'Other' End Times News

Other news for 2018 which we believe relate to the end times and Bible prophecy. Revelation is fast fulfilling and we are nearing the final conflict. Our news pages are not here to excite people, but rather to show you the time we are living in. To help you see that we need to be ready for the last days, the time of touble and the second coming of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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REMEMBER: The world will 'wonder' after it's own and 'love' it's own. But the world will hate the true people of God, because the world hates Jesus Christ ... John 15:19 ...'If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.'

WARNING: The world is now saying that 'climate change' is a 'moral crisis' (source). And what will be needed to deal with a 'moral crisis'? A 'moral law' to be enforced. And that will be the coming Sunday law - the mark of the Papal beast of Rome!

April 2018

OH HOW SATAN HAS CAPTURED THE CHURCHES! - San Francisco's Grace Cathedral to host a 'Beyoncé Mass' - link

TOTAL SURVEILLANCE - EarthNow promises real-time views of the whole planet from a new satellite constellation - link

WAR AGAINST BIBLE TRUTH - Global Islam Body Demands Europe Ban Religious Hate Speech [THE POPE WILL BE HAPPY WITH THAT!] - link

Facebook now sending employees into churches to teach how to 'build community' - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Fingerprint And Eye Scans Required For Food And Medicine - link

Humans will be genetically modified for the first time in Europe as scientists get the go-ahead - link

BABYLON - Controversy as German Catholic Church opens Communion to Protestants - link

COMING BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON - Russia sends warships laden with tanks towards Syria as Putin threatens 'chaos' if another attack is launched - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - More restaurants go cashless, accept only cards and other forms of payment - link

AS IN THE DAYS OF LOT - We won in Trinidad. Now it's time to end all homophobic laws in the Commonwealth - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Dozens of Megachurch Pastors Meet With Mike Pence, White House Staff During Retreat - link

Russia's State TV Instructing Russian Citizens To Start Prepping For The Armageddon! - link

Stock markets 'right on the brink' of a crash, financial expert warns [ADVENTIST LEADERS WILL SOON REGRET INVESTING 100's of MILLIONS IN STOCKS RATHER THAN GOD's KINGDOM!] - link

ECUMENISM AND CHURCH-STATE - Adventist Leaders take part in INTER-FAITH roundtable talks with Russian government and other faiths - link

CHURCH AND STATE - French President seeks to 'repair relations' with the Catholic Church - link

Trump signs 'FOSTA' bill targeting online sex trafficking, enables states and victims to pursue websites [WHAT WILL THIS LEAD TO? SHUTTING DOWN TRUTH WEBSITES] - link

Zuckerberg Hearings Could Lead To Government Regulation Of The Internet - link

US, Britain, France launch missiles against Syria - link

DYING PLANET - Major reservoirs are shrinking around the world - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - Ginger May Be Stronger Than Chemo For Fighting Cancer - link

COULD THIS ENABLE TURKEY TO GAIN CONTROL? - Trump instructs military to begin planning for withdrawal from Syria - link


ECUMENISM - Catholic and Muslim leaders UNITE in prayer for 'peace' in Pakistan - link

ECUMENISM - 'HISTORIC', Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants come together on doctrine in Turkey - link

LOVE OF MANY WAX COLD - GET OUT OF CITIES - London Murder Rate Overtakes New York Amid Spike In Stabbings, Shootings - link

LOVE OF MANY WAX COLD - GET OUT OF CITIES - 80 men brawl with machetes on streets of Germany - link

APOSTATE CHRISTIANITY - Chuck Baldwin Says It's A 'Biblical Requirement' For Everyone To Own An Assault Rifle - link

Christians join movement for a decent Slovakia, tens of thousands take to streets in protest - link

THE MARSHALING OF NATIONS AND COMING ARMAGEDDON - Five scenarios if America exits from Syria - link

THE MARSHALING OF NATIONS AND COMING ARMAGEDDON - NATO Braces for Putin's Next Military Move in Eastern Europe - link

Russia to expel 60 US diplomats, close US consulate in St. Petersburg - link


March 2018

PUSH FOR IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Dallas Pastor Jeffress Blames Church-State Separation for School Gun Violence - link

THE PLAN TO PACK PEOPLE INTO CITIES - Empty half the Earth of its humans. It's the only way to save the planet - link

50 Roman Catholics destroy the homes of 3 Seventh-day Adventist families in Mexico for not 'celebrating holy week' - link

ECUMENISM FOR 'PEACE' - A politically diverse group of over 80 prominent evangelical leaders UNITE to pray for 'peace' - link

Malaysia proposes jail for up to 10 years, fines for 'fake news' - [AND WHAT WILL THEY DEEM 'FAKE NEWS'? - THE THREE ANGELS MESSAGES??] - link

DESTROYING THE EARTH - 'Catastrophe' as France's bird population collapses due to pesticides - link

ANOTHER INQUISITION COMING - Vatican Cracks Down on Critics of Pope Francis - link

World sees rapid upsurge in extreme weather: report - link

PLAYING WITH DEMONS - Samsung creates a hypnosis website called 'Unspoil Me' to 'erase a program from your mind' - link

ATTACK AGAINST REAL CHRISTIANS - Scientists Now Resort To Calling Christians Crazy - 'New Study' Attempts to establish a link between religious fundamentalism and brain damage - link

UN's radical agenda pushes sex, LGBT education starting in kindergarten - link

END TIME DECEPTIONS - Virgin Mary 'apparition' attracts hundreds to German town - link

PUSHING FOR SUNDAY LAW - European Sunday Alliance calls on all its supporters to take action against Sunday Work - link

Turkish Newspaper Close To President Erdogan Calls To Form Joint Islamic Army To Fight Israel - link

MARK OF BEAST - PUSHING FOR SUNDAY REST - COMECE holds meeting at the Parliament on the role of common free time for social, religious and civic engagement - link

DYING PLANET - Winter Monarch Butterfly Count Decline an Alarming Sign - link

ECUMENSIM - Saudi Crown Prince 'commits to interfaith tolerance' in meeting with Anglican leader - link

CHURCH AND STATE - Electoral court in Costa Rica condemns evangelicals and Catholics for influencing elections - link

MOTHER OF HARLOTS - Male escort exposes 36 gay priests in file sent to vatican containing explicit whatsapp chats and erotic photos - link

16 Seventh-Day Adventist churchgoers killed by lightning in Rwanda - link

FEAR OF WHAT IS TO COME - A KILLER flu pandemic could be poised to sweep the globe, killing millions - link

SIGNS OF THE TIMES - Giant cracks perforate the region of Cuzco in Peru - link

FALSE REVIVAL COMING - Could Billy Graham's Death Spark the Next Great Revival? - link

ECUMENISM - Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders in Vienna affirm social cohesion - link

FALSE BLESSINGS FROM SATAN - More Than 100 Pastors Boldly Stand With Israel, See "Tangible Blessings" Afterward - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - Cancer survivors treated with chemotherapy age prematurely and die sooner - link

ECUMENISM - Geneva visit a sign of Pope's emphasis on ecumenism - link

WORLD WONDERS AFTER THE BEAST - Versace and Vogue team up with the Vatican to display Papal clothing at New York exhibition - link


February 2018

FALSE REVIVAL COMING TO AMERICA - Dutch Sheets: "A Turnaround Is Coming That Will Save Billions of Souls" - link

APOSTASY - Adventist pastor praying for Christian unity with Roman Catholic and Orthodox leaders in Italy [NOTE: SO, ADVENTISTS WHO EMBRACE THE ONE TRUE GOD OF THE BIBLE GET DISFELLOWSHIPPED, AND YET PASTORS LIKE THIS CAN CONTINUE!] - link

APOSTASY - Adventists and Catholics praying for UNITY in Italy church - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - CHURCH/STATE UNION - In Donald Trump, Evangelicals Have Found Their President - link


WAR AGAINST HEALTH FOOD - Ranchers set to fight back against vegetarian 'fake meat' - link

China is the best implementer of Catholic social doctrine, says Vatican bishop - link

COMING SUNDAY LAW - Keep car sales closed on Sundays - link

DYING PLANET - Some of the World's Biggest Lakes Are Drying Up - link

A CRUMBLING "EMPIRE"? - SDA Atlantic Union College announces it is closing after 140 years of operation - link

SOCIAL GOSPEL? - Ted Wilson meets with Ugandan President and tells church members that 'FAMILY is the cornerstone of society' [I THOUGHT JESUS WAS THE CORNERSTONE??] - link

AMERICA THE EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - The U.S. Military Will Have More Robots Than Humans by 2025 - link

Christians being slaughtered in Nigeria - does nobody care? - link

Sustainable Development: Code For Reorganizing Human Society - link


17 killed in school shooting in Florida - link

SIGNS OF THE TIMES - 18 school shootings in 45 days in America - link

PLAN OF ROME - What's the Fastest-Growing Segment of Christianity in America? IMMIGRATION! - link

ECUMENISM - Pope and Greek Melkite Patriarch celebrate joint Mass in Rome - link

THE CONFUSION IN BABYLON - Episcopal Gender-Neutral References to God Gains Support - link

Huge sinkhole opens up in Rome swallowing cars - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Apple's Tim Cook: I'm hoping that I'm still going to be alive to see the elimination of money - link

Trump administration enforces new identification cards to combat terrorism after 13 year delay - link

Vatican conference UNITES POLICE AND CHURCH in fight against human trafficking - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - Vitamin C deficiency discovered in critically ill patients, researchers reveal - link

CHURCH AND STATE - United Nations and faith groups to execute action plan for religious leaders to prevent incitement to violence - link

THE COMING FALSE REVIVAL - Trump at National Prayer Breakfast: America Needs Faith in God to Be a Great Nation [NOTE: America is the second beast of Revelation 13 and WILL enforce the mark of the beast] - link

8 dead and 3 missing after massive sinkhole opens up on major road in China - link

REMOVE YOUR CHILDREN AND YOURSELF OUT OF THIS CHURCH - Catholic Archbishop says 'I would rather go to prison than report child sex abuse' - link

REMOVE YOUR CHILDREN AND YOURSELF OUT OF THIS CHURCH - Pope Francis also COVERING UP sex abuse in the church - link

A SHIFT TAKING PLACE? - Christian magistrate wins $300,000 for being wrongfully dismissed for not marrying gay couple - link

Millennials ready for biometrics, lax on passwords: IBM study - link

ECUMENISM WITH BABYLON - World Council of Churches encourages churches to work for Interfaith Harmony - link

ANOTHER Amtrak train crash, 2 dead, 116 injured - link

RUMORS OF WAR - Israeli UN Ambassador: There Are 82,000 Iranian-Controlled Fighters in Syria - link


January 2018

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Amazon's automated grocery store of the future opens Monday - link

Ring of fire fury strikes Alaska, Philippines, Japan - link

THE PUSH FOR UNITY - Trump says it will be hard to unify country without a 'major event' - link

'Biblical bombshell' River in Urals turns blood red - link

SUNDAY LAW MARK OF BEAST - New Jersey Mayor says Protecting Sunday Blue Laws "has always been and will continue to be my number one priority" - link

SUNDAY LAW MARK OF BEAST - Poland President SIGNS INTO LAW a Gradual BAN on Sunday Trading - link

Three European Alliances Warn Evangelical-Catholic Unity Is Going Too Far [NOTE: ANY Unity with Babylon is going to far!] - link

GET YOURSELF AND YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF THERE! - ANOTHER Roman Catholic Priest suspected of 'inappropriate' contact with multiple women and girls - link

Amended religion law to ban home group meetings in Kazakhstan - link

GEO-ENGINEERING - USA Today: Creating Clouds To Stop Global Warming Could Wreak Havoc - link

ECUMENISM - Week of Prayer united evangelicals in hundreds of European cities - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - American Airlines is going cash-free at airports - link

ECUMENISM - Pope in Chile: unity is not about being the same, but about reconciling diversity - link

