NEWS UPDATE - 14th September 2023

Archbishop Vigano is an outspoken Catholic bishop who regularly speaks against the plans of the "globalist" leaders and even speaks against Pope Francis. For this he has gained a following amongst right wing Christians. But if you take a look at what he said in a recent interview, you will see that he is simply being used to deceive right wing Christians who are against the "globalists."

"Archbishop Vigano: Globalism Is 'Satanic' Preparation for the 'Rise of the Antichrist' - Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has once again condemned the rise of 'globalism,' stating that it prepares humanity 'for the political rise of the Antichrist.' In an August 24 interview with a French-language news outlet, Vigano commented on the rise of 'globalism' and its impact upon society. Re-issuing a denouncement of globalism which he has consistently made, the archbishop linked corruption in society to corruption in the Catholic Church: The element that in my opinion needs to be made clear - for the denunciation to be complete - is the specular relationship between the coup of the deep state in the civil sphere and the similar coup of the deep church in the ecclesiastical sphere ... For Satan's plan is to establish the reign of the Antichrist, giving him a way to parody the earthly life of Christ ... Globalism constitutes, so to speak, the stage set-up, the script and the screenplay that must prepare humanity for the political rise of the Antichrist ... In opposition to the Catholic faith which such anti-life movements oppose, globalism is 'a religion' spread through 'woke ideology,' the archbishop stated. While Catholicism is centered on Christ, globalists apply Catholic principles of 'social kingship,' but proclaim Satan king of societies." (source)

Do you see what Vigano is saying? First of all he is still promoting the 'Catholic faith,' rather than the faith of Jesus Christ. So what is he pointing people to? Christ? No, the Roman Catholic Church. Second, do you see he is promoting the false teaching that the antichrist is to 'rise' in the last days, future to us? This is a typical Jesuit ploy of deflecting people away from the TRUTH that in fact the antichrist was revealed hundreds of years ago with the rise of the Papacy. The office of the popes and the Roman Catholic system is that antichrist and 'man of sin' which the Word of God warned us about, which you can see in our studies below. ALL the Protestant reformers knew this truth and proclaimed it. But the Jesuits re-interpreted prophecy to deflect people away from the Catholic Church being that 'MOTHER of harlots' and 'antichrist' system. So in a deceptive way, Vigano is leading people right into the arms of Rome!

The number of Christians who are against the "globalists" and so called "deep state" have been rising over the past number of years, and therefore the enemy has needed a "champion" in that camp to cheer them on. Donald Trump is another example. He purports to be against the "deep state" and proclaims to be seeking to defeat them and free us from them. But as he has said in recent years, he is FOR the Roman Catholic Church and supports them.

One truth you will never hear from these people is that not only is the Roman Catholic Church that 'MOTHER of harlots,' but the various Protestant churches are her 'harlot daughters' and are FALLEN churches which God calls 'Babylon,' and is calling His people OUT of these churches. But instead of these people like Vigano and Trump sounding the warning to come out of the fallen churches, like God is calling, they are calling people to UNITE with these churches. So what are these "champions" of the right wing movement, like Vigano and Trump actually doing? In a deceptive way, they are leading people into error and deception, and ultimately into the arms of Rome and Satan.

Please see our following studies clearly showing that the antichrist and man of sin is none other than the office of the popes and the Papal Church of Rome: