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"Christians should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise, and this preparation they should make by diligently studying the word of God and striving to conform their lives to its precepts." (Prophets and Kings p. 626)

This is a must read book for the end times (apart from the Bible): The Great Controversy

Below we will post updated news items for 2014 that we believe relate to the end times and Bible prophecy. Please note that if the link you follow takes you to a dead page, it will either be because the news item is old, or it has been removed by the author. Scroll down to see the news updates and you will see without doubt, taking into account the many endtime signs shown in this site, that we are living in the last days.

Ephesians 5:11 ...'And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.'

Babylon is Rising! The Man of Sin is 'Reforming the Papacy' to unite and establish PAPAL PRIMACY over the Whole 'Christian World'

"I think the Pope has one main concern: unity .. I think the Pope wants to Pope Powerachieve unity also through the reform of the papacy .. This would help create a new style of papal primacy and episcopal government .. I am thinking of the Christians in Iraq and Syria: never before have there been as many martyrs as today and they are Christians of all denominations. The blood of all Christians is united beyond theological and dogmatic decisions." (source)

See this → → Shimon Peres asked Pope Francis to head a parallel United Nations called the 'United Religions' to counter religious extremism in the world today!

Do you know what so called 'Papal Infallibility' states? Take a look ..

"Those not living within the [Roman] Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews and heretics and schismatics cannot become participants in eternal life, but will depart 'into everlasting fire .. unless before the end of life the same have been added to the flock; and that the unity of the ecclesiastical body is so strong that only to those remaining in it are the sacraments of the Church of benefit for salvation .. and that no one, whatever almsgiving he has practiced, even if he has shed blood for the name of Christ, can be saved, unless he has remained in the bosom and unity of the [Roman] Catholic Church." (Pope Eugene IV, Cantate Domino, Council of Florence, February 4, 1442.)

This utter blasphemy is standard teaching within the Roman Catholic Church, and all who unite with her will be rejecting Christ Jesus and His truth, that ONLY HE is the way to salvation (John 14:6). Friends, Babylon the Great is ascending. She is gaining more and more support, not only from other churches and faiths, but also from the world governments. And soon, the beast that she 'rides' (The Papacy), will gain the POWER of nations (Rev. 17:12-13), and will rule the world just like in the dark ages.

Uniting with apostasy in a fractured and troubled world, is still apostasy! COME OUT MY PEOPLE

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Important Information: Many do not know about the connection between Roman Catholicism and Islam. Why do they both venerate Mary over Christ Jesus? Why are there many places in the world where Catholics and Muslims share devotion of Mary? (source). Why are MILLIONS of Muslims seeing 'apparitions' of Mary? (source). Why does the Catholic Catechism state that Muslims worship the same God as Catholics? (see Catechism p841). And yet according to 'Papal infallibility', TRUE Bible believing Christians OUTSIDE of the Roman Catholic Church are going to burn in hell??

It is because the Roman Catholic Church CREATED the religion of Islam. SEE THIS VIDEO.

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God is giving us plenty of warning! The time of His mercy is soon to end for this world. Are you ready? Will you be sealed? Please seek the truth and turn to Christ Jesus now, as the time of probation is soon to close!


Obama Gathers a 10-Nation 'Core Coalition' to defeat ISIS 'Threat' (September 2014)

"A 10-nation group the Obama administration has gathered to fight ISIS could help, but more important will be the nations that surround the Islamist militant group's self-declared caliphate, experts say ... After meetings at last week's NATO Summit, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke of a newly formed core coalition. President Barack Obama said it would take on ISIS. The nations are Australia, Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Turkey, in addition to the United States."

Friends, the nations of this world are uniting, and Pope Francis, that MAN OF SIN, is being heralded as the one person in the world who can bring peace. Revelation 17 confirms that world nations (10 kings) will give their power unto the beast which Babylon (the Roman Catholic Church) rides and CONTROLS.

In Revelation 13 we see two beasts. The sea beast (the Papacy) and the earth beast (America). Now Revelation 13 reveals that America has the power to cause the kingdoms of this world to follow it. The world is looking to the Vatican to solve the problems of this world, and soon we will see Rome's 'solution' to all this trouble - the solution being the MARK OF THE BEAST. And America will be the nation to cause the whole world to take the beast's mark.


French Muslims support Middle-East Christians against Islamic State (September 2014)

"The Muslim Council in France ... denounced the persecution of Middle East Christians on Tuesday and said mosques across the country would pray for them this week. In a joint statement with a Christian group, the Council (CFCM) said barbarians are perpetrating crimes against humanity in the region exploiting Islam as their banner ... The Vatican and Christian leaders in Western countries have called on Muslims to speak out against Islamic State."

Do you see what is happening here? This current 'crisis' caused by the barbaric group 'Islamic State', which by some accounts has been purposely manufactured by the leaders of this world, is bringing about a UNITY between Muslims, Christians and other religions against this 'threat'. And the Vatican is behind it all.

Satan desires the world to unite and he is succeeding. He is conditioning the world to REJECT and ABHOR 'religious intolerance'. And do you know what BIBLE TRUTH will be regarded as, more and more, as we draw nearer the end? 'Religious intolerance'! That's what Bible truth will be regarded as. Friends, Satan, through the Vatican and America is cultivating a world that rejects God's truth.

Pope Francis says fundamentalism in Christianity (in other words, Bible TRUTH) is a form of violence!

We must not unite with the man of sin or the world. We must stand firm upon the 'NEVER CHANGING' Word of God, and follow Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Our ONLY way to salvation.


President of the European Council says 'WE ARE ALL JESUITS' (September 2014)

This is a news article from 2012, but applies to us today!

"There are plenty of reasons to keep a close eye on Herman van Rompuy, the President of the European Council. Early September, Van Rompuy spoke to the 'Interreligious Dialogue' in Florence. The world press did not notice, but fortunately there was still the 'Katholiek Nieuwsblad' from Den Bosch, Rome's last resort in the Netherlands. The newspaper proudly quoted Van Rompuy as announcing: 'We are all Jesuits'. He was referring to those prominent European leaders with whom he is developing the architecture for the future Europe. It creates unbreakable ties. So there is a 'Jesuits International'."

Take a look at what this humble woman of God said about the Jesuits over 100 years ago ... "Throughout Christendom, Protestantism was menaced by formidable foes. The first triumphs of the Reformation past, Rome summoned new forces, hoping to accomplish its destruction. At this time the order of the Jesuits was created, the most cruel, unscrupulous, and powerful of all the champions of popery ... There was no crime too great for them to commit, no deception too base for them to practice, no disguise too difficult for them to assume ... it was their studied aim to secure wealth and power, to be devoted to the overthrow of Protestantism, and the re-establishment of the papal supremacy ... When appearing as members of their order, they wore a garb of sanctity, visiting prisons and hospitals, ministering to the sick and the poor, professing to have renounced the world, and bearing the sacred name of Jesus, who went about doing good. But under this blameless exterior the most criminal and deadly purposes were often concealed ... Under various disguises the Jesuits worked their way into offices of state, climbing up to be the counselors of kings, and shaping the policy of nations." (E.White, Great Controversy, p.234-235)


The World is Becoming Digital, Ready for the Enforcement of the Mark of the Beast (September 2014)

Governments across the world have been urged to play a bigger role in promoting the shift from cash and paper-based payment systems to digital payments. (source)

Ecuador is planning to create the world's first government-issued digital currency. (source)

Nigeria Launches National Electronic ID Card. (source)

Kenya is going Cashless. (source)

UK Closer than ever to becoming a cashless society. (source)

Zimbabwe becoming a cashless society. (source)

Thailand is trending towards going cashless. (source)

National ID Scheme needs to be digital and global, just like in Estonia. (source)

Barclays unveils 'finger reader' device which scans your veins in the latest bid to combat fraud. (source)

This is just a small selection of what is going on around the 'digital' world. We are truly living in an age never seen before in history. And soon, with all the troubles in this world, Satan will unite the 'kings of the earth' in enforcing the mark of the beast.


John Kerry to Seek 'World Coalition' Against ISIS at NATO Summit (August 2014)

"US Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday called for 'a world coalition' to defeat the Islamic State (Isis) militant group which has seized control of large parts of Iraq and Syria and was cited by the British prime minister, David Cameron, when he raised the UK's terror threat level to severe on Friday ... Both leaders [Obama and Canada PM] agreed on the importance of ensuring alliance unity on measures to strengthen Nato's readiness and responsiveness to the full range of current and future threats."

There are so many reports and people saying that it was America who funded and supported these 'rebel' groups. And not only that, there is evidence to suggest that the Papal Church of Rome is responsible for creating the Islamic religion. So yet again, we have the two beasts of Revelation 13 at the forefront. Revelation 13 confirms two beasts (kingdoms) that are responsible for a lot of the trouble in the world during the last days. The sea beast being the Papacy at the Vatican, and the earth beast being America. And it is these two beasts who end up enforcing the mark of the beast.

The Roman Catholic and Islamic Connection

What will be the outcome of this 'radical Islamic' force? Well, we are seeing it already in the news item below. The result will be a worldwide hatred for 'religious intolerance'. And that will include any TRUE Bible believing Christian sharing the truth from the Word of God.

The time is coming friends, when we who hold to the true Word of God will be classed as 'intolerant', and we will be hated for it and persecuted. Are you ready? Have you given your life FULLY to Christ Jesus? Now is the time!


UK Government Rules that Biblical Creation is Religious 'Extremism' (August 2014)

"Nurseries are at risk of being taken over by religious extremists, the Education Secretary will warn as she announces that toddlers are to be taught fundamental British values ... Nurseries that teach creationism as scientific fact will be ineligible for taxpayer funding, under the new rules ... Mrs Morgan's announcement comes in the wake of the 'Trojan Horse' plot by Islamist radicals to take over state schools in Birmingham."

Can you see the result of the Islamic religion? It is causing even TRUE Christianity to be classed as 'extremist', and anyone holding firm Biblical truths with be classed as an extremist, 'intolerant' and an outcast.


How the ALS 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Spread Around the World - SOCIAL CONFORMITY EXPERIMENT? (August 2014)

"It's one of the most successful awareness campaigns that has ever run online, with people from Giselle Bundchen to George W. Bush to Bill Gates taking part. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised almost US100 million for people suffering with the condition better known as Lou Gehrig's Disease since it kicked off in late July."

I post this friends purely to warn you to be on your guard at all times, and to not get drawn into this dangerous web of 'social conformity'. Even though something may 'seem' right and good, doesn't mean it actually is good. Look at what the Word of God tells us:

Proverbs 14:12 ...'There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.'

Why the 'ice bucket challenge'? Why not just give money to those in need? There is more to this than meets the eye.

With the explosion of 'social media', people these days seem more willing to conform to the things of the world. Not only did the so called worldly celebrities take part in this 'ice bucket challenge', many of the leading Evangelical pastors took part also, with professed Christians all over the world taking part. And what happens when you 'nominate' someone else? They feel under pressure to 'conform', which many people did.

Yes, this supposedly raised 100 million dollars for ALS, but how much of that really goes to those in need compared with what goes into the pockets of the people running it?

Satan is 'experimenting' and seeing how many blind goats he can get to follow him. We are living in perilous times friends, physically and spiritually. Please be on your guard. Rather than focus on what pleases man, focus on what pleases God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. Stay in the Word of God and the Word alone!


Roman Catholics, evangelical Christians closer now than ever Before (August 2014)

"Evangelical and Catholic mutual respect and cooperation is stronger than it has been in all of history, said Tim Larsen, professor of Christian thought at Wheaton College in Illinois ... The collaboration is evident in Pittsburgh this weekend at Consol Energy Center, where the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's three-day Three Rivers Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham ... More than 500 churches representing 48 denominations, including the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, helped to organize the event."

God's true people have been preaching for over 100 years that the Protestant churches in America would end up uniting with the Roman Catholic Church. Babylon the Great, the MOTHER of Harlots (Roman Catholic Church) and her 'daughters' (Fallen Protestant Churches) are uniting, just as Bible prophecy said they would.

What has been the one uniting influence between the Roman Catholic Church and the majority of Protestant Churches? The veneration of the first day of the week in place of God's true 7th day sabbath. By observing Rome's 'institution' of SUN-day sacredness, the Protestant churches have paid homage to the little horn power who 'thinks to change [God's] time and laws', rather than standing on a 'Thus saith the Lord.' And by keeping that connection with Rome, full blown unity was going to be inevitable.


Prominent Evangelical Leaders Are Heading to Israel in Support of the Nation (August 2014)

"Prominent evangelical leaders are teaming up for a six-day solidarity trip to Israel in an effort to stand in support of the nation's right to defend itself from those who would deny their right to exist ... The trip, called Christians in Solidarity With Israel ... The Christian leaders will meet with Israeli politicians and citizens during their trip in an effort to offer their support to the Jewish state."

These evangelical leaders are doing this because of the false belief that Israel is STILL God's special chosen nation and they still regard Israel as the 'holy land'. But the New Testament clearly teaches us that the Jews' rejection of Christ Jesus and the gospel message disqualified them from being God's chosen. Jews can still be saved but only if they accept Christ Jesus as their Saviour.

Matthew 23:37-38 ...'O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.'

Galatians 3:28-29 ...'There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.'

And their 'house' was truly left desolate when God allowed the Romans to destroy Jerusalem in AD70.

Find out the truth about ISRAEL IN THE END TIMES


Sharon Stone Tells Oprah about her 'Near Death Experience' (August 2014)

"Sharon Stone on Her Near-Death Experience: 'I Felt Peaceful' - Oprah Winfrey Show."


This deception is becoming more and more widespread, not only in the secular world, but in the professed Christian churches also. And where has this deception come from? It has come from the false teaching that we have an 'immortal soul'. This is a deception from Satan which has caused spiritualism to flourish all over the world. And these 'near death experiences' are very popular in 'New Age' circles.

The Bible is very clear that when we die we return to the dust from where we were made (Genesis 3:19). We know nothing after we have died (Ecclesiastes 9:5, 10). And we sleep in the dust of the earth UNTIL the resurrection (Daniel 12:2). The Bible also says the soul that sinneth, in other words a 'living being', it shall die (Ezekiel 18:20).

Please seek the truth on this, because Satan is getting ready to deceive the whole world. See our other site HERE to find out the truth about hell and what happens when we die.


Is Bishop Tony Palmer Still Alive? (August 2014)

"Is he dead or alive? Youtube deleted this video, I had to re-upload it again!"

Just thought I would share this interesting video with you. Is Tony Palmer still alive? We don't know, but what we do know is that the Vatican is up to no good, that's for sure!


United Nations Building A World Police Force, Fears Of A New World Order (August 2014)

"There are reports coming in that the United Nations is building a massive international police force that consists of soldiers of many nations. This news has also brought about fears of a New World Order as well as the disarming of citizens under some form of global martial law."

The ten horns on the beast of Revelation 17, which the harlot (Roman Catholic Church) rides - and controls, represent the kings (or kingdoms) of the world. And as Revelation 17 says, these kings (world nations) come together and give their power unto the beast. And when they give their allegiance and power to the beast, then the mark of the beast will be enforced upon all the world (Rev. 13).


Liberian Catholic Bishops Convene Meeting and Conclude that Ebola is Plague from God (August 2014)

"More than 100 Bishops, Pastors, General Overseers, Prophets, Evangelists and other Ministers of the Gospel, under the auspices of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), converged Wednesday ... The meeting was called by Archbishop Jonathan B.B. Hart, President of the LCC ... they unanimously endorsed the following resolution: That God is angry with Liberia, and that Ebola is a plague. Liberians have to pray and seek God's forgiveness over the corruption and immoral acts that continue to penetrate our society."

This is exactly what the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church will proclaim one day soon when the Sunday law is enforced. Take a look at this inspired quote from a humble woman of God over 100 years ago:

"When the angel of mercy folds her wings and departs Satan will do the evil deeds he has long wished to do. Storm and tempest, war and bloodshed - in these things he delights, and thus he gathers in his harvest. And so completely will men be deceived by him that they will declare that these calamities are the result of the desecration of the first day of the week. From the pulpits of the popular churches will be heard the statement that the world is being punished because Sunday is not honoured as it should be." (E.White, Review and Herald, Sept 17, 1901)


A Scientist is Fired from University after Publishing Soft Tissue Discovery on Dinosaur Fossil (July 2014)

"A scientist was terminated from his job at a California State University after discovering soft tissue on a triceratops fossil, and then publishing his findings ... The discovery stunned members of the scientific community because it indicates that dinosaurs roamed the earth only thousands of years in the past rather than going extinct 60 million years ago."

Satan will do whatever he can to silence the truth. The truth being that this world is only thousands of years old (6,000), and not the MILLIONS of years which the worldly scientists falsely proclaim.


Judge Jeanine Pirro Calls on the Pope and Papacy to Lead the way in Middle East (July 2014)

"As Christians are slaughtered, churches torched, and families forced from their homeland, the mass murder of Christians is underway. While Israeli Jews are under similar attack, at least they have Netanyahu, a leader who is willing to fight to the death ... So, who should be defending Christians? Who? The leader of the Catholic Church, the pope, the man who shepherds the faithful."

America is turning to the pope and the Papacy to lead the world. And this is the fulfillment of Revelation 13, in which the two beasts, America and the Papacy unite in forcing the mark of the beast upon the world.

Friends, we are entering the final stages. Please BE READY, as Jesus is coming soon!


Muslims, Christians and Politicians UNITE in Protest Against Iraqi Violence Against Christians (July 2014)

"Hundreds of people demonstrated Thursday in Arbil, capital of Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan region, to condemn the forced displacement of Iraqi Christians and call for their protection ... Muslims, Christians, displaced people and political parties took part in the protest outside UN offices in Arbil."

Can you see what Satan's plan is here? The great UNIFICATION of faiths and the Civil powers is coming and the troubles in Iraq (described in below news item) will only further this UNITY. Then us TRUE Bible believing Christians who do not unite with these false churches and religions (Babylon) will be looked upon as the one's stopping unity and peace in the world - Then we will see the fulfillment of Revelation 13 happen!


Islamic Group ISIS tell Christians in Mosul to Convert, Pay a Fine, or Face Death (July 2014)

"Just days after the militant group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria said they killed hundreds of Syrians, dozens of Iraqi Christian families are now fleeing the ISIS-controlled city of Mosul, hoping to avoid a similar fate ... On Friday, the al Qaeda splinter group issued an ultimatum to Iraqi Christians living in Mosul - by Saturday at noon (5 a.m. ET), they must convert to Islam, pay a fine or face death by the sword ... A total of 52 Christian families left the city of Mosul early Saturday morning, with an armed group prohibiting some of them from taking anything but the clothes on their backs."

This is deeply shocking right? And we certainly need to pray for these Christians. But what a LOT of people throughout the world do not realize is the fact that this is the same thing that happened for hundreds of years when the Roman Catholic Church ruled the world during the dark ages - That's right, the Papal Church of Rome was responsible for persecuting and murdering MILLIONS of Bible believing Christians, for such things a simply OWNING or READING the Bible!!

The Catholic Church even continued it's persecution and killing of non-Catholics right up to the 20th Century! - See this video - MODERN ATROCITIES OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH

There is also evidence out there that suggests the Roman Catholic Church are responsible for starting the Islamic religion. Which makes sense, because the world back then, even up to around 100 years ago knew that the Roman Catholic Church was the Biblical antichrist system. So Satan needed some other way of getting rid of God's people, and to divert people away from the truth that the Papacy is the antichrist to some other false religion like Islam.


Obama Administration Bankrolled Catholic and Baptist Churches Between 2010 - 2013 (July 2014)

"A month or two ago news broke that Obama's HHS was calling for private contractors to help transport illegal aliens throughout the interior United States. What made this already big news even bigger is the fact that the original call for proposals came out in January, long before the bulk of the illegal alien surge began ... The breaking news you're about to read is ten times bigger, because the following proves the Obama administration was bankrolling America's churches back in 2010. And the tens of millions were flowing in to prepare for the invasion currently underway."

The Jesuit plan hundreds of years ago to turn America into a Catholic nation is now clearly coming into view. This news that Obama's government has been massively funding the Roman Catholic Church and her harlot daughters - AND the fact that we now have all these Catholic immigrants flooding into the country - AND the fact that the evangelical and charismatic churches are uniting with Rome - AND the fact that the US congress want to unite with the Pope, shows us the Jesuit plan is coming together.

The two beasts of Revelation 13 are uniting!


Rowan Williams Says Buddhism and Orthodox Mysticism helps him in his Daily Prayers! (July 2014)

"The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Williams has disclosed that he spends up to 40 minutes a day squatting and repeating an Eastern Orthodox prayer while performing breathing exercises as part of a routine influenced by Buddhism ... He also spends time pacing slowly and repeatedly prostrating himself as part of an intense early morning ritual of silent meditation and prayer."

The mind boggles at the deceptions in the world today! You will not find any hint of this kind of praying in the Word of God. But yet again, the Jesuits have been successful in deceiving the world with more false worship. This form of 'prayer and contemplation' is now rife throughout the evangelical churches and is known by the names of 'Spiritual Formation' and 'Contemplative Prayer'. Friends, this is another spiritual deception from Satan where he wants to give you a 'spiritual experience' which will make you think you are being filled with the Holy Spirit.

This is just another tool that Satan is using to unite the churches and faiths into one pot! But we don't want to be in this pot, because it is going to burn in the lake of fire. Please stand upon the Word of God alone.


Antibiotic-resistant Superbugs could send Britain 'back to the dark ages' (July 2014)

"Treatable infections and injuries could end up killing once again if steps are not taken to respond to the real threat of drug-resistant bacteria ... The stark warning was made today by David Cameron, who claimed the situation is one of the biggest challenges facing the UK ... He said: 'This is not some distant threat but something happening right now.'"

If you go to a doctor with some simple ailment. Instead of giving you good advice to cure that ailment like, eat plenty of fruit and veg, get fresh air and exercise, drink plenty of water and raw juice, or other natural methods that are good for you. He will basically SELL you some drugs, which might help COVER OVER the ailment you have, but will most certainly damage your immune system. The world is so unhealthy now with regards to diet, plus being dependant on drugs, it was only a matter of time before this kind of thing would happen.

The world has been deceived by the drugs industry. And guess what? Bible prophecy said this would happen ... Revelation 18:23 ... 'For by thy SORCERIES were all nations deceived.' ... Do you know that the Greek word for 'sorceries' in this verse is 'Pharmakeia'? And guess what word today is connected to this? Pharmacy!

And who is it that deceived the world? BABYLON, the Mother of Harlots.


Pope Francis says ... "A Personal Relationship with Jesus is DANGEROUS and ABSURD Without the 'Church'" (June 2014)

"At his weekly general audience June 25, Pope Francis continued his series of audience talks about the church, telling an estimated 33,000 people that there is no such thing as 'do-it-yourself' Christians or 'free agents' when it comes to faith ... Pope Francis described as 'dangerous' the temptation to believe that one can have a personal, direct, immediate relationship with Jesus Christ without communion with and the mediation of the church."

"These are dangerous and harmful temptations. These are, as the great Paul VI said, absurd dichotomies." (source)

Many people think that the Catholic Church has changed, and yet we can clearly see that she is still the same today, teaching a different gospel and a different Jesus. This man of sin 'appears' to be a good and humble man, but his teachings are of the devil. To say that we cannot have a personal, direct relationship with Jesus apart from the Roman Catholic Church is completely against the Word of God.

Revelation 3:20 ...'Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.'

Jesus Christ is waiting for a PERSONAL relationship with you.


Christian Leaders Uniting and Urging on a 'Second Pentecost' Beginning 2015 (June 2014)

"Could the world experience a second Pentecost? That's the hope of a global movement called Empowered 21, with organizers setting their sights on Jerusalem, where the first Pentecost took place ... Recently, Christian leaders came from around the world to Jerusalem to worship, pray, and plan for what they call E-21 ... The first Pentecost recorded in the book of Acts took place on Mount Zion in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. During the next Pentecost, May 24, 2015, organizers of E-21 are inviting Christians from around the world to pray for a fresh Pentecost on a new generation."

The leaders who are involved in this, like Bill Johnson of Bethel Church insert 'New Age' teachings into their beliefs, and they focus a lot on the 'signs and wonders'. Now what did we see happen recently? We saw that video with Pope Francis and the Charismatics coming together. And then the pope, for the first time in history, inaugurates an international charismatic renewal convocation in Rome's Olympic Stadium in front of 50,000 people! Can you see what is happening?

A great spiritual deception is coming friends, with signs and wonders performed by the devil through his representatives on earth

"The enemy of souls desires to hinder this work [TRUE HOLY REVIVAL]; and before the time for such a movement shall come, he will endeavor to prevent it by introducing a counterfeit. In those churches which he can bring under his deceptive power he will make it appear that God's special blessing is poured out; there will be manifest what is thought to be great religious interest. Multitudes will exult that God is working marvelously for them, when the work is that of another spirit. Under a religious guise, Satan will seek to extend his influence over the Christian world." (E.White, Maranatha, p.169)


Church and State: San Francisco Archbishop Leads Thousands in Gay Marriage Protest (June 2014)

"Kneeling on the sidewalk across from the U.S. Supreme Court, San Francisco's Roman Catholic archbishop led several thousand protesters Thursday in prayer against same-sex marriage ... Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone was the star attraction of a rally in Washington."

Have you noticed how the Roman Catholic Church has really come to the forefront in America, leading professed Christians to rise up against certain government policies? The separation between Church and State is eroding and they are slowly but surely creating the 'image to the beast' in America, with the enforcement of the mark of the beast to follow.


War Gear Flows to Police Departments in America (June 2014)

"During the Obama administration, according to Pentagon data, police departments have received tens of thousands of machine guns; nearly 200,000 ammunition magazines; thousands of pieces of camouflage and night-vision equipment; and hundreds of silencers, armored cars and aircraft."

Do you think they are preparing for something in America? Well, prophecy in Revelation 13 does confirm that it is America (the second beast) who takes the lead in enforcing the mark of the beast.

Friends, Satan is really making a move now. We have the pope uniting the different faiths and churches around the world in this false ecumenism. And America is 'speaking as a dragon', using their power and might to get their own way.

Be ready for a great push on the Sunday issue soon.


For First Time in History, Islamic Prayers and Readings to be Held at the Vatican (June 2014)

"For the first time in history, Islamic prayers and readings from the Quran will be heard at the Vatican on Sunday, in a move by Pope Francis to usher in peace between Israelis and Palestinians ... Abbas, Peres, and Francis will be joined by Jewish, Christian and Islamic religious leaders, a statement released by Peres's spokesperson said, according to the Times of Israel."

And Satan's ecumenical movement marches on! Friends, things are really moving now with this current pope (the man of sin). And soon we are going to see Satan perform signs and wonders, which will unite all these false religions and apostate churches even more.

"The line of distinction between professed Christians and the ungodly is now hardly distinguishable. Church members love what the world loves and are ready to join with them, and Satan determines to unite them in one body and thus strengthen his cause by sweeping all into the ranks of spiritualism. Papists, who boast of miracles as a certain sign of the true church, will be readily deceived by this wonder-working power; and Protestants, having cast away the shield of truth, will also be deluded. Papists, Protestants, and worldlings will alike accept the form of godliness without the power, and they will see in this union a grand movement." (E.White, Great Controversy, Ch.36)


Mass Baby Grave at Irish Roman Catholic Home is 'NOT an Isolated Case' and Could be ONE OF DOZENS (June 2014)

"As shocking as Tuam has been - and it is very, very harrowing - it's not an isolated incident at all ... There are mass graves dotted around the country. We don't have the option of looking the other way. We need to confront this legacy issue for the sake of the children, but also for the sake of the mothers that have suffered, and for the sake of many, many children who were adopted, some of them illegally, from these institutions."

When this Roman Catholic home was open, it was NOT during the time of famine in Ireland. So why did these Babies 'die of malnutrition and starvation'? There is something more sinister behind this story, and the fact that they were just dumped into a septic tank, shows the utter inhumane nature of the Catholic leadership running this home.

UPDATE: Thousands of Children in Roman Catholic homes used in Secret Medical Experiments!

I am sorry for being so blunt. I know there are many truly God fearing people within this church who live according to the light they have, but history proves that the Roman Catholic Church as a religion, is an utter abomination.

Millions of true Bible believers throughout history tortured and killed.

Countless number of little children sexually abused.

Thousands of nuns raped and sexually abused.

Abominable teachings deceiving billions of people.

... And now, who knows how many babies abused and left to die and dumped!

Please friends, open your eyes to this church. God is allowing the evils of this church to be uncovered so that you can see that she is in fact, BABYLON, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS. This is a message of love, because if you come out of this church or any other fallen church, then Jesus can save you. But if you remain loyal to the Roman Catholic Church or any of her harlot daughter churches, then you will share in her sins and be lost. Come out of her My people


True Believers (Christians) 'NEED TO BE ELIMINATED' (June 2014)

In this video you will see a conference being held at Georgetown University in America (from 2006), which is a Jesuit run University. And during this conference you will here a speaker saying that 'True believers .... Christians, need to be eliminated'. You will also see Tony Palmer (friend of Pope Francis) being interviewed recently on TV by a man calling us Bible truth seekers "crazies".

This has been Satan's plan all along, and he has used the Roman Catholic Church during the past 1500 years to do just that ... Eliminate TRUE Bible believing Christians. And Satan will continue to use the Papal Church with the help of America and other United Nations in causing the world to receive the mark of the Papal Church.

We are approaching the fulfillment of Revelation 13, where all TRUE Bible believing Christians will be persecuted for living according to the Word of God and the Word of God alone! Are you ready? Have you given your all to Christ Jesus?