Flu outbreak: 100 people a week dying in US as virus continues to spread - link

ECUMENISM - Methodists and Church of England May End 200-Year Split to 'Sustain Christian Presence' - link

ATTACK ON TRUTH - Germany starts enforcing hate speech law - link

WE NEED THE HEALTH MESSAGE - Think this Flu Season is Bad? It could get a whole lot worse! - link

CHURCH STATE UNION - Evangelicals are transforming politics 'like no other force' - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - China Has Killed Cash With Ubiquitous e-Payment Systems - link

Evangelism could be banned in Bolivia - link

CONTROL OVER OUR LIVES: UN Building Geospatial Data Ecosystem To Achieve 'Sustainable Development' Goals - link

DISEASE SPREADING - Flu is Widespread in 49 US states - link

ROMAN CATHOLIC DECEPTIONS - 1 Dead, 800 Injured as 3.5 Million Catholics Follow Blackened Jesus Statue With "Miraculous Powers" - link

17 people dead and 17 missing after flooding in Santa Barbara, California - link

BY PEACE HE SHALL DESTROY MANY (Dan. 8:25) - Pope says he will bring message of peace and hope to Chile, Peru - link

Russia Plans National Biometric Database Starting Next Year - link

APOSTASY and ECUMENISM - Adventist University Walla Walla, Invites JESUIT PRIEST to Speak at 'CommUnity worship' - link

APOSTASY and ECUMENISM - UK Adventist Church PROMOTING 'True Worship Summit' with worldly gospel singers of Babylon - link

IMAGE OF BEAST IN AMERICA - A Catholic moment in US politics? - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - After Chemo failed, Woman heals blood cancer through health and daily does of Curcumin - link

REJECTING JESUS CHRIST - Pope says devotion to Mary is a must for every Christian - link

Syria 2011 All Over Again? Watch as Kurdish, Islamist Groups Call for a Violent Uprising in Iran - link


December 2017

ECUMENISM - Vatican and Russian Orthodox Church should team up to preserve Christian values - link

Facebook Data Given To Government Rises At Alarming Rate - link

TECHNOLOGY FOR THE MARK - Cashless Businesses Becoming More Common - link

Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency - link

40 dead from storm in Phlippines - link

Twitter expands 'hate speech' rules - link

BABYLON's UNITY AND INCLUSION - 'Religious' faith can help people to build better cities - link

END TIME TECHNOLOGY - Shanghai's new AI surveillance instantaneously recognizes 2 million faces - link

AMERICA THE EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - Trump signs 700bn Dollar military funding bill - link

PUSING ECUMENISM FURTHER - Pope says Interfaith unity is more than tolerance - IT NEEDS TRUST - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Mark Taylor Says 'The Army Of God Will Have Victory After Victory After Victory' Under Trump And Guarantees His Re-Election - link

ECUMENISM AND UNITING FOR COMMON CAUSES - Churches from Central and Eastern Europe contributing to building a common Europe - link

DYING PLANET - California's Historic Massive Tree Die-Off Grows By 27 Million - link

CLIMATE AGENDA AND SUNDAY LAW - Vatican Issues Far-Left Declaration on Climate Change, 'Very Fabric of Life on Earth at Grave Risk' - link

WAR AGAINST THE TRUTH! - Google pledges 10,000 staff to tackle 'extremist' content - link

China's Top Ideologue Calls for Tight Control of Internet - link

WAR AGAINST THE TRUTH! - The Lunatic Technocracy to Introduce 'Truth' Algorithms for Us - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - The new GOP tax reform bill would politicize churches - link

80th Holistic doctor now found dead - link

ECUMENISM - Faith Leaders Gather as 'Unite the Right' Organizers Plan Another Charlottesville Rally - link

CHURCH AND STATE - IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Franklin Graham says all Christians need to get behind President Trump - link


November 2017

SUNDAY LAW - Lawmakers in Poland approve a gradual ban on Sunday shopping, thanks to Catholic Church and Trade Unions - link

THE REAL TERRORISTS - With 50,000 Yemeni children dead in 2017, American-UK Led Saudi war enters horrific new stage - link

CLIMATE AGENDA AND SUNDAY LAW - Pope rebukes climate deniers as 'perverse' who 'endanger humanity' - link

Was Trump's visit to Asia about peace? No, it was about SELLING US WEAPONS - link

United Nations establish a 'Technology Bank' for the Least Developed Countries - HQ to be in TURKEY! - link

DEPENDENCE ON CENTRAL BANKS - France and other European countries running out of money - link

4 dead in school shooting in California - link

Donald Trump Marks America's 'Heavy Toll of War' in Vietnam, and makes NO MENTION of the MILLIONS of Vietnamese killed - link

ECUMENISM - Sunni Head, Grand Imam Ahmed Muhammad al-Tayyib, visits pope in private Vatican meeting - link

Islam expert declares pope Francis to be the 'Pope of Islam' - link

ANOTHER prominent holistic doctor found dead, along with her whole family! - 77 have now died since 2015! - link

Earthquake in Iran kills over 400 people - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - Pope Francis wants to 'save the world', and hosts a 'peace conference' with world leaders - link

THE ROAD TO SUNDAY LAW - Climate Dictatorship Proposed To Solve Global Warming - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Cash Is Already Pretty Much Dead In China - link

CLIMATE AGENDA UNITING CHURCHES - Global churches act together calling COP 23 to deliver climate justice - link

UNITY WITH BABYLON - Seventh-day Adventist Church launches new book for reformation anniversary IN COLLABORATION WITH FALLEN CHURCHES OF BABYLON - link

CLIMATE AND SUNDAY LAW - Vatican conference issues call for religious leaders to influence their congregations on climate change - link

THE ATTACKS ARE FOR THIS PURPOSE - Muslim leaders call for religious unity in wake of NYC attack - link


October 2017

PUSHING FOR UNITY WITH BABYLON - The Reformation, led by Luther, failed. Here's how we could finally reunite the Christian church - link

CHURCH AND STATE - Kosovo President meets with Evangelical leaders - link

ECUMENISM - Filipino Catholics and Protestants unite to rebuild war-torn city of Marawi - link

WORLD RELIGIONS UNITING FOR 'PEACE' - Pope Praises 'Religions for Peace' - link

DYING PLANET - For the first time, Pacific Northwest salmon nets coming up EMPTY! - link

ECUMENISM - Pope to Protestants of Scotland: We are no longer rivals - link

THE PUSH FOR SUNDAY - Taking back Sundays for the sake of 'holy leisure' - link

CHURCH STATE IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Buenos Aires government declares Oct. 31 to be 'Day of Evangelical Churches' - link

ECUMENISM - Vatican seeking to 'go beyond tolerance' with Hindus to 'usher in a more peaceful and harmonious era for every society' - link

China developing huge facial recognition database to identify citizens - link

Nepal signs into law legislation that makes religious conversion a crime - link

OUR DYING PLANET - Alarm over decline in flying insects - link


Head of International Monetary Fund says it's time to get serious about digital currency - link

MOTHER BABYLON - Roman Catholic Diocese across America consecrate themselves to Mary [WHAT ABOUT JESUS??] - link

Wildfires kill at least 39 in Portugal and Spain - link

World Health Organization - 56 million abortions per year take place worldwide - link

WHORE RIDING THE BEAST - Holy See at UN Urges Dialogue for 'peace' - link

57 dead from plague outbreak in Madagascar, hundreds more infected - link

ECUMENISM - Bishop urges 'spiritual solidarity,' to cope with recent disasters - link

ECUMENISM AND SUNDAY - Christians come together to fight human trafficking and celebrate "FREEDOMSUNDAY" - link

Spanish Evangelical Alliance, 'concerned' about the World Evangelical Alliance's "ecumenical" approach to the Vatican - link

Dan Brown says Collective consciousness to replace God [God has already been 'replaced' by the world AND majority of churches - Babylon!] - link

Inclusion and dialogue highlighted in new 'HUMANIST' Vatican guidelines for educators - link

Britain 'preparing for war with North Korea' - link

NORMALIZING SIN - Papal adviser: We can no longer 'judge people' based on moral norms - link

Thousands of football fans gather in London for ANTI-EXTREMISM march - link

CHURCH AND STATE - Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson and Co. Pushing Evangelicals 'Step Up and Vote' - link

PEOPLE ARE IN FEAR - British train passengers panic and flee after a 'doomsday preacher' starts preaching on train - link

Schools across the UK have stopped using BC and AD referring to Jesus Christ - link

Viewers of online 'terrorist material' face 15 years in jail in the UK [CAN YOU SEE WHERE THIS IS HEADED?] - link

THE LOVE OF MANY WAX COLD - 1,516 mass shootings in 1,735 days: America's gun [VIOLENCE] crisis - link

CHURCH AND STATE UNION - US Judges and lawyers gather for 65th annual ROMAN CATHOLIC Red Mass - link

COMING SUNDAY LAW - Sunday workers don't actually have to work Sundays in the UK - link


September 2017

Over 50 killed and 200 injured in Las Vegas shooting - link

DANIEL PROPHECY - Catalonian referendum violence plunges EU into crisis as '90pc of voters back independence' - link

FALLEN PROTESTANTISM - A Lutheran's love letter to Pope Francis - link

ECUMENISM - The entire church of Christ needs to UNITE for the next move of God in America - link

FALSE REVIVAL COMING - 'Holy Spirit Woodstock' coming to Washington DC - link

FRENCH R-EVOLUTION? GODDESS OF REASON? - A 45-foot tall nude woman sculpture may be coming to the National Mall - link

BATTLE AGAINST THE TRUTH - Pope asks Church to 'tackle fake news' to promote a 'journalism of peace' - link

LOVE OF MANY WAX COLD - Violent crime rises in US for second year - link

Leonardo DiCaprio pushing the pope's climate change agenda - link

WHEN THEY SAY 'PEACE, PEACE' - Palestinian President says peace with Israel possible this year with Trump involved - link

COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE - London Fashion Show with very MASONIC and EVIL imagery held in St Andrews Roman Catholic Church - link

56 killed and hundreds of thousands homeless due to flooding in Niger - link

Puerto Rico battered by hurricane Maria, could be without power for months - 10 killed - link

ANOTHER DISASTER - Mexico hit again by earthquake, over 248 people dead - link

COMING SUNDAY LAW - Pope Francis urges world leaders to take action on climate change - link

COMING SUNDAY LAW - Calls to punish skeptics rise with links to climate change, hurricanes - link

THE 'MORAL OUTCRY' TO LEAD TO THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST 'SPEAKING' - American Family Association has partnered with The Moral Outcry in petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade - link

DAYS OF LOT - Australian political leaders, including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, come out in support of a campaign for same-sex marriage - link

END TIME SIGNS - WOW! Sea GONE from Bahamas beach as Hurricane Irma sucks water way in 'rare phenomenon' - link

TECHNOLOGY FOR THE MARK - Visa outlines plan to push Australian banks to adopt biometric authentication - link

END TIME SIGNS - Death toll rises as 'apocalyptic' Irma wreaks havoc across Caribbean - link

DAYS OF LOT - Liberal 'Christians', including Steve Chalke sign the 'Christians United' statement promoting LGBT+ inclusion in churches - link

END TIME SIGNS - Public Health Emergency Declared In San Diego Over Hepatitis A Outbreak which has killed 15 and hospitalized 400 - link

WILD FIRES - 1 million acres have burned in Montana this year - link

Bannon: Catholic Church Needs 'Illegal Aliens' to Fill Pews - link

PUSHING FOR CHURCH-STATE UNION - Hong Kong bishop talks Church-state relations, hopes for the future - link


August 2017

BLAMING PEOPLE - THE ROAD TO SUNDAY LAW - Harvey, the Storm That Humans Helped Cause - link

SETUP? - Charlottesville: blm and kkk paid protesters came off same bus according to witnesses - link

President Trump is giving police forces weapons of war - link

ECUMENISM FOR 'COMMON CAUSES' - Pope and Orthodox patriarch issue joint plea for care of creation - link

