NEWS UPDATE - 19th July 2021

We reported on this 'Council for Inclusive Capitalism' a while back, but some all important details were not known then. This new alliance between the world's major companies and the Vatican isn't just some economic 'partnership', the Vatican is actually guiding this council and these companies:

"The Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican, a historic new partnership between some of the world's largest investment and business leaders and the Vatican ... Under the moral guidance of His Holiness Pope Francis and His Eminence Cardinal Peter Turkson ... at the Vatican, and inspired by the moral imperative of all faiths, the Council invites companies of all sizes to harness the potential of the private sector to build a fairer, more inclusive, and sustainable economic foundation for the world." (source)

If you have been keeping up with what is going on, you will have seen the Pope meeting with leaders of all the major companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc., over the past couple of years. And now we have this 'Council' being formed by none other than the Rothschilds, who are one of, if not the most wealthy and influential family in the world:

"Capitalism has created enormous global prosperity, but it has also left too many people behind, led to degradation of our planet, and is not widely trusted in society, said Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Founder of the Council and Managing Partner of Inclusive Capital Partners." (source)

Financial giants like Visa, Mastercard, Bank of America and The Rockefeller Foundation are part of this council. But the important point in all of this is that these major world's financial institutions and companies are being guided by the Vatican! Why? Why is the financial world looking to the Vatican for guidance? Friends, this is where a right understanding of Revelation is needed, because without a proper understanding of Revelation 13, you will not know what is going to take place. And without a right understanding of what is going to take place, you may end up being deceived by Satan's final plan. We are told in Revelation 13 that a mark is going to be enforced and those without the mark, or the name or number of the beast will not be able to do what?

Revelation 13:17 ...'And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.'

What do they mean by the term 'inclusive economy'? They simply mean - do as we tell you or you won't be able to buy or sell!

If you take a look at our WHO IS THE 7 HEADED BEAST OF REVELATION, you will see that this beast whose mark is going to be enforced is none other than the Papal Church of Rome, based at the Vatican. So can you see why the world's financial institutions are not only 'partnering' with the Vatican, but are being guided by it. The world has become such a chaotic place, with so much trouble, that the leaders are looking more to 'religion' to find a 'fix' for the world's troubles. Problem is, it is not the religion of Jesus Christ they are turning to. It is man made religion. And it will be the fallen churches of Babylon, headed by the Roman Catholic Church who will provide the 'fix' for the world's woes. Which is why Revelation 17 shows a harlot woman riding a beast - apostate church controlling the state!

This is all part of Satan's plan to get the world to bow to the dictates of the Pope and Papal Church, and they are using what seems on the surface to be 'goodness' and 'morality' by pushing an 'inclusive' economy which reaches also the poor. But let's face it, if the Roman Catholic Church really cared for the underprivileged, she wouldn't be hoarding her billions in money and possessions. And if the big businesses of the world really cared, they would stop all the slave trade in making their products. No. This is all about control and the enforcement of the mark of the beast. The 2030 agenda is all part of this also. To gain control of the world and 'leave no one behind' - ALL to receive the mark of Rome to be able to continue buying and selling.

The Vatican is pushing the climate change agenda for her Sunday law (her "fix" to all the problems) to be enforced around the world. And she is gaining control of the world's economy, so that no one will be able to buy or sell unless they bow to her dictates.

But there is another 'beast' power in Revelation 13. The second beast which rises out of the earth. And it is this beast power which 'causes the world' to receive the Vatican's mark. As Daniel 7:23 confirms, a beast in prophecy is a 'kingdom' or nation. Now which one nation on earth is able to cause the rest of the world to take the Vatican's mark? Which one nation has the economic, military and 'religious' power to 'persuade' the world? America! And if you see our page AMERICA IN PROPHECY, you will see that the second beast power which causes the world to bow to the dictates of the Roman Catholic Church is America. And the fallen Protestant churches who have now united with Rome will be foremost in pushing for this. Which is why God is calling HIS PEOPLE to COME OUT of Babylon (the fallen churches), so they don't receive of her plagues and be lost! (Revelation 18:4).

Great deceptions are upon us friends. The final events are soon to take place, with the mark of the beast deception being Satan's final scheme to turn the world and the churches away from Jesus Christ and His truth. So it is vital that we gain a true understanding of end time prophecy in order for us to be prepared in Jesus Christ. We are sanctified by the truth (John 17:17). Error and deception NEVER sanctifies a person, only truth. So let us seek the truth with all our heart, as the "truth shall set us free" (John 8:32).

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