Obama and Biden Promoting a 'Rapidly Changing World Order' with America at the Forefront (June 2014)

"In the last 24 hours, both President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden referred to a coming new world order with regard to the United States and its role abroad."

We will soon see the United States of America fulfill it's role as the second beast (earth beast) of Revelation 13, in which it "exercises it's power before the first beast", (Papal Church of Rome) and causes the world to give it's allegiance to the Pope and receive the mark of the Papal Beast.


World's Richest People Meet in London to Discuss Wealth Distribution (May 2014)

"The 'inclusive capitalism' conference in London on Tuesday broke new ground. Not because of the conversation, but because of the people having it. The 250 people from around the world invited to attend this one-day conference do not represent the 99 percent, or even the 1 percent. It's more like a tiny fraction of the 1 percent ... 'We have $30 trillion of assets under management in the room', says conference organizer Lynn Forester de Rothschild, who runs E.L. Rothschild ... That amount - $30 trillion - is roughly one-third of the total investable wealth in the world."

So the pope comes out and says we need to re-distribute the wealth, and then the richest people in the world come together to discuss that very thing! mmmmm!


Obama Appoints a Jesuit to U.S. Commission On International Religious Freedom (May 2014)

"Barack Hussein Obama has just appointed Father Thomas Reese, S.J. to serve on the U.S. Commission On International Religious Freedom. Reese is a long-time liberal Catholic who has been an apologist for Obama and is frequently quoted by the secular press for a 'Catholic' viewpoint."

Let us remind ourselves of an inspired quote that was made over 100 years ago:

"When Protestantism shall stretch her hand across the gulf to grasp the hand of the Roman power, when she shall reach over the abyss to clasp hands with spiritualism, when, under the influence of this threefold union, our country shall repudiate every principle of its Constitution as a Protestant and republican government, and shall make provision for the propagation of papal falsehoods and delusions, then we may know that the time has come for the marvelous working of Satan and that the end is near." (E.White, Testimonies Vol.5, p.451)

Are you ready for the 'marvelous working of Satan'? Are you seeking and living according to the truth?


Messages from the dead - Bereaved people recall visits by dead loved ones (May 2014)


"The drowned son who returns for bedside chats. The astronaut who spoke to his father's ghost. Impossible? This spine-tingling series may make you think again ... A new book, Opening Heaven's Door, will callenge your views. In the second part of our serialisation, bereaved people recall visits by dead loved ones."

This is going to be one of Satan's major end time tools in deceiving the world, with evil angels impersonating loved one's that have died and giving messages that will lead people into Satan's trap. But those of us who know the Bible truth, know that when we die, we STAY DEAD until the resurrection (Isaiah 26:19), and that we know nothing in death (Ecclesiastes 9:5,10).

There are spirits of demons mascarading as dead loved one's deceiving the world. Please see the truth about death HERE so that you will not be deceived.


World Unprepared for Major Weather Disasters Later this Year (May 2014)

"THE weather is preparing to go wild, and will wreak havoc and death around the globe later this year. An El Nino, a splurge of warm water in the Pacific Ocean, is coming. It will unleash floods in the Americas, while South-East Asia and Australia face drought. Yet little is being done to address these consequences ... Meteorologists contacted by New Scientist all expect an El Nino at the end of this year. And it looks like a big one, says Wenju Cai of CSIRO, Australia's national research agency, in Melbourne."

All of this was prophesied to happen a long time ago. The world is dying and the Spirit of God is being withdrawn from this world. And our ONLY hope is Christ Jesus the Son of God. Unfortunately, the world is even more unprepared for the second coming of Christ than for anything else.

Please heed the warning. Let us turn from our sins and give our lives to Jesus Christ before it's too late.


Atheist 'SUNDAY Assembly' Church Prepares for First 'Synod' as Rapid Expansion Continues (May 2014)

"In the beginning there was one - a gathering of several hundred atheists in a deconsecrated church in north London ... Now, 16 months after the first Sunday Assembly, the organisation predicts it will have 100 congregations on five continents by the end of 2014, and this weekend it will hold its first 'general assembly' to set up a system of church-like management, an event that the group's organisers acknowledge will be compared to the Church of England's General Synod."

Amazing! And now the Roman Catholic Church have a way to capture atheists with her coming Sunday law.


Centering Prayer Taught by a Mystic at 'Christian' Leadership Conference in Texas (May 2014)

"Writer Jim Fletcher is reporting from the Catalyst Dallas conference that a Centering Prayer exercise was recently led by mystic and contemplative spiritualist Phileena Heuertz at Catalyst conference, which is a Christian conference that moves from city to city. The current Catalyst is being held April 30 May 2, 2014 in Dallas, TX ... On her Centering Prayer page, Heuertz talks about having been taught Centering Prayer by Roman Catholic mystic monk Thomas Keating himself, with whom the practice of mystical centering prayer originated."

Why is it that all these false teachings seem to originate with the Roman Catholic Church? Because God already showed us in His Word that the Church of Rome is Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots. And now the whole world is being taken in by Satan's deceptions through Babylon.

Please be warned. If you delve into this contemplative prayer and 'spiritual formation', it will not be God whom you will come into contact with, but Satan!

"We are approaching the end of this earth's history, and Satan is working as never before. He is striving to act as director of the Christian world. With an intensity that is marvelous he is working with his lying wonders. Satan is represented as walking about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. He desires to embrace the whole world in his confederacy. Hiding his deformity under the garb of Christianity, he assumes the attributes of a Christian, and claims to be Christ Himself." (E.White, Manuscript Releases 8, p.346)


Rick Warren Again Lifting up and Praising the MAN OF SIN (May 2014)

"Rick Warren tells Piers Morgan .. 'I am nothing but impressed by this new pope ... amazing! ... This is a man I admire'."

Rick Warren is leading the charge in uniting the 'Protestant world' with the Church of Rome, the very church the Bible clearly identifies as Babylon. And the Bible also clearly identifies the pope as that 'man of sin' and yet Mr Warren is continually praising pope Francis. This makes Rick Warren a deceiver and someone to stay clear of.