CHURCH AND STATE - Zimbabwe's Catholic bishops say 'IT'S A SIN not to vote,' urge people to eject ruling party - link

ECUMENISM - Pope and World Council of Churches leaders discuss ecumenism, ecology, economic justice - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Michele Bachmann To Become Religious Right Ministry's Pastor To The United Nations - link

At least 34 people died in a church bus crash in Madagascar - link

FOLLOWING MAN RATHER THAN JESUS - Al Gore says 'I'm a Protestant, but I'll tell you, because of Pope Francis, I really could become a Catholic' - link

One of Trump's Evangelical advisers says God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong - link

COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE - Nearly 100 sex abuse suits against Catholic priests rock island of Guam - link

UNITING CHURCH AND STATE - Hillary Clinton reveals her 'faith' and that she wants to preach! - link


July 2017

CHURCH AND STATE UNITING - King and Queen of Spain received evangelical leaders at royal palace - link

MARTIAL LAW/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Brazil Deploys 8,500 Armed Forces in Rio de Janeiro - link

Christian Hospital Worker Punished for Sharing Faith Loses Again in Court - link

BABYLON - Dozens of leaders from Catholic, Orthodox and Presbyterian churches as well as Rabbis and Buddhists to Use 'Magic Mushrooms' for 'Religious Experience' for Johns Hopkins Study - link

THE PAPACY AND REVELATION 13 - Separation of Church and State never works, says Pope's special adviser - link

DAYS OF LOT - UK Prime Minister: The Church should 'reflect' on allowing gay couples to marry - link

PUSH FOR SUNDAY LAW - Pope urges governments to take the lead in caring for creation - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Visa is bribing small businesses to stop accepting cash - link

THE WORLD NEEDS THE HEALTH MESSAGE - Cancer now more common than getting married or having a first baby - link

THE PUSH FOR SUNDAY LAW - Pope endorses campaign to put 'Laudato Si' into action - link

Cholera outbreak in Yemen spirals, as 300,000 infected and 1,700 dead in 10 weeks - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Evangelical pastor shares image of prayer circle laying their hands on Donald Trump's back in the Oval Office - link

Meeting with French President, Trump hints at climate deal shift - link

WORLD GOVERNANCE - D.I.C.E.D. - The UN's Environmental Constitution For The World - link

TECHNOLOGY FOR SUNDAY LAW MARK - Paying with Your Face: Face-detecting systems in China now authorize payments, provide access to facilities. Will other countries follow? - link

BABYLON - World Communion of Reformed Churches sign Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification with Catholic, Lutheran and Methodist churches - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - Chemotherapy may spread cancer and trigger more aggressive tumours, warn scientists - link

Swedish Prime Minister says Church ministers must marry same-sex couples - link

Child rape epidemic amongst UN 'peacekeepers' - link

PUSH FOR POPE's CLIMATE/SUNDAY LAW AGENDA - Franch President Macron plans December climate summit - link

French President Macron Declares He Will Govern Like a Roman God - link

DAYS OF LOT - Church of England General Synod backs ban on LGBT conversion therapy - link

CLAMP DOWN ON FAITH IN UK - Ofsted are 'worried' about Children who are 'taught the Bible full time' - link

THE PUSH FOR UNITY - Churches to the EU: Our future depends on common values - link

RELIGIOUS UNITY TO 'PROTECT THE WORLD' - Religious leaders launch interfaith rainforest initiative - link

DAYS OF LOT - German parliament votes to legalise same-sex marriage - link

'Alarming' 1000+ earthquake swarm at Yellowstone Park during past two weeks - link

PEOPLE RISING - DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Protests rock Brazil as looming pension reform sparks anger - link


June 2017

THE REAL PURPOSE OF TODAY's 'RELIGIOUS LIBERTY' - Religious liberty should UNITE us, not divide us - link

Pope Francis appoints Spanish Jesuit Ladaria to replace Muller at CDF (Congregation of the Inquisition) - link

ECUMENISM - Global interfaith organizations sign Interfaith Appeal for Future of Korean Peninsula - link

PUSH FOR SUNDAY LAW - Katy Perry and Arianna Huffington Start a New Movement: Shutoff Sundays - link

CHURCH AND STATE UNION - Supreme Court Rules: States Cannot Refuse All Financial Aid to Churches - link

CLIMATE AGENDA - How the American public views the relationship between climate change and security - link

PROPHECY YET TO BE FULFILLED - Francis makes clear his mission as pope is far from ended - link

Millions of mysterious 'sea pickles' swamp US west coast, scientists scrambling to find out what is going on - link

ECUMENISM - Nebraska 'Tri-Faith Initiative' Building Church, Synagogue, Mosque Side by Side - link

German Police raid 36 homes due to 'hateful speech' on social media - link

APOSTASY - Adventist Church opens first 'Cafe Church' in New York with a 'lively' worship and 'judgment free' to attract all people - link

IS THIS PART OF THE PLAN? - Roman Catholic Mike Pence will soon be President if Trump fires Mueller - link

PUSH FOR SUNDAY LAW - Al Gore says God told him to fight global warming - link

IDOL WORSHIP - Can relics unite Catholics and Orthodox? Pope Francis thinks so - link

REV.17:2 - FORNICATION WITH THE KINGS OF THE EARTH - Pope Francis meets with the King and Queen of the Netherlands - link

CHURCH AND STATE - Evangelical cuacuses and their influence in Brazilian politics - link

HOW LONG BEFORE THEY SAY ANTI-CATHOLICISM IS A FORM OF EXTREMISM? - British PM says Islamophobia is a form of extremism, marking shift in rhetoric - link

TRYING TO RESURRECT THE "HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE" (BEAST OF REV.13) - Angela Merkel and Pope Francis agree to push multilateralism - link

SUNDAY LAW MOVEMENT - Safeguarding creation is religious obligation, Vatican officials say to Christians and Muslims - link

SIGNS OF THE TIMES - It's a 'scary' time with a global crisis on the way, LVMH CEO says - link

60+ killed in wildfires in Portugal, Government declares three days of mourning - link

Visakhapatnam To Become The 'First Cashless City' In The World - link

America's 256 Renegade Mayors Upholding Paris Climate Agreement - link

125 killed by flooding and landslides in Bangladesh - link

GET OUT OF THE CITIES - 12 shot, 6 dead over span of hours in Baltimore - link

WAR AGAINST THE TRUTH - British and French PM's plan joint crackdown on online Extremism - link

200,000 join celebration of sodomy in Israel - link

ECUMENISM - Following Pope Francis, Catholics and Protestants in the U.S. mark the Reformation - link

ECUMENISM - Pope sees women's role as key to inter-religious dialogue - link

VATICAN's SUNDAY LAW PLAN - Once Again, Climate Change Cited as Trigger for War - link

HEALTH MESSAGE, GO ORGANIC - Organic foods backed by landmark report warning pesticides far more dangerous than was thought - link

Interesting! - Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, London, New York: Passports and IDs Mysteriously Discovered in the Wake of Terror Attacks - link

Qatar next on the 'hitlist' for America and the Vatican? - link

Adventist leaders join in with the ECUMENICAL '500 year Reformation' event - link

ECONOMIC TROUBLE - Retail Wreck? Over 1,000 Stores Close in a Single Week in America - link

Fires and worst storm in decades kill nine people in South Africa - link

Scottish Episcopal church votes to allow same-sex weddings - link

Mike Pence to National Catholic Prayer Breakfast: 'This Administration Stands with You' - link

ECUMENISM AND RELIGIOUS UNITY - Muslims and Christians unite to rebuild Mosul monastery - link

Pelosi says Trump 'dishonoring' God in global warming decision - link

ECUMENISM - Protestant leaders inspired after General Audience with the pope - link

AMERICA THE EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - 3,500 U.S. troops to deploy to S. Korea - link

DYING EARTH - Cape Town suffering worst drought in 100 years - link

THE CALL FOR UNITY WITH BABYLON - Pope on Pentecost: Division isn't from the Holy Spirit - link

2 Killed in Taiwan as storms batter the nation - link


May 2017

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - American Religious Right activist says 'The only thing that is going to save Western civilization is a more aggressive, a more violent Christianity' - link

Facebook pays army of DEVOUT ROMAN CATHOLIC Filipinos to remove 'offensive' content [SEE THE ORIGINAL DAILY MAIL ARTICLE FOR 'DEVOUT ROMAN CATHOLIC' STATEMENT] - link

DISTRESS OF NATIONS - 90+ dead and hundreds injured from bomb in Afghanistan - link

200 killed by flooding and landslides in Sri Lanka - link

16 killed and hundreds injured in storm in Moscow - link

DISTRESS OF NATIONS - 59 dead after 2 months of protests in Venezuela - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - Melania Trump reveals she is Catholic: The First Lady shares her faith with the world after meeting the Pope - link

PEACE AND SAFETY - Trump 'determined to pursue peace' after Pope meeting - link

WORLD ORDER - Mark Zuckerberg: We Need a 'Global Superstructure to Advance Humanity' - link

Egyptian President: Trump 'Capable of Doing the Impossible' - link

PLAN OF THE BEAST - The prayer of the 'bishop dressed in white': we will tear down all walls - link

ATTACK AGAINST THE TRUTH - Ideological fanatics divide the Christian community, pope says - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - Trump faces a higher authority: Pope Francis - link

ECUMENISM - Lutherans from around the world gather in Namibia to 'celebrate' reformation WITH CATHOLIC LEADERS - link

CRIMES OF BABYLON - The Vatican has a 2,000 case backlog of priest sex crime cases! - link

HEALTH MESSAGE/GO VEGETARIAN - Red Meat Increases Risk of Dying From 9 Diseases - link

THANKS TO FALSE RELIGION - Nearly 50 percent of British are of no religion - link

SIGNS OF THE TIMES - Cryogenically frozen brains will be 'woken up' and transplanted in donor bodies within three years, claims surgeon - link

MARY DECEPTION - Pope Francis canonises two children at Portugal's Fatima shrine - link

REJECTION OF GOD - Firestorm brewing as scientists work to create synthetic human DNA - link

WORLD WONDERS AFTER THE BEAST - Iraq ambassador to the Vatican: 'Iraq wants the pope to come' - link

CHURCH-STATE/IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Vice President Pence Joining Franklin Graham at Washington Summit to 'Stand for Persecuted Christians' - link

ECUMENISM - Archbishop of Canterbury urges Christian unity with Jews - link

Puerto Rico to close 179 schools amid historic bankruptcy - link

THE SUNDAY LAW - Chairman of the German Trade Union Confederation working 'closely with churches' to Push for Sunday Rest - link

WHEN THEY SAY PEACE AND SAFETY - Trump vows to make peace in Middle East a top priority - link

IDOL WORSHIP AND SPIRITUALISM - 'Our Lady of Fatima' statue is coming to the United Nations - link


April 2017

MAN OF SIN SEEKING TO BE THE MAN OF PEACE - Pope Francis tells US, North Korea to cool nuclear tensions, seek mediation - link

Federal judge backs firing squads, guillotine for executions - link

GET OUT OF THE CITIES - Violent protests as buses burn in Rio, Brazil - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY READY FOR SUNDAY LAW - Australia to be a cashless society by 2022 - link

WORLD UNITY - Pope: 'Why the only future worth building includes everyone' - link

PEOPLE RISING AGAINST "HATRED" - Over 1 million people to gather in South Africa to pray for change against 'hatred and violence' - link

READY FOR THE SUNDAY LAW - Israel High Court rules Tel Aviv stores can open Sabbath - link

TWO KINGDOMS OF REV.13 - Donald Trump would be 'honoured' to meet Pope Francis on Italy trip, says White House - link

RELIGIOUS UNITY WITH BABYLON - Imams say meeting the pope is 'one of the most powerful messages for Muslim world' - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY READY FOR SUNDAY LAW - India's attempt to go cashless is turning food vouchers digital - link

