NEWS UPDATE - 14th September 2020

While COVID-19 has dominated the news for months, the Vatican's climate change bandwagon still roles on! In the United Kingdom, over 700 churches have united to push the Pope's climate encyclical for the next year in an initiative called 'Climate Sunday':

"Climate Sunday launches across Britain and Ireland! - Marking the start of the annual season of Creationtide, the Climate Sunday initiative begins this weekend with local churches across Britain and Ireland holding climate-focused services to explore the theological and scientific basis of creation care and of action on climate, to pray and to commit to action. With the climate crisis accelerating and greater public support for a green recovery post COVID-19, there has never been a more crucial time for UK churches to come together to pray and act on the climate crisis. Over 700 churches registered before the year-long initiative has begun, so the organisers are hoping that there will be thousands of local Climate Sundays, with congregations from every denomination and tradition ... We will also present the UK government with the combined commitments and calls, which all local churches have made, to show our political leaders that they have our support for acting boldly." (source)

This is all part of the Pope's 'Season of Creation' initiative which is being celebrated each year, and according to this news article, this Climate Sunday initiative "was marked by the first time in churches ecumenically across the UK and Ireland." So the various churches and denominations are coming together in unity to follow, not Jesus Christ, BUT THE POPE! Did you notice what the services are going to be focused on? Jesus Christ? The signs of His soon return? Righteousness by faith? No! The churches, as the article above confirms, will be holding 'climate focused services.' So all about this earth! But take a look at what else the article said:

"We will also present the UK government with the combined commitments and calls, which all local churches have made, to show our political leaders that they have our support for acting boldly."

Friends, what we are seeing here is the prophesied coming together of the churches of Babylon and them uniting with the state to cause the world to bow to the dictates of the Pope and Roman Catholic Church. What does the Roman Catholic Church want enforced around the world? ... "In respecting religious liberty and the common good of all, Christians should seek recognition of Sundays and the Church's holy days as legal holidays" (Catechism of Catholic Church, 2188). She wants her SUNday rest enforced around the world, as a 'mark' of her authority over the world, in opposition to the Sabbath rest of our God Jehovah, which is the 7th day of the week (Saturday). But by what means is Rome going to cause the world to bow to her Sunday rest law? She is going to use her 'daughters' - the apostate Protestant and Evangelical churches, uniting with the state, just as the above news article confirms.

Revelation 13:14-15 ...'And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.'

The image of the beast mentioned in Revelation 13 is an image of the Papal Church of Rome - a church-state alliance, with the churches directing the state and causing the world to bow to the dictates of the Pope and Papal Church. And what does this church-state 'image' do? It 'speaks' and 'causes' the world, on behalf of the Pope and Papal Church, to bow to her authority and laws. And while Revelation 13 confirms that America (the second beast) is foremost in giving power to the image of the beast, the image is being set up around the world right now.

Did you notice also in the article above that this Climate Sunday was marked ecumenically for the first time across the churches? And what is the cornerstone of the ecumenical movement? The shared belief in the trinity god of Rome.

Friends, the mark of the beast deception is all to do with worship and who we give our allegiance to. Our God Jehovah set aside one specific day at creation to be the weekly Sabbath day of rest, which He later confirmed in the 10 commandments. That day is the 7th day of the week - our Saturday. God also confirmed that we are to have 'no other gods before ME', according to the 1st commandment. But Satan seeks to turn the world away from our heavenly Father and through the Roman Catholic Church and apostate Protestant/Evangelical churches uniting with the state, Satan is going to enforce laws contrary to Jehovah's commandments. So I urge you to seek the truth that is found in Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. The churches are not the way to the Father, Christ and His truth is the ONLY way to the Father. Great deceptions are coming from the various churches and judgment is coming down upon them. Which is why God is calling His people OUT of them (Revelation 18:4).

Please heed the warning and seek the truth about God's TRUE 7th day Sabbath and the mark of the beast deception. Please see our following pages for study on these topics.