covid being carried over into the climate change agenda:

"There is a great turn coming, a change in the terms of political debate, a period of hinge. We are swinging from the many months of coronavirus obsession into an autumn which will be dominated, rightly, by the climate emergency. But much of what we have learned from Covid-19 - about the state, authority, journalism and civil society - is directly applicable to what's coming next." (source)

What did we learn about the 'state, authority, journalism and civil society' from Covid? We learned that the state took our freedom away. That only one narrative was allowed - fake science. And that by and large, society bowed to the false narrative to keep their livelihood. And all of these are "applicable to what's coming" - the climate change agenda of the Vatican.

And what is the goal of the Vatican with climate change and the 'common good' of all? To have her Sunday rest law enforced, which will be the mark of the beast.

"In respecting RELIGIOUS LIBERTY and the COMMON GOOD OF ALL, Christians should seek recognition of SUNDAYS and the Church's holy days as LEGAL HOLIDAYS." (Catholic Catechism, #2188 - source)

In Sept. 2020 the Pope made the call to "Let the planet rest" (source). And this is the aim of the Vatican through the climate change agenda. To have her Sunday rest law enforced around the world. Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us a weekly Sabbath day of rest on the 7th day of the week (our Saturday). A day by which we acknowledge our Creator and Redeemer and give allegiance to Jehovah. The Sabbath is a 'sign' between God and His people forever (Exodus 31:17). But Satan wanted allegiance to himself instead of God, so he brought in a counterfeit day of rest (SUNday), a day that honors creation rather than the CREATOR. And Satan is using the Roman Catholic Church to deceive the world into honoring his day (SUNday) over God's 7th day Sabbath.

Friend, the mark of the beast deception is all about worship. It is not a physical mark or microchip like so many people believe. That is a false teaching to distract you from the truth. No, the mark is all to do with worship, faith and allegiance to the commandments of God, which the three angels message of Revelation 14 confirm. And Satan is deceiving the world to follow and obey the commandments of men, over the commandments of Jehovah.

This world has already seen great transformation over the past year. But even greater transformation is coming to set the world up to receive the mark of the beast - the mark of Papal Rome. Great deceptions have already taken place. But even greater deceptions are coming, which is why it is so important to seek the TRUTH that is in Jesus Christ. He is the only one we can trust in this world. And He is the only one who can see us through the coming time of trouble. So let us surrender our all to Jesus. Let us cultivate a faith in Christ that will stand through the coming temptation. He WILL take care of us if we are faithful.

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