Unite! Unite Europe! Grassroots group 'Pulse of Europe' aims to show that the silent majority wants a UNITED EUROPE - link

TURNING TRUTH INTO 'HATE' - 'Eliminate Hate Campaign' seeks to label opponents of LGBT as 'hate groups' - link

TRADE UNIONS AND SUNDAY LAW - European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions now supports the European Sunday Alliance - link

GET OUT OF THE CITIES - 45 people shot in Chicago over the weekend - link

While the world focuses on even more WAR, millions face starvation due to conflicts and are ignored! - link

ECUMENISM - Orthodox and Catholic churches celebrate Easter on same day in rare convergence - link

Flash flooding in Iran kills 35 people - link

Devastating floods kill 100 people in Peru - link

Jesuit Superior pushing same-sex marriage - link

Turkish President to gain more power after a referendum victory - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - After chemo fails, a mother heals her 3 year old son's brain cancer God's way - Nutrition and Faith! - link

ECUMENISM - Leaders from Baptist, Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran churches come together in South Australia - link

SPIRIT OF WAR - US sending warships to North Korea - link

DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Paraguay congress set ablaze during riots - link

ECUMENISM - UNITY WITH BABYLON - Four British Imams meet with pope at Vatican - link

SPIRIT OF WAR - US launches attack against Syria - link

CHURCH-STATE IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Urgent warning for Christians to help Trump beat Obama's shadow government - link

Adventist Health in Walla Walla hands control over to Roman Catholic Health - link

SUNDAY LAW MOVEMENT - People's Climate Movement - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST IN AMERICA - 20,000 Christians and leaders tell congress to stand for 'Christian values' - link

DISGRACEFUL - US and UK Cosy Up to Saudi Arabia Despite War Crimes in Yemen - link

Foreigners entering US could soon be asked questions about their ideology - link


March 2017

ECUMENISM - Faiths to 'JOIN HANDS' to mark week since London Westminster attack - link

The Yurok Tribe are preparing for what they are calling, 'The most catastrophic fisheries collapse in the Klamath River's history' - link

US Senators just voted to pull the plug on Internet privacy rules - link

CHURCH AND STATE IN AMERICA - 'Religious left' emerging as U.S. political force in Trump era - link

CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE SUNDAY LAW - US Secretary of Defense James Mattis says Climate Change is a 'National Security Threat' - link

CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE SUNDAY LAW - Al Gore: Global Warming a 'Principal' Cause of the Syrian Civil War, Brexit - link

CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE SUNDAY LAW - Catholic Cardinal says we need an 'urgent ecological conversion' - link

Worst drought crisis since 1945 occuring in Africa - link

EXPECT THE "ANTI-EXTREMISM" AGENDA TO BE TAKEN UP A NOTCH! - 4 Dead in London "Terror Attack" - link

CRIMES OF BABYLON - Pope meets Rwandan president, apologizes for Church failure during genocide - link

ECUMENISM - Adventist Church in Australia 'JOINS HANDS' with other churches to call for government action on foreign policy - link

END TIME WAR AGAINST THE TRUTH - Google starts flagging 'offensive' content in search results - link

Washington Post attacking "Fundamentalist Christian" homeschooling - link

END TIME DECEPTIONS - Al Gore now 'preaching' on the Book of Revelation and relating it's prophetic events to Climate Change - link

LOVE OF MANY WILL WAX COLD - 15 Year Old Girl Survives years of Satanic Ritual Abuse - link

PLAYING GOD AND SIGN OF END TIMES - Resurrecting dead people using stem cells given the green light - link

UN: 'People will starve to death' as world faces largest humanitarian crisis since WWII - link

BABYLON - COME OUT OF HER - Neo-Pagan Sexual Morality Spreading Throughout Anglican Church, Warns Conservative Archbishop - link

PUSHING WOMEN'S ORDINATION - Global Jesuit leader says women's inclusion in church structures 'has not YET arrived' - link

WORLD GOVERNMENT - Without a 'world government' technology will destroy us, says Stephen Hawking - link

FALSE REVIVAL - Lou Engle (Charismatic Ecumenical Leader) calls for fasting after 'prophetic events' - link

AMERICA AND THE VATICAN ARE TOO BUSY DESTROYING NATIONS TO REALLY CARE ABOUT THE NEEDY - 300 dead in 3 days, thousands near death with no health support due to cholera in Ethiopia - link

BABYLON: HER SINS HAVE REACHED TO HEAVEN! - Mass grave of babies and children found in former Catholic 'care' home in Ireland - link

ECUMENISM - Ganoune Diop (SDA Leader) receives award from Mormon Law Society - link

Flooding in Zimbabwe kills more than 240 people - link

SUNDAY LAW MARK OF THE BEAST - European Sunday Alliance 'Call for Action' to make Sunday a 'work-free' day - link

Quoting the King James Bible in Public considered a 'public offence' and 'criminal matter'? - link

ECUMENISM - UK State Schools could scrap Christian assemblies to include other faiths - link


February 2017

A WAR COMING - Witches cast 'mass spell' against Donald Trump - link

EU lawmakers call for 'Federal Union' of European states - link

ECUMENISM - Pope Francis will tomorrow become the first Roman Pontiff to set foot in an Anglican parish in Rome - link

ECUMENISM - Vatican and Rome's Jewish Museum Team Up for Menorah Exhibit - link

Catholic Church trying to abolish old 'anti-catholic' laws in America - link

ECUMENISM - Parliament of World Religions Calls to Stand with Faiths Rising Against Hate - link

HEALING OF THE 'WOUND' (Rev.13) - German Evangelical Church issues historic invite to Pope Francis - link

AMERICA THE EARTH BEAST - 500 US troops arrive in Romania with their tanks - link

FILTER OUT THE TRUTH? - Apple CEO says we need to 'filter out fake news' - link

MARK OF THE BEAST COMING - Religious law may be coming to America. But it's not sharia; it's Christian - link

POPE PUSHING HIS POLICIES THROUGH MAYORS - Why Pope Francis keeps reaching out to mayors - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - 500,000 Romanians protest against government and cause government to back down on law - link

WORLD PEACE AND UNITY - Pope Francis Releases His Own Super Bowl Ad .. For World Peace - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - CHURCH/STATE IN AMERICA - Trump pledges to end political limits on churches - link


January 2017

DAYS OF LOT - Norway's Lutheran Church embraces same-sex marriage - link

A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME FOR AMERICA (THE EARTH BEAST)? - Economist: Stock Market Gained $2 Trillion in Wealth Since Trump Elected - link

MASS DIE OFFS - 10 Million bees dead 'due to pesticides' in Porto Ferreira, Brazil - link

TWO BEAST KINGDOMS - Catholics Ask Trump to Probe Soros-Obama-Clinton Conspiracy at Vatican - link

PREPARING FOR THE SUNDAY LAW - Indian government mulls making biometric ID card essential for buying - link

SATANIC SIGNS AND WONDERS - Catholic Adoration Chapels Lead to 'Stunning Drop' in Murder Rate in Mexico - link

ECUMENISM/UNITY WITH ROME - C of E archbishops call on Christians to repent for Reformation split - link

THE NATIONS ARE ANGRY - Women lead unprecedented worldwide mass protests against Trump - link

THE CHURCHES ARE RETURNING BACK TO 'MOTHER ROME' - Unity Week: Cardinal Koch celebrates a 'truly ecumenical year' - link

Palestinians establish embassy at the Vatican - link

DAYS OF LOT - Same sex marriage bill being pushed through in Malaysia - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - Largest deployment of U.S. troops since Cold War arrives in Germany - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - Trump's National Security Policy to Be Peace Through STRENGTH' - link

ECUMENISM - Evangelicals Join Muslims in Winning Support for Mosque - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - 100s more US tanks arrive in Europe to keep 'peace & freedom' - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Canada Has Been Experimenting With A Digital Fiat Currency Called CAD-COIN - link

END TIME SIGNS - U.S. had more floods in 2016 than any year on record - link

New ROMAN CATHOLIC United Nations Chief calls for a 'global solution' to address challenging times - link

The religious composition of the 115th US Congress - link

IMAGE OF BEAST (CHURCH-STATE UNION) IN AMERICA - Franklin Graham: Donald Trump Won Election by the 'Hand of God' - link

SIGNS OF THE END - New Zealand felt a record 32,000 earthquakes in 2016 - link

THE WAR ON TRUTH - 2016's Assault On The Internet Was Brutal. Will 2017 Be Worse? - link

MAN OF SIN PUSHING 'PEACE' - Let's build peace every day in 2017, says Pope Francis - link


December 2016

SIGNS OF THE END - Over 6,500 earthquakes hit Japan in 2016, three times more than last year - link

COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE - Argentina rocked by story of two priests' sexual abuse of children for decades - link

WOW! COMING CASHLESS SOCIETY - India has just made 86 percent of cash currency in circulation VOID! - link

JESUIT DECEPTION TO UNITE PROTESTANTS AND CATHOLICS - Should Protestants Pay More Attention To Mary? - link

OH LOOK! - ISIS just happen to stumble upon ANOTHER stash of military equipment! - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - America sending 1,600 tanks to Netherlands - link

Liberty University in America (a "CHRISTIAN" university) is to open a firing range on campus - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - U.S. sending 4,000 troops to Poland - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Goa to go cashless in January - link

COMING SUNDAY LAW - Al Gore meets Donald Trump and Ivanka for climate talks - link

WHO'S RUNNING THE SHOW? - 80 European Mayors meet at THE VATICAN for conference on Refugees - link

DAYS OF LOT - Sports Writer Calls Gay Marriage Proposal During Bulls Game a 'Groundbreaking Moment in Sports' - link

United Nations to give go-ahead for 'geoengineering' to alter the climate - link

UNITING OF CHURCH AND STATE IN AMERICA - Christianity Should Have Bigger Part in U.S. Schooling, Trump's Education Secretary Says - link

At least 25 killed in bombing in Egypt cathedral - link

Church collapses in Nigeria, killing over 160 people - link

INDEPENDENT MINISTRIES ARE NEXT - US Congress Quietly Passes Bill Targeting 'Russian Propaganda' Websites - link

At least 97 people dead after earthquake hits Indonesia - link

PLAN TO SUPPRESS THE TRUTH - Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft team up to tackle extremist content - link

PLANS FOR THE SUNDAY LAW - World mayors gather to plot climate plan - link

ECUMENISM - Christian, Jewish and Buddhist leaders join Muslims for Friday prayers at a Washington, D.C. mosque - link


November 2016

CASHLESS SOCIETY - India's Prime Minister Plans for Cashless Society - link

19 volcanoes erupted during the past week - link

THE PUSH FOR SUNDAY LAW - Pope speaks on climate change to Stephen Hawking and other scientists - link

DYING EARTH - Great Barrier Reef Suffers Worst Coral Die-Off on Record - link

DYING EARTH - An astounding 102 million trees are now dead in California - link

THE PUSH FOR UNITY - Russian Orthodox leader says Trump is the only 'politician' who gives Christians hope - link

REVELATION 13 AND AMERICA (AMERICA THE 'EARTH BEAST' WILL BE THE FINAL SUPERPOWER) - Dollar strengthens, while the Chinese Yuan continues to decline - link and here

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Over 1 MILLION people march in Seoul to demand President Park's resignation - link

44 killed, 100 injured in train crash in Iran - link

EARTH SHAKING - More than 4000 tremors have rocked central New Zealand since last week's destructive 7.8 Kaikoura quake - link

ANTICHRIST, POPE USURPING THE POWER OF GOD - Pope Francis extends 'special permission' for priests to forgive women and others involved in abortions (THEY NEED TO GO TO GOD FOR FORGIVENESS, NOT A PRIEST) - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Apple Pay now lets nonprofits take donations - link

