NEWS UPDATE - 2nd January 2020

Are we ready for the cashless society? Are we ready to have our ability of buying and selling blocked for not accepting the mark, or name, or number of the beast? Are our characters right with God? Do we have the faith to trust that God will feed us, in the midst of persecution, hunger and suffering? The time is upon us friends. The signs are clear for all with eyes to see. A digital currency is coming, just as we have been proclaiming for years, as a means to be able to enforce the mark of the beast.

"United Nations secretary-general Antonio Guterres says the intergovernmental giant needs to embrace blockchain. In a statement provided to Forbes by the secretary-general's office, Guterres touted the technology first made popular by bitcoin as a crucial component of the organization that generates $50 billion in revenue annually ... the statement from Guterres shows that cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology is being seriously explored at the highest levels of the largest organizations in the world." (source)

"US lawmakers ask federal reserve about national digital currency - The lawmakers stated that, due to the potential of digital currencies to take on the characteristics and utility of paper money, it may be increasingly urgent for the Fed to take up the project of developing a U.S. dollar digital currency. The two congressmen noted that the Federal Reserve has the ability and the mandate to establish a safer, more flexible and more stable monetary and financial system by developing a digital national currency." (source)

"China enacts crypto law in run-up to state digital currency debut - China has formally implemented a law governing cryptographic password management as part of its pre-release plans for its central bank digital currency (CBDC). China has not yet set a formal release date for its CBDC, which will be the first state-backed cryptocurrency on the world stage. Late last year, the People's Bank of China (PBoC) confirmed it would start live testing of the currency with select banks before 2020 began." (source)

In 2018 a news article stated that Sweden's central bank was to test a digital currency and be cashless by 2030. Also in 2018 the chief of the International Monetary Fund said that Central banks should consider issuing digital money. So we can see that there is a great push now to adopt a digital currency around the world, and it seems that it is going to be linked with biometrics.

We did a news report in August 2019 showing how 66 million people in India are now using a biometric payment system. We also did a news report in December 2019 showing how Bill Gates is looking to fund the World Bank to adopt India's biometric system.

So we can see there is a truly worldwide movement taking place now to do away with cash and replace it with a digital currency. The bank of America CEO even stated last year that the Bank of America is working towards a cashless society. And if you see our cashless society news update here, you will see that many other nations around the world are working towards cashless societies.

The time is right upon us friends! The systems are being put in place right now to enable the mark of the beast to be enforced.

So what is the mark of the beast? Many believe the mark will be a literal mark like an RFID chip or ID card. But this cannot be, as we show on our page IS THE RFID CHIP THE MARK?. No, the mark of the beast is all to do with allegiance and worship. To find out what the mark of the beast is, you first need to find out who the beast itself is. And if you read our page THE 7 HEADED BEAST OF REVELATION, you will find out that the beast is the Papal Church of Rome. Therefore the mark of the beast is the mark of the Papal Church of Rome. And if you read our page 666 THE MARK OF THE BEAST, you will find that the mark is the Sunday rest law, which the Roman Catholic Church wants enforced around the world, in opposition to God's holy 7th day Sabbath.

And what is being pushed upon the world now? Climate change. Which is Rome's clever ploy to get her Sunday rest law enforced around the world - See our page - Revelation 13 says THE GROUND will worship the beast.

The cashless society is right upon us, and this is a sign of how close we are to the mark of the beast being enforced. So we must be ready. Our lives must be fully surrendered to Jesus Christ in order to be ready for the time of trouble that God's people are soon to go through. Are you ready to have nothing in this world, apart from your faith? Let us lay off the things of the world, because if we are still attached to worldly things like money, jobs, houses, cars, entertainment, etc, then we will end up wanting to continue holding onto them when the mark is enforced. And it will be a snare to us. It is time to let go and surrender all to Jesus.

Matthew 22:37-38 ...'Jesus said unto him, thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment.'