Do you know who will be the leader of this great amalgamation of churches? Take a look at the following taken from the Roman Catholic Catechism:

"the Roman Pontiff, by reason of his office as Vicar of Christ, and as pastor of the entire Church has full, supreme, and universal power over the whole Church, a power which he can always exercise unhindered." (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 882)

Do you realize what this is saying? It is saying that Jesus Christ is not your leader, the pope is! Yes, Roman Catholic doctrine states that the pope takes the place of Jesus Christ on earth as ruler of the 'church', which is exactly what ANTI-Christ means in the original language. Someone who TAKES THE PLACE OF-Christ. And if you join with Babylon, Jesus Christ will not be your leader, it will be that man of sin, the pope!

The world is uniting friends, and soon great persecution will break out upon us true believers who follow the Word of God ALONE. But take courage, because our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will be right beside us if we stand firm upon His truth!


Other News ...

September 2014

British PM Says Islam is a Religion of Peace - Will Destroy ISIL with Iron Determination

Franklin Graham Working for Rome in Bringing Denominations Together

Ebola Could Destroy Sierra Leone and Liberia

Catholic Cardinal says Islam is like Catholicism

Apple iPhone 6 to help Further Cashless Society

Pope Francis to Visit European Parliament in November

Heavy Rains Forces 1 Million to Evacuate in Japan

Mysterious Virus Affecting Children Spreading Across US

Hundreds killed by Devastating Floods in India and Pakistan

Vatican Refuses to Release files on Australian Priests accused of Child Sex Abuse

With Their First Pope, the Jesuits Are Making a Comeback

Ebola Deaths pass 2000 and shows signs of Getting worse!

Osteen Heresy: Lakewood Church told 'Do Good for Yourselves, NOT for God'!!

NATO Approves a new United Force!

One Person every 40 Seconds Commits Suicide!

Megadrought Threatens Western USA

11 Commercial Planes Missing in Libya?

Spreading Fear: Has World War 3 Already Begun?

Ebola epidemic Spiraling out of Control

Roman Catholics Force Jewish Community to leave Guatemala Village - Threatened with Lynching

190 Hollywood Actors Sign letter to Support Israel

Record Number of Americans Live in Extreme Poverty


August 2014

Violent Protests in Pakistan, 3 Dead, 400 Injured

The Assembly of a New World Order

Flash Floods Cause Chaos in Southern Sweden

UN Seeking 'Global Governance' of Internet ... and more!

FBI digitizes millions of records to prepare for Next Generation Identification system

Water Running out in California, Farmers Drilling Deeper

'Aggressive Secularism' Forcing UK Christians to Hide Beliefs

French Government Dissolved Amid Turmoil

US Bishops Reaffirm Dialogue with other Religions Especially Muslims

Venezuela Proposes Fingerprinting Shoppers

45 Killed in Cambodia Floods

Pope Francis Speaks About only Having a Few Years Left

Galileo Satellite System: We're Watching You

Huge Crack 1 Mile Long Appears in Mexico

Ebola Deaths Now Over 1200

Dozens of Ukraine Refugees die from Rocket Attack

Kenya is Going Cashless

Street Battles Rage in Ukraine

160+ Killed by Floods in Nepal and India

Man of Sin gets Rock Star Treatment in S.Korea

National Guard Sent to Missouri

30 Ebola Patients Flee in Liberia as Clinic is Raided

China is Nationalizing Christianity

Dozens of Horses 'Mysteriously sick' with Skin Falling off in California

Fears of Water Crisis as Historic Drought Continues in West US

NY Farm Fined $13,000 for Refusing Lesbian Wedding

Google Satellites Could soon see your Face

Catholic Church Involved in 'Stolen Babies' Scandal in Chile

State Police take control of Missouri town after Violence

Recent Mining Disasters Causing Massive Pollution

Storms Create Flash Floods from Arizona to New England

Government Urged to Help Christians in Middle East

Bank Muscat launches biometric system compatible with national ID card

U.S. Army seeks information from companies for biometric authentication system project

Ebola Death Toll Reaches 1013

Denver Prelate to Host Interreligious Prayer Event for Peace in Middle East

Pope's Protestant friend dies, but push for Unity Lives

Korea Reaching out to Pope Francis amid Visit

Natural Disaster Threats Increase around World

State of Disaster in N.W. New Zealand after Earthquake

Vatican Backs Iraq Bombing

Scientists Create Computer Chip that Mimics the Brain

Times have become Strange, Disturbing and Frightening

Jesuits tell their Alumni in Congress to Protect Border Children

Federal Judge rules that Ten Commandments Monument to be Removed in New Mexico

Ebola Declared an International Emergency

Libya Crumbles as America Looks the other Way

New York Mayor asks for Visit from Pope Francis

Bangladesh Ferry Sinks, Hundreds Missing

US Revives Law Enforcement Group to Tackle 'Extremists'

Torrential Rain Kills 17 and Destroys Thousands of Homes in Sudan

Earthquake in China Kills Hundreds

Explosion in Factory Kills 68 in China


July 2014

Muslim scholars call for 'global uprising' against Israel

Severe Drought: Sao Paulo Running out of Water

Obama Talks about New World Order Based on Different Principles

Mystery over Discovery of 2 more Massive Craters in Russia

Ebola Outbreak Continues

Shocking Human Animal Hybrid DNA Experiments

More Evangelicals are Rejecting the Bible

Earthquakes are Increasing in Oklahoma

Earthquakes are Increasing in UK

Israeli attacks kill 805 Palestinians in Gaza

Gaza Muslims Seek Refuge in Greek Orthodox Church

50 Million Americans 'Live in Poverty'

Another Passenger Plane Missing, 'Possibly' Crashed

State of Emergency in Siberia as Wild Fires Rage

Severe Drought Causes Humanitarian Crisis in Colombia

National ID scheme needs to be Digital and Global

Typhoon Kills Over 100 in China and Philippines

Muslims Protest Across Europe

Tony Palmer Dead from Motorcycle Accident

Obama Signs Executive Order Banning LGBT Discrimination

295 People killed in Plane Crash

Pope Calls on US to Welcome Immigrants

Catholics, Jews and Muslims Sign Peace Statement in Colombia

Visa Europe Considers Biometric Auth. for Payment

US Military Completes Testing of Biometrics System

Obama Celebrates Muslim Month of Ramadam at White House

3,400 Lightning Strikes Start 60 Wildfires in Oregon

Is a Cashless Society on the Cards?

U.S. Government and Catholic Church behind the 'flood' of Immigrants into America?

100 Killed in Gaza Conflict

More Evangelicals are Embracing Gay Marriage

UK to rush through Internet and Phone Surveillance Legislation

Big Earthquakes Double in 2014

Massive Typhoon Batters Japan

80% of California Under Extreme Drought


June 2014

False Teaching: Pope says Church is an Orphan without Mary

False Preacher Benny Hinn asks Followers to 'Higher Giving' by Donating $1000 to his Ministry

Louisiana Gov. claims 'rebellion brewing' against Washington

US Federal Appeals Court Says States Cannot Ban Gay Marriage

Senior Catholic Bishop in Australia Resigns over Child Sex Abuse

Italy to Push for 'United States of Europe'

Putin Signs New Bill Making Online 'Extremism' Criminal

Apple App Opens New World of Biometric Banking

6 Volcanoes in Alaska are 'Waking up'

America's Expanding Police State

Meet the 'Evangelical' Catholics who are Remaking the US Republican Party

Teaching Creationism now BANNED in UK Public Schools

China, G77 and UN Boss 'Demand New World Order'

Vatican PARTNERS with Islamic Museum for 'Unique' Exhibition

Barclays to Roll out Voice Biometrics for Telephone Banking

Pope calls Politicians and Religious Leaders to Vatican to Discuss Unity

ECUMENISM: Berlin to Build a Church-Mosque-Synagogue Under one Roof

Ebola Outbreak in W.Africa is 'Out of Control'

First Openly Transgender Priest to Preach at National Cathedral

ISIS 'Threat' Justifies Greater Surveillance

Presbyterian Assembly Votes Gay Marriage as 'Christian'

Google and Microsoft to add 'Kill Switches' to Mobile Devices

Rare Twin Tornadoes Rip through Nebraska Killing 2

Pentagon Preparing for Mass Civil Breakdown

US Warship Enters Gulf for Possible Operation in Iraq

Ukraine Crisis Worsens as Tens of Thousands Flee

74 School Shootings in USA Since Sandy Hook

Half of 'Experts' Pushing Statins Receive Money from Drugs Companies

Two Shooters Shout of a 'Revolution' as they Kill 2 Officers and Civilian in LA

Thousands of Children in Roman Catholic Homes used in Secret 'Medical Experiments'

Flash Flooding Kills 50 in Afghanistan

Joel Osteen Meets Pope at the Vatican

'Protestant' Leaders (Harlots) Discuss Reunion with Catholic Church (Mother Babylon)

Ecumenism: Baptist University and Jesuit University in America Unite for 'Religious Liberty'

President Obama Declares June to be Lesbian/Gay Pride Month

Hundreds feared dead in Attack in Nigeria

208 People Dead from Ebola in Guinea

Philippines makes biometric voter enrollment mandatory


May 2014

Ecumenism: Chief Rabbi Calls on Pope Francis to Establish Interfaith Conference of Global Religious Leaders

64 Churches Destroyed, 85 House Churches Ordered to Stop in China

Mass Grave of 800 Babies Found on Grounds of Old Roman Catholic Institution in Ireland

Pope being touted as World's best Politician

Ecumenism: 'Evangelicals and Catholics Together' Marks 20 years

Joe Biden Tells US Air Force Cadets they can Shape the 'New World Order'

Israel Becoming a Cashless Society

USA Moving Towards a Cashless Society

Patriarch Bartholomew says those Who Don't Agree with Ecumenism are Filled with Hate

Drugs Used like Sweets on Livestock

Brazil Mobilizes 157,000 Security Force for World Cup

Massive Wildfire in Alaska

Pope Calls Muslims 'Brothers' at Dome of Rock

Israeli and Palestinian Presidents to Visit Vatican Next Month

Army Declares Martial Law in Thailand

2 of World's Busiest Airports Deploy Biometric Passport Control

Miami Dolphins Player forced to Undergo 'Educational Training' after Tweets Against Homosexuality

Porn is so Widespread now it should be Declared as 'Public Health Crisis'

Million Dollar Booze Vacation Launched

A Cashless Society with Mobile Payments

Palm Payment System Takes off in Sweden

Catholic Priests Steal Newborn Babies in Chile?

Severe Flooding in Bosnia Kills 20

Protests Break out Across Brazil over World Cup

Spiritual Formation Deception: Baptists Practicing 'Labyrinth' Prayers

Coal mine Explosion Kills 245+ in Turkey, also Protests Erupt

Vatican Nonsense: Pope Says the Church would Baptize ALIENS if they visited Earth!

Is US's new 'Identity Ecosystem' a National ID Registry?

All Countries to have Drones in 10 years?

Hispanics and Immigration Changing Religion in America

Ecumenism: Adventist Leaders meet with Mormon Leaders to Discuss PARTNERING Opportunities

The man of sin urges world leaders to redistribute wealth

Ecumenism: Pope Francis Accepts Koran from Argentinian Muslims

Louisiana Creates Centralized Database of Citizens Who Represent 'A Risk to the State'

Unexpected Snowfall in Turkey/Georgia Destroys Thousands of Acres of Crops

42 Killed in Ukraine Conflict

Scientific FACT: This World is Dying

Landslide Triggered by Heavy Rain in Afghanistan, Hundreds Dead


Keep Watching and Waiting

'Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. (Matthew 24:42)

'Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.' (1 Thessalonians 5:6)

'But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.' (1 Peter 4:7)

'Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.' (Revelation 3:3)


There are so many things happening in this world today of which we have never seen before. Major events that are taking place more and more frequently and with more intensity. There is no doubt we are living in the end times, and these news items only further prove where we are in history. Friends, it's time to BE READY! It may be a few years, it may be ten years. All we know is that Jesus is soon to return and we need to heed the warning signs and be ready.

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