CRIMES OF BABYLON - Uruguayan Church hotline unearths dozens of Catholic priest abuse cases on minors - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST (CHURCH-STATE IN AMERICA) - Donald Trump: I Will Be the Greatest Representative for Christians They've Had in a Long Time - link

SUPPRESSION OF TRUTH - China Presses Tech Firms to Police the Internet - link

PEOPLE RISING - Thousands rally for 'tolerance' in Indonesia - link

Trump could awaken the sleeping giant of American Catholic unity - link

THE POPE HATES PROPHECY! I WONDER WHY! - Don't listen to the 'prophets of doom,' Pope Francis insists - link

Are Trump protestors being purposely brought into the cities 'in buses'? - link

Black Pastor's Message To Trump Protesters: It's Time to UNIFY, America - link

CLIMATE AGENDA/SUNDAY LAW - Faith groups strengthen call for climate justice, calling the world 'mother earth' - link

CLIMATE AGENDA/SUNDAY LAW - Ecumenical Patriarch blasts 'disgraceful' inaction on climate change, says 'survival of God's creation' is at stake - link

DANGEROUS TEACHING - Rick Warren pushing a new 'personalize-it' method of Bible meditation by putting YOUR NAME in Bible verses (This is the false teaching of getting people to focus on THEMSELVES. The Bible teaches us to focus on JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD, not ourselves!) - link

Strong 6.2M earthquake rocks Argentina - link

Powerful 7.8M earthquake rocks New Zealand - Tsunami threat - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Hundreds of thousands of protesters gather in Seoul, to demand resignation of President - link

Trump, America and the Coming Image of the Beast - link

Donald Trump - Now it's time to bind the WOUNDS of division, and come together as ONE PEOPLE - link

FEAR OF WAR - Nato puts 300,000 ground troops on 'high alert' as tensions with Russia mount - link

AMERICA THE EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger (FULL INTERVIEW) - link

MINISTRIES SHARING TRUTH WILL BE NEXT - 4 mosques closed in France for spreading 'radical ideology' - link

WELCOME TO BABYLON! - Evangelical pastors 'prophesy' by saying Trump is 'God's son in whom He is well pleased'! (Note to self - Trump is all about wealth and power - Really!? God is pleased with that?) - link

Assange: Clinton and ISIS funded by same money, Trump won't be allowed to win (WE SHALL FIND OUT IN A FEW DAYS) - link


October 2016

CATHOLIC CHURCH PROTECTED BY THE STATE - Louisiana Supreme Court Protects Catholic 'Seal of Confession' - Priests are exempt from mandatory reporting of information in confessional, even in a case of sexual abuse! - link

AMERICA THE EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - 900 US troops to be deployed to Poland - link

TWO BEASTS OF REVELATION 13 - Hillary Clinton: Pope Francis and President Obama Bring 'Moral Leadership' on Climate Change - link

WONDER AFTER THE BEAST - Israel turns to Vatican for help at United Nations - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Apple Promotes A Cashless Society In Japan - link

THE COMING 'ECO SABBATH (SUNDAY LAW) - Hindus, Muslims and Christians ponder Pope's eco-teaching - link

The Vatican pushing for 'universal jurisdiction' at the United Nations - link

AMERICA THE EARTH BEAST - Norway may host hundreds of US Marines starting January - link

GET OUT OF THE CITIES - Pentagon Video Warns of 'Unavoidable' Dystopian Future for World's Biggest Cities - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Mastercard introduces facial recognition mobile payments in Europe - link

AMERICA THE EARTH BEAST - Wikileaks: The US could surround China with missiles if Beijing doesn't agree to Washington's requests - link

WikiLeaks: Clinton's campaign chairman Podesta and Left-Wing Activist Plot 'Catholic Spring' in America - link

UNITING AGAINST TRUTH - Christian, Muslim leaders sign declaration agreeing to stand against religious extremism - link

SATANIC DECEPTIONS COMING - Vatican knowledge of extraterrestrials revealed in Podesta emails - link

Donald Trump's Sister Donates $4 Million to Jesuit University for Center for Ignatian Spirituality - link

New UN Secretary General set to become key Papal ally - link

Hundreds killed by 'monster' hurricane, as it approaches Florida - link

IBM, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon form enormous AI partnership - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - 7 Reasons To Never Get The Flu Shot And What To Do Instead - link

ATTACK AGAINST TRUTH - Pope Francis says Don't Use God To Justify Fundamentalism - link

Pentagon paid PR firm $540mn to make fake terrorist videos - link

America is 'pulling us into Abyss of War in Middle East' - link

A WAY TO BRING IN THE SUNDAY LAW - EU fast-tracks Paris climate deal to brink of entering into force - link


September 2016

ECUMENISM - Roman Catholic priest installed at 'Protestant' church for first time in history in Belfast, Ireland - link

India 'not far' from becoming a cashless society - link

IS THIS HOW YOU LOOK AFTER THE POOR MR POPE? - Catholic Church to spend 72 MILLION DOLLARS renovating 'Crystal Cathedral' in Orange County - link

PEOPLE RISING - Tens of thousands march against same-sex marriage in Mexico - link

Monsanto Merges with Bayer, 'Their Expertise is War'. Shady Historical Origins, IG Farben, Part of Hitler's Chemical Genetic Engineering Cartel - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST COMING IN AMERICA - Pastors Pray Against 'Concentrated Satanic Attack' Being Waged Against 'God's Choice' Donald Trump - link

AMERICA THE EARTH BEAST - Venezuela brands US 'biggest violence exporter in the world' - link

TWO BEASTS OF REVELATION 13 (AMERICA AND PAPACY) - American Open Society Foundations used Pope's US visit to influence 2016 election - link

THE WAR ON CASH - Wall Street Journal pushing to eradicate anything larger than a $20 bill - link

WORDS FROM THE MAN OF SIN - Pope says those who cause 'division' are 'TERRORISTS'! - link

ECUMENISM - Christians from various denominations unite for 'March for Life' in Germany and Switzerland - link

Fears after bombing in New York - link

SUNDAY LAW COMING - U.N. 'certain' Paris climate deal will enter into FORCE by end of 2016 - link

FALSE SIGNS AND WONDERS - What Looks Like an Angel of the Lord Appears in Photograph Over World Trade Tower Site - link

PLAN TO STOP THE TRUTH - The U.S. Has Started Tracking 'Religious Discrimination' In Schools - link

I Am A Syrian Living in Syria: 'It was Never a Revolution nor a Civil War. The Terrorists are sent by your Government' - link

133 killed, 395 missing, 107K displaced in N. Korean flooding - link

UNITING OF CHURCH AND STATE - Hungary establishes a special government department on persecution of Christians - link

Tanzania earthquake kills 13 and injures more than 200 - link

ECUMENISM - Pope pushing unity with Pentecostals - link

WAR DRUMS - Russia warns of new world war as North Korea tests new bomb - link

EARTH SHAKING - Over 6,600 small earthquakes have struck Central Italy since the deadly quake on 24th August - link

SUNDAY LAW COMING - More than half a million signatures in support of Polish draft law on limitation of commerce on Sundays - link

GO VEGETARIAN - Eating three rashers of bacon a day raises the risk of dying from heart disease, new study shows - link

OUR DYING WORLD - California and Oregon in the midst of a massive forest die-off: around 66 million trees killed in during 2015 and 2016 - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST IN AMERICA COMING - Rabbi says Trump can be 'a messiah' for America - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - A cashless society? Some retailers turn noses up at currency - link

Turkey Slaughtering Syrian Civilians, World Community Silent - link

ECUMENISM - Ecumenical autumn: Pope's calendar filled with dialogue opportunities - link

Hillary Clinton's VP running mate Tim Kaine is not just a Jesuit, but also has ties to Islamists - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Hundreds of thousands of people have protest marched in Venezuela - link


August 2016

THE PLAN FOR THE SUNDAY LAW - Pope Francis declares care for creation a new work of mercy - link

UNITING TO BAN THE TRUTH! - Mark Zuckerberg has meeting with Pope Francis - link

TO BAN THE TRUTH - Microsoft services to crack down on 'hate speech' - link

ECUMENISM - Nigerian Christians and Muslims open historic peace center - link

SPIRITUALISM DECEPTION - Doctor writes book that chronicles his journey into the afterlife in out-of-body experience during surgery - link

DECEPTION FROM BABYLON - Marian apparitions in Argentina declared authentic by church - link

Earthquake in Italy kills 250 people, towns demolished - link

THE BAN ON TRUTH COMING - Twitter Suspends 235,000 More Accounts Over Extremism - link

Flooding kills 100 people and destroys thousands of homes in Sudan - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Donald Trump Promises Evangelicals 'Great Power,' Higher Church Attendance - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Stores to customers in Sweden: 'Cash not welcome here' - link

GET OUT OF THE CITIES - Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke requests mobilization of National Guard after violent protests - link

How Close Are We to Biometric Credit Cards? Closer Than You Think - link

This Company Has Built a Profile on Every American Adult - link

Suicide bomb kills 70 people in a hospital in Pakistan - link

ANOTHER STEP TO UNITNG CHURCH AND STATE - Many US churches now hiring security guards for services - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Japanese startup allows consumers to pay with their fingertips - link

CHURCH STATE/IMAGE OF THE BEAST - James Dobson: Trump would 'unleash Christian activists to fight for beliefs' if elected - link

AMERICA THE 'EARTH BEAST' OF REV.13 - UN Backs Secret Obama Takeover of Police - link

Whistleblower Edward Snowden Tweets Mysterious Warning: 'It's Time' - link

CHAOS IN THE CITIES - GET OUT - Brazil sends 1,200 troops to city of Natal after gangs start all-out war on govt - link

Pope Francis says he fell over because 'I was looking at our lady and forgot the step' - LOOK TO JESUS NOT MARY, AND YOU WON'T FALL - link

Obama: Globalization Is 'Here' And 'Done' - link

More than 700 people killed in Philippines drugs crackdown - link


July 2016

BUY AND SELL - REV.13 - Shift to Biometric Banking Occurring Faster Than Anticipated - link

GET OUT OF THE CITIES - Murders Rise in 29 of Largest U.S. Cities in First Half of 2016 - link

Flooding kills 64 people, with at least 20 still missing in Nepal - link

ECUMENISM - Muslims and Catholics join in prayers at Mosque in France - link

ECUMENISM - Leaders of Seventh-day Adventist Churches in France express SOLIDARITY with Catholic Church - link

France to form National Guard amid calls to step up security - link

Film director Oliver Stone has branded Pokemon Go a 'new level of invasion' of privacy that could lead to 'totalitarianism' - link

UNITING THE COUNTRIES OF AFRICA - AU Heads of State to launch African Union Passport - link

THE WATERS ARE CHANGING - Toxic algae bloom closes Utah lake, sickens more than 100 people - link

TWO BEAST KINGDOMS OF REV.13 - Hillary Clinton's vice president running mate is a Jesuit trained Catholic - link

Black Church leaders in America join the Vatican led climate change bandwagon - link

ECUMENISM - Catholic Priests Leads Interreligious Center at the Olympics - link

China: 42 dead, 74 missing after severe floods hit northern China - link

India: Over 120 Dead, 5 Million affected, after Monsoon Rains Cause Floods and Landslides in 8 States - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - Alcohol is a direct cause of seven forms of cancer, finds study - link

DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Fears of riots after looting and violence on London's hottest day - link

WORLD UNITY ON 'CLIMATE CHANGE' - Scientists and religious representatives discuss the keys of the Pope's Laudato si' encyclical - link

CHURCH-STATE: IMAGE OF THE BEAST IN AMERICA - Pentecostal Leaders Pack Out Trump's New Christian Advisory Board - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) urges the government to introduce policies to boost electronic payments and create a cashless society - link

68 percent of Europeans want to use biometric authentication for payments - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST COMING TO AMERICA - New GOP Platform Aims To Make The Christian Right Even More Powerful - link

Venezuela's military now in control of the food supply - link

BABYLON - United Methodist church elects first openly gay bishop - link

BABYLON - Anglican Church of Canada Votes to Approve Same-Sex Marriage - link

DISTRESS OF NATIONS - 161 killed in attempted coup of Turkish government - link

After secret Harvard meeting, scientists announce plans for synthetic human genomes - link

THE NATIONS WERE ANGRY - Violent protests break out in Berlin - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - America imported terrorism into the Middle East says Philippines president - link

ECUMENISM - Church of England Chief and Chief Rabbi join Muslims in breaking Ramadan fast in UK - link

GET OUT OF THE CITIES - Five police officers have been killed by sniper fire in Dallas, Texas - link

THE MARY DECEPTION - Why Catholics And Muslims Alike Come To Pray At This Shrine To Mary - link

WORLD ORDER - European Central Bank president pushing for an economic 'world order' - link

THE PAPACY AND EUROPE - COMECE welcomes the new EU Global Strategy - link

PREPARING FOR THE SUNDAY LAW MARK - All Israelis Will Have to Join Biometric Database From Next Year, Minister Says - link

REV.17: 10 KINGS WILL GIVE THEIR POWER TO THE PAPAL BEAST - 'EU WANTS AN EMPIRE' Brussels hope to expand its influence as far as ASIA and AFRICA - link

DISTRESS OF NATIONS - 125 killed by bombings in Baghdad - link

DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Tens of thousands of anti-Brexit protesters hit streets of London - link


June 2016

THE PUSH FOR SUNDAY: ROME'S MARK - The Lord's Day Alliance Sponsors A Conference On Sabbath, Sunday, and Renewal - link

DANIEL 8: BY PEACE HE SHALL DESTROY - At Ecumenical Service Pope Urges for Peace in Armenia - link

UNITE THE WORLD - Our new alliance unites 600million city dwellers in fight against climate change - link

UNITE THE WORLD - The Dalai Lama And Lady Gaga Joined Forces To Talk About 'kindness' at US Mayors conference - link

TWO BEAST KINGDOMS OF REV.13 - Jesuit re-appointed as head of US religious freedom commission - link

PLAN TO STOP THE TRUTH - Google, Facebook quietly move toward automatic blocking of 'extremist' videos - link

COMING IMAGE OF THE BEAST - James Dobson pushing Christians towards Donal Trump, says he has accepted Jesus Christ - link

THE WORLD IS STIRRING - 700 mile storm, 1 million lightning bolts in 18 hours - link

ECUMENISM - United Nations celebrated 'International Yoga Day' - link

China tornado kills almost 100 people in Jiangsu - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Are Christians looking for a 'political savior' in a President? - link

SATAN's HOLLYWOOD - Church of Scientology opens film studio complex in Hollywood - link

DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Violence at Mexico teachers' protest leaves six dead - link

Nearly 50 dead in Central Java after flooding and landslides - link

DAUGHTER OF BABYLON - Bishops urge Church of England to rethink Bible and homosexuality - link

UNITING THE WORLD ON ROME's CLIMATE ISSUE - Climate is a matter of justice, peace and faith, world churches leader tells Lutherans - link

DESTROY THOSE WHO DESTROY THE EARTH - Amazon Mercury Mining kills Men, Women and Children - link

The New Cold War - NATO Plans 40,000 Force, Bases on Russia's Border - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 AND THE ARMING OF AMERICA - Gun sales soar after Orlando shooting - link

UNITY WITH BABYLON - Pope Francis Meets With Evangelical, Pentecostal Leaders in Rome - link

ANOTHER KILLING AND THE CALL FOR UNITY RISES - Bank of England governor calls for the 'promotion of the common good in the UK and the world' - link

AMERICA THE EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - Bill Clinton: America is most powerful when we work together - link

COMING IMAGE OF THE BEAST - How can the US counter religious extremism? - link

BABYLON - Parliament of World Religions calls for inclusion of 'LGBT brothers and sisters' and the prohibition of 'hate' - link

HARLOT RIDING THE BEAST - Pope has meeting with 100 judges from around the world at the Vatican - link

SURPRISE SURPRISE - ACLU says Christians to blame for Orlando gay nightclub attack - link

50 killed in Florida nightclub shooting - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - Colossal US rocket loaded with classified snooper satellite cargo shot into space - link

BABYLON - Leaders of the world's two largest faiths reconciled with a hug and a kiss - link

BABYLON AND HER DAUGHTERS - 'Together 2016' Organizer Meets With 'Pope Francis' to Unite Christians, Catholics on National Mall - link

COMING IMAGE OF THE BEAST/CHURCH-STATE - Trump Lays Out Plan to 'Protect and Defend' Christians - link

WEATHER MODIFICATION - Cloud seeding [which causes more rain] conducted a day before fatal Tasmania flooding - link

AMERICA's EVANGELICAL DECEPTION/IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Televangelist: God Is Using Donald Trump to Prepare America for Christ's Return - link

TRUE CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES BEING TWISTED AND ATTACKED - Christian fundamentalist schools teaching girls they must obey men - link

Episcopal Priest: LGBT People Will 'Revitalize Christianity' - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST/CHURCH-STATE - Ben Carson allies to target evangelicals with the aim of turning out evangelical voters for Donald Trump - link

The European Commission Wants You To Log Into Social Media Accounts With Govt-Issued ID Cards - link

UNITING CHURCH AND STATE - Pope Francis insists that 'greater politics' is realm of the Church - link

Over 30 dead after thunderstorms hit Islamabad, Pakistan - link

9 dead as storms sweep across Europe - link

ECUMENISM - Many of America's top Christian leaders, representing a variety of denominations, to meet in Dallas for 'The Gathering' - link

ECUMENISM - Head Of Germany's Protestant Church Wants Islam Taught In State Schools - link

Judge sentences man to attend church for 12 Sundays instead of going to prison - link

DAYS OF NOAH AND LOT - Obama proclaims 'LGBT pride month' in America - link

Saudi press says US blew up World Trade Center to CREATE 'war on terror' - link


May 2016

BABYLON AND HER DAUGHTERS - Pope's outreach to Protestants to hit new heights in Sweden - link

GAINING SUPPORT OF THE WORLD - Pope shares stage with movie stars Clooney, Gere and Hayek - link

CORRUPT CANCER INDUSTRY - UK cancer research pensions investing millions in British American Tobacco - link

ECUMENISM AND THE PUSH FOR WORLD UNITY - World ecumenical and evangelical leaders meet to explore areas of future cooperation - link

MARY DECEPTION - Why Catholics And Muslims Alike Come To Pray At This Shrine To Mary - link

CALL TO FOLLOW THE POPE? - In historic visit to Hiroshima, Obama calls on the world to morally evolve - link

DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Half France's petrol stations have run dry, riots break out in Paris and human traffickers are waging war in Calais - link

KINGS GIVE THEIR POWER TO THE BEAST - Pope Francis meets with Singapore's president at the Vatican - link

BABYLON - Church of England leader says we should keep quiet about our faith unless asked! - link

BABYLON - Lawyers say Minnesota Catholic archdiocese hiding 1 billion dollars in assets - link

IDOL WORSHIP - May 23 is officially named 'Beyonce Day' in Minnesota - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Belgian police clash with 60,000 anti-austerity protesters in Brussels - link

Pope lays out aggressive vision for UN summit - link

UNITING CHURCH AND STATE IN AMERICA - IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Hundreds of Evangelical leaders plan secret meeting with Donald Trump - link

92+ killed from flooding and landslides in Sri Lanka - link

23+ killed and 500,000 people flee as cyclone hits Bangladesh - link

UNITING RELIGIONS UNDER BABYLON - Pope Francis to receive Sunni Muslim leader at Vatican in unprecedented meeting - link

GIVING POWER TO THE BEAST - Polish army to help secure pope's visit - link

UNITY WITH BABYLON - 500th year reformation celebration to be 'profoundly ecumenical'; Luthern bishop calls for 'reconciliation' - link

LOCKDOWN - Army could be brought in to patrol UK streets, warn police leaders - link

Anonymous hackers shut down Bank of England, call for 'online revolution' - link

PAPACY UNITING THE WORLD - Joe Biden and John Boehner receive honor from Catholic Notre Dame university for their work on 'common good' - link

AND NO MAN CAN BUY OR SELL SAVE HE THAT HAS THE MARK, NAME OR NUMBER - Pope Francis tells a gathering of business experts to find new models of economic progress - link

Lightning kills 59 people in three days in Bangladesh - link

Venezuela State Of Emergency: Country's President Accuses U.S. Of Plotting To Topple Regime - link

KINGS GIVE THEIR POWER TO THE BEAST - Prince Akishino of Japan and wife meet pope at the Vatican - link

THIS WORLD IS DYING - Bee genocide: Nearly half of US honey hives collapsed in past 12 months - link

THIS WORLD IS DYING - Great Barrier Reef: devastating images tell story of coral colonies' destruction - link

Italy government gives the green light for gay marriage - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - GO VEGETARIAN - Burgers sold at fast-food chains and grocery stores across the US contain pathogens, and unexpected ingredients like human and rat DNA! - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - US government spent $2bn militarizing the police in America - link

FALSE REVIVAL - Pentecostals are involved in a 'sudden spiritual awakening' across southern West Virginia - link

111 Methodist leaders come out as gay in a challange to denominations ban on practicing homosexuals - link

THE WORLD IS AWASH WITH FEAR OF WHAT's TO COME - Prepping for Doomsday: Bunkers, Panic Rooms, and Going Off the Grid - link

FALSE SIGNS AND WONDERS - Weeping virgin Mary statue in California being called a 'miracle' - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Central bank of Ireland turning Ireland into a cashless society - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Mastercard and Visa look to face recognition and fingerprint for payment - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Indian government plans to promote cashless society - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST BEING SETUP IN AMERICA - Anne Graham Lotz Ready to Vote for Trump, Says He Can be Like Biblical King Nebuchadnezzar - link

COME OUT MY PEOPLE - Report reveals sexual abuses committed by priests 20 years ago that went unpunished in Uruguay - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Tens of thousands flood Warsaw in 'biggest' anti-govt, pro-EU protest in decades - link

GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT - Catholic religious order covered up for paedophile priest who abused up to 100 children - link

ECUMENISM AND FALSE PUSH FOR 'PEACE' - Interfaith Leaders Gather To Promote Peace In The Heart Of The Christian South - link

From India to Canada, the world is seeing a flurry of wild fires! - link

Wicca is growing in America - link

Erdogan is the most powerful leader in Turkish history [URIAH SMITH SAID TURKEY IS THE KING OF THE NORTH IN DANIEL 11 - KEEP AN EYE ON THEM] - link

Pope Francis trying to get us to forget the past! (I WONDER WHY??) - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - Pope to receive the prestigious Charlemagne Prize - link

CALL FOR WORLD UNITY AGAINST 'EXTREMISM' - Russian Orthodox Patriarch declares worldwide 'holy war' on terrorism, urges international unity - link

45 wildfires raging across Russia - link

THIS IS ISIS? REALLY, THIS IS THE 'THREAT' TO THE NATIONS? - What It's Really Like to Fight for the Islamic State - link

EARTH BEAST SURVEILLANCE - US drones will stay in the air for weeks, tracking individuals and whole populations - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Tens of thousands protest on the streets of Japan - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Inside the Secret Meeting Where Wall Street Tested Digital Cash - link

WORLD CONTROL - UK begin deploying troops to Africa - link

EU military police carry out 'extremely WORRYING' civil unrest crisis training - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Tens of Thousands of Spaniards Protest across Spain - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Thousands of people protest in France over labor reform bill - link


April 2016

THE EARTH IS DYING - 'Environmental breakdown': Florida Bay hit with huge seagrass die-off - link

PEACE AND SAFETY, THEN SUDDEN DESTRUCTION - Obama: 'We Are Fortunate to Be Living in the Most Peaceful Era in Human History' - link

1,000 earthquakes rattle Japan in 2 weeks - link

300 killed by heatwave in India - link

DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Venezuela's government has imposed a two-day working week for public sector workers to overcome a serious energy crisis - link

DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Former Italian prime minister says EU could disintegrate - link

CATHOLIC DECEPTION - A 'bleeding wafer' of the eucharist gets approval for veneration in Poland - link

UNITING WORLD's RELIGIONS - Christians, Muslims and Buddhists are among 270 religious leaders showing support for ambitious climate action at New York event on Monday - link

THE WORLD NEEDS JESUS - US suicide rate soars to 30-year high in growing epidemic across America - link

Turkey's government seizes ALL Christian churches in city and declares them 'state property' - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Thousands protest in Hannover against TTIP trade deal - link

Pope dumps Christian refugee family and takes Muslims to Vatican instead - link

Japan shaken by over 600 earthquakes in just 5 days! - link

The National Cancer Institute admits that masses of people who were treated for cancer DIDN'T HAVE CANCER! - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Hundreds protest against govt corruption in Macedonian capital - link

GET OUT OF THE CITIES - 1,000 people shot so far this year in Chicago - link

COME OUT MY PEOPLE - GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT - 'Shameful': Catholic Spanish teacher admits molesting 9 kids, but walks free! - link

PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS MINISTRY AS WE ARE UK BASED - Brits blindly walking into Orwellian surveillance state, survey suggests - link

SPIRITUAL DECEPTIONS - Malaysia school shuts after 'mass hysteria' outbreak due to 'spirits and supernatural experiences' - link

330 Million people affected by severe drought in India - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - Fluoride Officially Classified as a Neurotoxin alongside arsenic, lead and mercury in World's Most Prestigious Medical Journal - link

Bono goes to Washington and calls on congress to deal with 'extremism' - link

ECUMENISM - French Protestants unite to form one church - link

UNITY WITH THE WORLD - Protestants look to meeting with French president to strengthen social cohesion - link

UNITING OF CHURCH AND STATE - Former US secretary of state says religion must have a key part in foreign policy - link

COME OUT OF HER - AND GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT - Sexual abuse scandal rocks Peru's Catholic upper-class - link

Bernie Sanders - 'The pope is playing an historical and incredible role in creating a NEW WORLD ECONOMY' - link

140+ people dead in Ethiopia after Sudanese gunmen attack Gambella region - link

235 people killed after 7.8M earthquake strikes Ecuador - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - India launches new digital payment scheme - link

FALSE REVIVALS - Todd Bentley says 'angel feathers' and 'gemstones' appearing at his meetings - link

UNITING OF CHURCH AND STATE - Brazil's Evangelicals Flex POLITICAL POWER in Impeachment Drama - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Tens of thousands protest on streets of London - link

41 people killed after 7.3M earthquake strikes Japan - link

GET OUT OF THE CITIES - Hundreds of migrants and vigilantes fight in metro station in Paris - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Thousands protest in Egypt to call for resignation of president - link

END TIME DECEPTION OF BABYLON - Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg to team up with Russian Billionaire to find 'alien life' - link

BABYLONS SORCERIES - US vice president to address a major conference on the progress of 'regenerative medicine' at the Vatican - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - Avoidance of sun exposure is a risk factor for death of a similar magnitude as smoking! - link

Norway's Lutheran Church Votes to Support Same-Sex Marriage - link

Bangladesh High Court gives go ahead for Biometric SIM Registration - link

EU parliament votes to re-approve glyphosate used in 'Roundup' despite concerns over link to cancer - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - SmartMetric's biometric payment card impresses at Smart Card Alliance Payments Forum - link

(From 2013) THE CATHOLICISATION OF 'PROTESTANT' AMERICA - Protestant South Becoming a New Catholic Stronghold - link

The deception of Constantine (Video) - link

20,000 women are committing suicide in India every year - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Buses in Rwanda switching to cashless payments - link

ECUMENISM - Christians and Muslims in Thailand gather to promote 'harmony and peace' - link

FALSE REVIVAL AND ECUMENISM - Catholic 'Major Change' movement to bring 'unity' and 'revival' to Churches - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Over 400 people arrested during 'democracy spring' protest in Washington DC - link

CLIMATE DECEPTION - Looking to the heavens for 'Earth Day' - Inspired by Pope's encyclical - link

105 Killed in temple fire in India - link

For first time in 800 years, theology students at Oxford University no longer need to study Christianity - link

The United Nations starts toward new control over the world's oceans - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Japan to test payment system using only your fingerprint - link

ECUMENISM - Dalai Lama calls for religious harmony, says only way the world can confront terror is through greater contact between different faiths - link

ECUMENISM - Methodists and pope to meet at launch of new ecumenical office - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Supermarket in UK to launch it's first cashless store - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Biometrics in banking on verge of become mainstream - link

WILL THE SDA LEADERS REACH OUT WITH TRUTH? - Turkey's president comes to Maryland to celebrate Islamic center's opening - link

92 killed in Pakistan due to flash flooding and landslides - link

Mass protests and civil disobedience planned for Washington DC?? - link

NATO chief says America and NATO are implementing the biggest reinforcement to our collective defence since the end of the Cold War - link

US Federal agencies are considering withholding funds from North Carolina in response to the anti-LGBT discrimination bill - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Largest ever protests in Iceland as tens of thousands protest due to Panama leaks - link

America was formed on a basic premise of the separation of church and state, but the climate religion blends the two together - link

Arizonans can begin obtaining REAL ID-compliant licenses - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - America launches large scale naval drills in Philippines - link

False revival and the IMAGE OF THE BEAST coming to America! - link

Mexico: Evangelical Christian beaten and imprisoned after he refused to convert to Catholicism - link

BABYLON - COME OUT MY PEOPLE - Grand jury report reveals 50 Catholic priests abused HUNDREDS of children in Pennsylvania and it was covered up! - link

Glasgow Police force say 'be kind' and 'use the internet safely' or you may receive a visit from the police! - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - America to deploy fighter jets to Iceland and Netherlands - link

Dozens killed in violent clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh - link


March 2016

LOCKDOWN - 1,000 more armed police on British streets to counter 'terrorism' - link

Turkey supplying weapons to ISIS through NGO's - link

DESTROY THOSE WHO DESTROY THE EARTH - Whales are starving - their stomachs full of our plastic waste - link

ECUMENISM AND THE CALL FOR UNITY - Trump Calls on US Christians to Unite - link

CHURCH AND STATE - Mississippi Moves Toward Allowing Armed Guards in Churches - link

SPIRITUAL DECEPTIONS - Supposed image of Jesus seen in fountain on 'easter sunday' - link

PEOPLE RISING - More than 25,000 march for life and family in Ecuador - link

Murder rates up 84 percent in Chicago - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Samsung Pay launches in China - link

PUSH FOR SUNDAY LAW - Every second Sunday to be mandatory day off for TV Industry in India - link

Governor of Georgia vetoes 'religious freedom' bill after pressure from large corporate businesses - link

VAXXED: the ABC News interview that Big Pharma didn't want you to see - link

CREATION TRUTH - Scientists discover that basic elements of life are enormously complex and remain full of unsolved mysteries - link

TWO BEASTS OF REV.13 - Obama says sorry for US's role in Argentina's 'dirty war' where thousands of people were killed and disappeared [POPE FRANCIS WAS ALSO INVOLVED IN THIS] - link

Over 69 killed by explosion at a public park in Pakistan - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Tens of thousands of Yemenis protest year of war, denounce Saudi-led offensive - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - 22 Powerful Uses Of Frankincense Essential Oil - link

Hollywood putting pressure on Georgia's religious freedom bill - link

Turkey begins issuing biometric ID cards - link

Anti-vaccination parents face jail time after Uganda passes new law - link

WORLD WONDERS AFTER THE BEAST - Pope Francis 'world's most popular leader' - link

European ministers preparing to push through new laws to give security agencies direct access to personal data - link

THEY NEED JESUS - British people are 'more anxious and depressed than ever' - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - Largest US egg producing state operating with no safety inspections - link

Obama calls for WORLD UNITY in wake of Brussels attacks - link

AMERICA THE EARTH BEAST IN CONTROL - China central bank asks the US Federal Reserve for help - link

LOCKDOWN - Europe and US tighten security in wake of Brussels attacks - link

Japan Seeks Facial Recognition for Border Security - link

Brussels Airport and Subway Explosions Kill 34 - link

LOCK DOWN THE CITIES - London 'ready' for '10 simultaneous terror attacks' by ISIS - link

IS EASTER CHRISTIAN? - Little witches in Finland cast spells before Easter - link

Large increase in earthquakes in Oklahoma since 2012 - link

ECUMENISM - Roman Curia and pope listens to sermon on 'The Path to unity among Christians' - link

CHURCH/STATE - IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Franklin Graham says Christians Must Vote, Even If Only For The Lesser Of Two Heathens - link

MASS SURVEILLANCE - Skye Project to produce strange looking eyeball drones - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Massive anti-government protests in Brazil - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - War crimes committed in US led Saudi war in Yemen - link

PREPARING FOR THE MARK - United Arab Emirates now require mobile users to register biometrics - link

Vatican to make mother Teresa a saint - But what happened to all the MILLIONS in donations? - link

Lord Rothschild says "we're in 'the eye of the storm'", warns of difficult 2016 - link

ECUMENSIM - A united Cyprus could be a model for Christian and Muslim unity - link

PREPARING FOR THE MARK - We Are Headed Toward a Cashless Society - link

WHEN THEY SHALL SAY PEACE AND SAFETY - Calls for global peace get louder - link

'Unprecedented' UN global data gathering to add huge amounts of information for governments to collect - link

Growing Number of Major U.S. Corporations Embracing Eastern Meditation Practices - link

BATTLE FOR THE SUNDAY LAW - British MP's reject plans to extend Sunday trading - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - 50,000 people protest government in Poland - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Thousands protest pro-refugee policy in Berlin - link

Devastating floods kill 21 people in Sao Paulo - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - Total recall: Food industry hit hard by glass-laced products, salmonella, allergens - link

ANTICHRIST/BABYLON - Pope suggests that Jesus had to 'beg for forgiveness' to Mary and Joseph [SO THE POPE IS SAYING THAT JESUS SINNED!!] - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - US sending B-2 bombers to Asia - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - US Attorney General Loretta Lynch has 'considered taking legal action against climate change deniers' - link

Integrated Biometrics to Launch 'Game-Changing' Biometric Device at connect:ID - link

Natural gas explosion reduces Seattle businesses to rubble - link

ECUMENISM - Hare Krishna at the Vatican - link

ECUMENISM - Franklin Graham to unite with Russian Orthodox Church 'against Christian persecution' - link

Historic floods claims 3+ lives, force thousands to evacuate in South America - link

Ben Carson to endorse Donald Trump - link

Hungary Declares State Of Emergency, Deploys Thousands Of Troops To Border - link

NASA claiming that climate change was the cause for the rise of ISIS? - link

ECUMENISM - World Evangelical Alliance wants to build bridges with other faiths, champion women in the Church - link

FEAR FOR WHAT's COMING - Isis planning 'enormous and spectacular attacks', anti-terror chief warns - link

South Korea and US set for 'largest ever' war games - link

TWO BEASTS OF REV.13 - Want to Know Who Will Win the US Presidency? Ask the Pope - link

BABYLON - Catholic Cardinal says 'proselytism is practically a manipulation of the conscience' and Christians should not try to convert Muslim migrants [Isn't it loving to tell them about Jesus?] - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - America just sent a carrier strike group to confront China - link

How facial recognition has invaded UK shops - and your privacy - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Google trialling face-recognition payment app - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - How Going Cashless Could Change Economic Policies - link

PERSECUTED FOR THE TRUTH - Disfellowshipped from Fox Valley SDA church in Wisconsin for the Begotten Son of God - link

SETTING UP FOR THE MARK - Pakistan Post Office Prepares Biometric Authentication for Pension, Welfare Recipients - link


PLANNED CRISIS? - Pope suggests that Europe can be 'enhanced' by the 'arab invasion' from the Middle East conflicts - link and here

DESTROY THOSE WHO DESTROY THE EARTH - Nigerian communities being destroyed by Shell's repeated oil spills - link

EVOLUTION FARCE - Scientists now saying that life on Earth began in Scotland ... with 440 million year old fungus!! - link

7.8 earthquake strikes off Indonesia, deaths reported - link

FALSE REVIVAL COMING - Kenneth Copeland Says God is Rebirthing America - link

New 'snooper' bill in UK to give all police enhanced powers to hack devices - link

BABYLON/COME OUT OF HER - Hundreds of Pennsylvania children sexually abused by DOZENS of 'predator Catholic priests' - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - America warns Beijing of 'specific consequences' over China Sea militarization [AND YET THE US CAN MILITARIZE ALL OVER THE WORLD??] - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - America to spend $3 billion on military buildup in Eastern Europe - link

MARK OF THE BEAST - Community of Christian Churches in Switzerland calling for 'the Sunday rest' - link

ECUMENISM - Baltimore Religious Leaders Head To Vatican To Meet Pope Francis - link

ECUMENISM - Terrorism in Nigeria has brought Anglicans, Catholics, and Pentecostals together - link

SPIRITUAL DECEPTION - A Spiritual Revolution: Thousands Gather To Hear new agers Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle in L.A. - link

Leonardo DiCaprio calls for WORLD UNITY on 'climate issue' during his oscar speech - link

12 Holistic Doctors have now died within a little over 90 Days - link

BABYLON's SORCERIES - Average cost of prescription drugs doubled in 7 years - link


February 2016

Dozens feared killed as coalition forces strike market in Yemeni capital - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Violence as thousands turn out for 'family values' rally in Stuttgart, Germany - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - MasterCard's 'Selfie' Based Authentication To Launch in Summer - link

CEO of Instagram has meeting with pope Francis - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Tens of thousands march in London in largest demo in decades - link

EARTH DYING - Scientists announce worst ever coral die off around the world - link

Italy's senate passes a bill recognizing same-sex couples - link

HEALTH MESSAGE - EMF Controversy Exposed - link

ISIS would be easy to defeat if Turkey and Saudi Arabia did not support it - Assad's adviser to RT [AND WHO SUPPORTS TURKEY AND SAUDI? AMERICA AND EU!] - link

EARTH BEAST OF REV.13 - To Wipe Out 'Terror', the US Is Now Bombing Seven Different Countries - link

DESTROY THOSE WHO DESTROY THE EARTH - Water emergency in Peruvian Amazon after 3,000-barrel oil spill contaminates 2 rivers - link

Dozens killed after massive cyclone hits Fiji - link

FALSE MARIAN RELIGION - When Pope Francis looks back at Mexico trip, he sees Our Lady of Guadalupe - link

ECUMENISM - Franklin Graham to Pope: 'Build a Bridge to Donald Trump' - link

Turkey demands military support from the US against 'terrorists' - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Rally turns into street rave as 1000's in Sydney march against lockout laws - link

THE NATIONS WERE ANGRY - French anarchists go on rampage over state of emergency extension - link

700 Children among 6000 who have been killed in Yemen conflict - link

Turkey launched 100+ artillery strikes in Syria - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Fingerprints for food in Venezuela - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Samsung Pay soon to launch in the UK - link

US Justice Antonin Scalia's death sparks battle for Supreme Court control - link

Turkey and Saudi Arabia consider ground campaign in Syria following border strikes - link

ECUMENISM - Unity call as Pope Francis holds historic talks with Russian Orthodox Patriarch - link

BABYLON - Pope sending 1000 'super confessor priests, with enhanced powers of forgiveness' to the world! - link

PREPARING FOR THE MARK - - Indian Government Links Staff Salaries to Biometric Enrollment - link

GOD IS HOLDING THINGS IN CHECK FOR NOW - UK Parliamentary committee tells home secretary to 'go back to drawing board' over new spy bill - link

BABYLON - GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT - The Vatican has told new Catholic bishops that they have no obligation to report clerical child abuse - link

52 dead after massive prison riot in Mexico - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - 1,000 card issuers now backing Apple Pay - link

ECUMENISM - Roman Catholic Nancy Pelosi compares Islam, Judaism, and Christianity at national prayer breakfast - link

THE COMING IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Kenneth Copeland Declares That Ted Cruz Has Been 'Called And Anointed' By God To Be The Next President - link

ECUMENISM - Evangelical Alliance urges Christians to build links with Muslims - link

WORLD UNITY - World Government summit 2016 - link

At least 14 dead - dozens still missing after earthquake hits Taiwan - link

BABYLON - Ask Mary's help if illness makes it hard to trust God's mercy, Pope Francis advises - link

ECUMENISM - Obama Calls for Embrace of 'Common Humanity' at Annual Prayer Breakfast - link

ECUMENISM - How Is Pope Francis Advancing Ecumenical Relations? 'In Every Way,' Says Rome's Anglican Leader - link

ECUMENISM - Pope Francis set for historic Orthodox Patriarch meeting to sign joint declaration - link

BABYLON/IDOL WORSHIP - Body of 'mystic monk' in crystal coffin goes on the road for Catholic Holy Year - link

U.S. eyes ways to toughen fight against domestic extremists - link

DANIEL 8:25 - BY PEACE HE SHALL DESTROY MANY - Pope Francis: I want to help bring peace to Mexico - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - 50,000 people march in central Athens during general strike - link

PEOPLE RISING/DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Mass protests paralyze Auckland amid signing of TPP - link

A Headache for Evolutionists? Scientists Discover 'Unimaginable Complexity' in DNA - link


January 2016

ECUMENISM - Marrakech Declaration is Historic and Inspiring for interfaith unity - link

80 killed in latest attack in Nigeria - link

WORLD WONDERS AFTER THE BEAST - Leonardo DiCaprio Praises Pope Francis's 'Inspiring and Revolutionary' Stance on Climate Change after meeting - link

KINGS OF THE EARTH UNITE - Inside the World Economic Forum in Davos: Leaders of the World, Unite! - link

BABYLON - Roman Catholic priest hits children during mass service - link

PUSHING BABYLON's SORCERIES (DRUGS) - Panel recommends depression screening for adults - link

Bangladesh pushing forward with plan with Biometric SIM Registration - link

Oregon standoff - one person dead after shooting incident with FBI and police - link

Zika virus spreading 'explosively', says World Health Organisation - link

WAR AGAINST TRUTH - World Lutheran leader urges countering 'extremism' with 'robust moderation' - link

Brazil deploying 220,000 soldiers due to virus outbreak - link

Growing trend around the world - Saudi Mobile Subscribers Must Register Biometric Fingerprints - link

85 killed due to 'cold snap' in East Asia - link

PUSHING FEAR - Isis targeting Europe for Paris-style attacks, says EU police chief - link

EARTH BEAST'S POWER - Europe is in crisis. Once more, AMERICA will have to step in to save us - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - US Justice Antonin Scalia says Government Can Endorse Religion - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Norway's Biggest Bank Calls For Country To Stop Using Cash - link

Bolivia's second largest lake has dried up and maybe gone for good - link

29 people killed after massive snowstorm hits east coast of America - link

BABYLON - Catholic Church child abuse scandals 'tip of iceberg' - link

A week after meeting with former Google chief, Pope Francis has meeting with Apple CEO - link

ECUMENISM - Archbishop of Canterbury pushing for "church unity", saying we are all God's children - link

Hungary Launches Biometric electronic ID cards - link

IMAGE OF THE BEAST - Nationwide Tour across America to Support 'Godly Leaders' - link

ECUMENSIM - Pope preaches interfaith unity at Jewish synagogue in Rome - link

Hollande says France in state of economic emergency - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Canada moving towards a cashless society - link

Obama Carries Rosary, Buddha, Monkey God, And Lucky Poker Chip In His Pocket - link

Venezuelan government has announced a 60-day economic emergency due to worsening crisis - link

PREPARING FOR THE MARK - Poll Hints at Americans' Acceptance of Workplace Biometrics - link

A millennium's worth of earthquakes in the past two years! - link

RBS tells investors: 'Sell everything' - link

UK education authority confirms that churches who teach children need to register under extremism proposals - link

SEEKING CONTROL OF INTERNET SEARCH? - Pope Francis arranges unique Vatican meeting with Google's Eric Schmidt - link

UNITING THE WORLD's RELIGIONS UNDER THE POPE - The Pope video on inter-religious dialogue - link

FEAR OF WHAT's COMING - Gun permit requests and sales skyrocket in Austria amid refugee influx - link

SPIRITUAL DECEPTIONS - 1.5 Million Filipino Catholics march with statue of Jesus Praying for Miracles - link

America refuses to release information about it's 'killswitch' for cellphone and internet - link

6 dead as Jakarta rocked with explosions and gun fire - link

Michigan governor calls National Guard to help in water crisis - link

EARTH BEAST - Obama: 'the United States of America is the most powerful nation on Earth. Period. Period. It's not even close' - link

COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE - 231 young boys violently abused in Roman Catholic school in Germany - link

SCARE-MONGERING - Leonardo DiCaprio says Climate Change is the Most Existential Human Crisis the World Has Ever Known - link

Western Australia Wildfire Brings Widespread Destruction - link

Scary sell-off in Chinese stocks is magnifying concerns about the health of China - link

DISTRESS OF NATIONS - Protesters set Kosovo government HQ on fire over deal with Serbia - link

PEOPLE RISING - Thousands of people protest against Monsanto in Buenos Aires, Argentina - link

ECUMENISM - Pope stresses interfaith unity: 'We are all children of God' - link

HEALTH MESSAGE/GO VEGETARIAN - Chinese Scientist Plans to Clone a Million Cows per Year - link

BABYLON - Franciscan nun opens up about violence and torture in Catholic convent - link

Over 50 killed in bomb attack on police training center in Libya - link

PEOPLE RISING - US 'militants' take control of a national wildlife refuge in Oregon - link

DAUGHTERS OF BABYLON - Prosperity preachers claim need for private jets to prevent flying with 'demons' on commercial airlines - link

CASHLESS SOCIETY - Canada Walks the Road Towards Cashless Society - link

BABYLON - Catholic Church linked to Uganda child labour - link

THANKS FOR YOUR 'INTERVENTION' AMERICA AND UN - Over 22,000 Iraqi civilians killed and injured in violence in 2015 - link

EARTH BEAST - Police in America killed 1200 people during 2015 - link

ISIS oil trucks cross into Turkey every day? - link

DISTRESS OF NATIONS/PEOPLE RISING - Thousands of Polish protest government laws - link

Turkish military kills nearly 300 Kurdish rebels in raids - link

ARMING OF THE PEOPLE - Gun Sales Surge In Switzerland As Army Chief Warns 'Arm Yourselves' - link

WONDERING AFTER THE BEAST - Palestine accord with the Vatican takes effect - link

ECUMENISM AND WORLD UNITY - Not Just Pope Francis: Evangelicals also Praise Paris Climate Talks - link

AMERICA WILL REMAIN AS MAIN WORLD POWER - Slowdown in Chinese manufacturing deepens fears for economy - link

HANDING OVER LIBERTIES FOR 'PEACE AND SAFETY' - Poll: Most Americans Approve of Warantless Online Surveillance - link


ARCHIVE Prophecy News for 2015


Keep Watching and Waiting

'Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. (Matthew 24:42)

'Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.' (1 Thessalonians 5:6)

'But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.' (1 Peter 4:7)

'Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.' (Revelation 3:3)



There are so many things happening in this world today of which we have never seen before. Major events that are taking place more and more frequently and with more intensity. Bible prophecy is fast fulfilling and the final events are right upon us. Our end times news pages show clearly what is taking place and what is soon to come. Jesus is soon to return friends, 'even at the door' - and we need to heed the warning signs and be ready.